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The people who phoned the police after the Boris ‘incident’ are receiving more scrutiny than Boris Johnson himself. This is where the UK is going. #marr.

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It’s only Johnny marr from the smiths! In a field in Croatia. You know , the one who isn’t a fat,bloated,#farage fellating wankspanner.

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Quelli che ti dicono perché non dando per scontato che la casa deve essere la tua #upas.

@BeardedGenius Johnny Marr was the talent. He ended up wanting to get as far away from Morrissey as possible. Tells us everything we need to know..

What are #GAN networks and why are they so popular in #ai? Learn more here.

إذا لم يكن للإنسان في نفسه خير ما لم يكن للناس فيه خير.❤️ شكرا جدا ي حبيبة💙.

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Hey @Johnny_Marr @mikejoycedrums, business idea: instrumental only versions of your back catalogue.

Gjiko me parkour u marr kur u kon i ri , now that mf splashin the cash. Mos ju kapni njerzve per punen qe e bojn se ska kurrfar marre ktu smh.

最高だ、たまらない ノーパンで濡れててムチムチしててえっちだよみーくん💕.

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こんちゃあ🌧 ついに!ついに七不思議デビューした!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) やったあうれしいいいいい✨✨✨ そのあとコインボス周回させてもらって、大竜玉完成させたかったのに 竜玉HP+5がまだいっこも出ず…😣 巨人みて運を使い果たしたぽい💦.

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If you have enough bad tweets in a row, you get sent back down to LinkedIn, the farm team of Posting.

Yaha Shawn Mendes gaake bol raha hai ‘I can treat you better then he can’ aur ladkiya #KabirSingh pe marr rahi hai🤦🏽‍♀️.

BBC Radio 6 Music - The First Time , Series 1, Johnny Marr.

Johnny Marr lendo no jornal que o The Smiths tinha acabado.

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¡ARR camARRda! ¿Listo para vivir una aventura bajo el mARR?, acompaña a Bambadee a obtenerrr nuevos tesoros para su colección. 🐙Nueva tienda de muebles penglantianos. 🐟Penglantis llega a la isla 🦈Bambadee tiene una nueva playercard y fondo. 🐳Salas decoradas sobre penglantis..

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@_pewdiedie wait till u make it at the top kur tja nisin venet ku i ke marr fotot CAN WE COPYSTRIKE HAMZA LIKE RIGHT NOW.

Saw @DMiliband on Marr this morning & my mood lifted & I glimpsed a better future. Then 5 mins later listened to the ignorant drivel of @CarolineFlintMP & was plunged back to depression. No Deal will devastate ur community & mine, Caroline #PeoplesVote #NoDealChaos.

Maybe it’s because I’m rubbish and have a face for radio that I’ve never been asked as a commentator on #Marr or #PoliticsLive. Or is it because I’m the wrong gender? The programmes’ editor admits here that he seeks female commentators to balance out all the male.

kabhi aapni kasam de karr usko cigarette chhorhne ko mat bolna. marr jayegi.

@Parray_Marr ! Main khud ese logo ko like nai karta yah har koi apna Dil khul k betha hai koi kisi ko janta hai or koi kisi ko nai isi liye har banda apna apna Raaz khul rha hai kisi ko Hasa nai sakte tu Dhuk b na ! Waqat Badalte dair nai !.

@VuqarMughal Sahi bt h Zehr lgte h woh log jo possitive tweet ko negative m bdl dete h.

@FarouqRibadu @Marr__One Guy na una dey slay mu ai sai dai mu dinga sa comment “myG, my Nigga, my oga, broda , fam, that’s my nigga, stay blessed, i sabi this guy, etc “.

David Miliband: Hunt Cannot Afford to be Absent From Iran Crisis #Marr.

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Liam Fox on Boris Johnson’s ‘GATT 24’ #Brexit claims: “It isn’t true, that’s the problem” The trade secretary tells #Marr that the argument from Boris Johnson, that we can use world trade rules to avoid tariffs after Brexit, “isn’t true”.

ใน #Marr เลขาธิการการค้าระหว่างประเทศกล่าวว่าข้อตกลง #Brexit นั้นไม่ใช่“ ตำแหน่งเริ่มต้นที่ถูกต้องตามกฎหมาย” และสหราชอาณาจักรจะมี“ ไม่มีการเจรจาต่อรองทุน” ในกรุงบรัสเซลส์หากถูกยกเลิก.

The people who phoned the police after the Boris ‘incident’ are receiving more scrutiny than Boris Johnson himself. This is where the UK is going. #marr.

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