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Going on what I’ve read so far, it looks like City’s defence to the ban will just be that they got hacked and evidence leaked. It won’t be close to enough to overturn the ban, the fraud was still committed however way you look at it! #ManCityBan

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Chelsea snitch on Manchester City 😂 #ManchesterCity #ManCityBan

Mwesh ()

Hii ban ya UEFA kwa mancity ni punishment ya ku allow Liverpool ibebe premiere league kule Europa.#UEFA.#ManCityBan .

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M ()

When you realise you could be playing against Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi next season. #ManCityBan

M⚽️235 ()

City about to turn into Southampton with how teams will pick their players out, manager included 😂 🤣 #ManCityBan #FreePinto

Hesham Bilal-Hafiz ()

Going on what I’ve read so far, it looks like City’s defence to the ban will just be that they got hacked and evidence leaked. It won’t be close to enough to overturn the ban, the fraud was still committed however way you look at it! #ManCityBan

Bullensblue ()

Feel for City. We’ve all gotta play by the rules. But all FFP does is keep the establishment of clubs who have been at the top of the tables for the last 20 years at the top. Any club with aspirations to be at the top or break the monopoly has no chance. #ManCityBan #ManCity

Pterodactyl ()

#ManCityBan or should that be #ManCheatyBan. Will there be an exodus from the EmptyHead Stadium?

Søren Langelund ()

#ManCityBan questions and answers, as I see the case atm👇 Q: Is it ok to breach rules, if that has indeed occured? No. Q: Is it too soon to conclude that City is guilty? Yes. Q: Is UEFA with its history of corruption and strong interests at stake the right judge? No

7αмo̶ḋ..🐼 ()

I been saying this from day one ever since Sheik Mansour bought the club!! The dodgy deals took place in how they got all this huge sponsor deals is nothing but state funded money laundering! #ManCityBan

Go The Redmen! ()

I don’t ‘hate’ Man City, I don’t hate their fans. It’s been a great couple of years competing for trophies against them, but it’s not a rivalry, they’re big time Charlies who got rich quick, and cheated to get to the top. Fans like this should stay in their lane. #ManCityBan

Craig MacDonald ()

Who’d have thought it would be Man City that let Slowthai off the social media hook #ManCityBan

Liam ()

Reading this at the time it was inevitable city were going to be punished pretty heavily. If you read it properly it’s not FFP they’re being done for but accounting fraud #cheats #ManCityBan

⚽️🏉unbearable loulou_lfc🏉⚽️European/World champs ()

#ManCityBan these ex footballers claiming city can still attract top players yeah ok #deluded

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Red or Dead ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

City fans getting the Heysel tragedy trending is all you need to know about them! Classless Nasty Scum! Always wanted to eat at the top table, that will never happen now! #ManCityBan

RTFemdom1 22k ()

Cannot wait to watch a new local derby between City and Salford next season in League 2🤣 #ManCity #ManCityBan

Fabrizio Romano ()

Breaking News ! Here we go ! Man City have declared that they will have no purchases in the summer transfer window since they will breach another ffp to pay UEFA in order to overturn the ban . #UEFA #ManCityBan

96er ()

Ich persönlich finde einen möglichen Punkteabzug für #ManCity in der PL für kommende Saison viel sinnvoller! Diese Saison haben sie doch eh abgeschrieben. #ManCityBan

Claudio Barreiro ()

Are there other conspiracies in football to date that are crazier than the suggestion that LFC hacked ManCity’s emails and Klopp called a German buddy working at Der Spiegel to leak the findings to get City banned from Europe, just so he could sign DeBruyne? #ManCity #ManCityBan

Mr T ()

Surely City should be stripped of their title in 2018/19 and @LFC crowned champions? In which case, we’re on for our second Premier League title this year? #ManCityBan

Cheltenham Gooner ()

How the fuck can the be a self sustainable commodity with their stadium half empty more times than not? #ManCityBan

Asaf Ackerman ()

הכותרות באנגליה לא מרחמות. #ManCityBan

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Evershite ()

Mornin Noel @NoelGallagher been a mad few weeks for you! Both club and country do Brexit 😂😂😂😂😂😂 tosser #ManCityBan #ManCity

Try me once. ()

صباح الفل خالص، السيتي بره الشامبيونز موسمين.! يعني يوم ما تفتح معانا تفتح لدرجة إن مشروع النادي نفسه يفشل و اللعيبه تهرب عشان تلاقي مكان تلعب فيه أوروبياً.؟ ليڤربوول مش بيفرح لوحده، ده روبين هود ده 😎😎 #ManCityBan

VAR ()

Brand new Sergio Aguero interview today : I will remain at ManCity until we play again in the Champions League. #ManCityBan

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Eka-ete @ Wothappen.com ()

Manchester City hit with £25m fine & banned from Champions League for two years by UEFA (see reason) #ManCityBan

Mumbaicha Engineer ()

Csk fans to Manchester city fans : Beta , hum bhi Pele Gaye the! Tum bhi Pele jaoge #ManCityBan

Jordanxcollins ()

Everything I was looking for on the man city situation. #ManCityBan #mancity

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Dale Creamer ()

Benefits of being an Arsenal at least this FFP stuff is for clubs that actually have money - we buy players in #ManCityBan #Arsenal

Rijan Bhattarai ()

#ManCityBanned #ManCityban OFFICIAL: Man City banned from UEFA club competitions for 2 seasons & fined €30m

Nyasha NBK 🇿🇼 ()

I would like to point out that Liverpool were always going to win the league 🏆 this year whether Man City end up getting points deducted or not ...it ain’t know some people will come out and say that’s the only reason Liverpool won #ManchesterCity #ManCityBan

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