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⚡️ “Martin Bashir SURPRISES on the #XFactorCelebrity by bringing ” by @TheXFactor #XFactor.

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Loved X Factor Celebrity Tonight - Thought The Vixen Should Have Gone Through ..my favourites are Martin Bashir and Victoria Ekanoye #XFactorUK.

@NicoleScherzy are you joking! You got rid of @jenlion she was absolutely brilliant! You put Martin Bashir and Ricki Lake through over her! They were not even in her league she was amazing! #xfactor.

Martin Bashir goes through and Jenny Ryan heads home? Hate an absolute joke. #xfactorceleb.

@TheXFactor This was purely done to give Vinnie Jones the spot, she was better than Martin Bashir for sure..

Martin Bashir got through & not Jenny from The Chase??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mad!! #CelebrityXFactor.

@NicoleScherzy I know Ricki Lake and Martin Bashir are legends but nowhere near as good as Jenny Ryan!! Bring her back please 😔.

@MarkLabbett @TheXFactor I love Martin bashir but on earth did he get a place over her, and Ricki lake! Again, love ricki- but vixen was so much was amazing.

Seriously @jenlion not through but Martin Bashir sorry but what a total injustice as a result I am now boycotting the #CelebrityXFactor.

Why did Jenny not get through????? What an absolute joke 🤬🤬🤬🤬 but Martin bashir did!!!!! I’m not watching any more. #CelebrityXFactor.

Unbelievable @XFactorOnITV Can’t believe they chose Martin Bashir over Jenny Ryan. So the two big girls are.

@itvpresscentre Absurd decision to eliminate @jenlion she was far better than Ricki Lake and Martin Bashir. I was really enjoying the show upto that point, but obviously agents have got this sewn up. Fix..

@TheXFactor Explain that to me how she got passed over, yet Martin Bashir got through?.

I won’t be watching @TheXFactor next week what a FIX @jenlion should have been through easily, really disappointed, she was a million times better than Martin bashir and Ricky Lake and both will be voted out quickly when our popular Vixen would have easily been in the Final.

@HylandIan How did Martin Bashir get through over The Vixen from The Chase though!.

Did we all forget who Martin Bashir is and what a sleazy manipulative history of lying he has? What the actual hell? @NicoleScherzy Nobody wants him 👋🏽👎🏽.

So they let Martin Bashir into the love finals but not Jenny Ryan?!!! Absolute JOKE! #CelebrityXFactor.

@Official_Walsh Cannot believe you kept Martin Bashir and ousted Jenny who has a fantastic voice. Smells of a fiddle as far as we 10 are concerned and we will not watch any further shows as it looks fixed. John Williams.

@NicoleScherzy Really enjoyed the Prelims of Celebrity X factor but after leaving out Jenny who had a great voice and taking Martin Bashir who was the worst singer on the show you will be losing 10 viewers. Rubbish. John Williams.

#XFactorCelebrity. Really? Jenny sent home & Martin Bashir put through. Just confirms why I stopped watching it !.

So thus far my #XFactorCelebrity live favourites are V5, Jonny Labey, Kevin McHale, Olivia Olsen, Megan McKenna, Victoria Ekanoye and Martin Bashir (I felt Ricki has taken Jenny’s place). Let’s see what Vinnie Jones is like next week..

@KirstyEaton3 @NicoleScherzy She choose Ricky Lake and Martin Bashir because they r better known for a wider audience. Stupid really..

@meganmckennas Absofuckinglutely, Jenny Ryan was awesome, Martin Bashir instead of her is a joke. 😠😠😠.

@TheXFactor Ricky lake & Martin Bashir get through & NOT !.

What a disgrace. Martin Bashir goes through yet the amazing @jenlion doesn’t. #XFactorCelebrity #disgrace.

⚡️ “Martin Bashir SURPRISES on the #XFactorCelebrity by bringing ” by @TheXFactor #XFactor.

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