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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 04:40 PM IST

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Earlier this year, Tony Robinson told us he was in early stages of talks to reboot Maid Marian and and Her Merry Men

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@CBeebiesHQ I adored both of these but it has to be Maid Marian. She was such a positive role model for me, a woman, doing what she wanted, leader of men, funny, practical.

@nick_bayton Both were awesome, but Maid Marian just edges it because of Danny John-Jules. And because of Tony Robinson as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

@nick_bayton Maid Marian featured a load of kids from my school as extras, and was filmed just down the road from the town I grew up in, so that wins it for me.

Loved both, but Maid Marian tops it for me. It was the early Horrible Histories of my generation. Very silly. And very pongy! 😆😆🤣

People replying to this saying Round the Twist had the best theme tune (disclaimer: yes it was good) as if they’ve never heard the Maid Marian theme

Maid Marian & her Merry Men was only of the best shows ever made

Obviously, Maid Marian and Her Merry Men. As far as I can tell, that show MADE a generation of medievalists! Thanks, @Tony_Robinson 🥰 That said, Round the Twist was pretty good too. #90skids

@weeclaire To be fair the best thing about Round The Twist was the theme tune. Maid Marian was genuinely funny.

Maid Marian as it was superb with added Elmo off of Brush Strokes

I LOVED both of these shows so much. Who else remembers the Round The Twist episode with the flyswatter covered in liquorice?! And Maid Marian was SO GOOD! Both theme tunes are now chasing each other round my head! 🎶

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men is so fucking underrated. The theme song is an absolute bop, Maid Marian was badass and it was such a laugh.

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson Another reason to love Maid Marian was seeing the late Howard Lew Lewis pop up in the much higher-budget Kevin Costner Robin Hood film. I’d like to think that in the Robin Hood multiverse he was playing the same character of Rabies.

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson I’m picking both cuz I would organise my social life around each of these shows! Maid Marian was AWESOME cuz it put a woman up front and made the ‘hero’ into an idiot and Round the twist was just ‘weird’ and that was right up my ally! 🥰😂

Ok 90s folk, Round the Twist was absolutely bonkers and marvellous, but I did have a little crush on the actress playing Maid Marian. Have you ever, ever felt like this?

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson Can’t say I ever watched Round the Twist but I adored Maid Marian, and have even taught my daughter the pancake song! Any chance of a rerun or sticking it on iplayer please? She’d love to see the whole series!

Ooooh the nostalgia! This is such a tough choice between two legendary shows!! Hmm 🤔 I think Round The Twist slightly edges it purely based on the theme tune & some unforgettable episodes!!! However Maid Marian is so iconic! Pancake day, anyone?!! 😆😍 I love both👏🏾☺️ #90sKids

Saw Round The Twist trending. Clicked on it to see what it was about. Now going to have the theme tune/song stuck in my head all day! Maid Marian would get my vote though! #RoundTheTwist #90sKids

Maid Marian all day long. Spectacularly good. The spiritual forerunner to Horrible Histories (which is obviously also wonderful)

Earlier this year, Tony Robinson told us he was in early stages of talks to reboot Maid Marian and and Her Merry Men

Maid Marian Photo,Maid Marian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson Maid Marian for Guy of Gisborne, Tony Robinson and this iconic piece of art:

@louderyay Used to love round the twist allot but your right Maid Marian just eeks ahead.

Maid Marian - every time. I wonder if this will be another 52/48 split…

Maid Marian all the way! This show appealed to my tiny feminist mind before I had ever even heard the F word and things like this helped shape me as a human. Love it! It’s like Blackadder for babies (ok kids but I like alliteration) & we need to bring it back.

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson Maid Marian, helped highlight the bleak mud conditions the peasants of Worksop live in and that still continue to bring bleakness to our lives every day.

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson I cut Maid Marian’s hair a few years ago!! she was so nice and didn’t mind me talking about the show to her

@browntoby Noooooooo. Always maid Marian. The closest kids tv ever got to blackadder level comedy.

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson How is anyone supposed to choose from these two? It’s like asking to choose a favourite child! (You can only answer when they’re not in earshot. Maid Marian is the answer!) #90sKids

@CBeebiesHQ Please can we have Maid Marian on i-player? Our kids need to know its genius 👍

@CBeebiesHQ @Tony_Robinson That’s a tricky one. On balance I’d say Maid Marian, but only because there was an episode of Round The Twist where people’s mouths went really small and it still freaks me out to this day!

Watching Knightmare (series 2, team 4 - one of the rare winners). In this country gone to hell in a handcart, reverting to 90s nostalgia seems a fairly decent escape route. Ordered the Maid Marian DVD box set too for good measure. OH FUCK GOBLINS RUN YOU DAFT PRICK RUN RUNNNNNNNN

Maid Marian Photo,Maid Marian Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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