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Asad Umar
Asad Umar

The yield on Pakistan sukook maturing in December has shot up to 113% today!!! Markets pricing near certainty of default. what are they doing to this country? Every day there is only bad news about the economy and news of the imported govt corruption cases being cleared.


To all those Bhakts who are giving Gyan on how world markets & Fed rates are affecting Rupee VishwaGuru Modi Ji does not agree with your logic; Am merely quoting from his amazing pearls of wisdom 👇Rupee is losing strength because of corruption in Union Govt 👇Rupee is in ICU.

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Just held a press conference calling out @KathyHochul for her cowardly attempt to participate in just ONE debate at the end of October on cable that millions of NYers can’t access on their TVs. We must have multiple debates in multiple media markets across New York..

Markets down 4% alone (and possibly more to go) the week of my birthday is so par for the course..

Keep helping people with their skin it’s much better roi than buying a place with instant -15% value drop 12 months from now. What you’re watching is mass cope about markets people took too much risk (way too much) and have no patience.

After huge sells offs like the past 3 days, a bounce would be expected, but thought it would bounce yesterday after down 200 changing fast messing with markets..

Sky News
Sky News

Kwasi Kwarteng has thrown out 12 years of Tory economic orthodoxy and embarked on an uncertain path, writes deputy political editor @SamCoatesSky.

High inflation rates, Recession worries, and non-stop Fed hikes have the markets in deep red! But @fundrise managed to beat the S&P500 by a whopping 25% with their $6B+ portfolio of private market Real Estate Sign up today -> #sponsored by @fundrise.

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There was a time when I had to explain why I was not perm bear, now I would have to explain why I am not a perma bull but can’t defy the law of markets, more profit up now, we would be big bears again but at the right time, markets change, so should you..

Excellent work ⁦@KwasiKwarteng⁩! You must be so proud! Pound sinks as markets react to mini-budget.

Feel sorry for people who don’t understand the markets, raising inflation is ugly. Dollar is extremely bullish. De-risk your portfolio’s and don’t get shilled..

Even if you don’t follow financial markets for a living… watching the £ today is WILD..

A selloff in the riskier corners of the market deepened as the UK’s plan to lift the economy fueled concerns about heightened inflation. Amid heightened fears over a hard economic landing, commodities took a hit across the board.

Bond Yields Soar as Markets Weigh Threat of a Recession. What It Means for Your Investments.

Lots of memes out there for future teaching on finance, debt, crisis: 80s clip of financial markets collapse like this.

@torydom Failed economics blah blah…. It doesn’t work. It is never worked. The only time we have gone forward is after 1945 when social policies were followed. All this regurgitated free markets capitalist bollox enriches a few who never trickle it back down. I guess u are ok Jack ?.

In 2022, butter + butteroil exports: NZ +6%, USA +45% #MilkMOEU #EUAgri.

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@EDMresources engages @RedCloudFS on a 12-month term to perform a range of marketing services designed to build EDM’s profile in the North American capital markets, including the retail sector..

[Bloomberg] Investors flock to cash and shun almost everything else as they turn the most pessimistic since the.

The £ has dropped against the $ today. That budget sure has calmed the markets..

Paul Page
Paul Page

Baking season is coming up and butter markets are melting as rising costs eat into producer margarines. via @WSJ.

Putting renewables on the big stage: By intelligently connecting buildings and infrastructure, we are creating the grids of the future. #SmartUrbanCommunities.

Someone was listening as the 10yr yield is about to be flat after spiking to new 2022 highs. Some serious buying right now to settle markets.

@Nigel__DSouza Sir geniune fii will never buy at such valuations it was our money routed through p notes etc which you know more then me which was buying in out markets to keep nifty up ..

[Bloomberg] Pakistan’s dollar bonds fall by the most on record after its government appealed to rich nations for.

[Bloomberg] The southeast African nation is poised to become an LNG exporter as prices for the fuel surge follow.

@TorayKortan These people smoking dust 😭 One little ounce of news , the markets bullish all of a sudden..

@BrugesGroup Those leftie financial markets, dumping our pound and driving up the cost of Govt borrowing..

Heard on the Street: A lot of real-estate markets could be ripe for a rout..

British Pound Sinks as Markets React to Government Tax Cuts:.

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