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😡 “Ronaldo’s football royalty… there is no respect from the manager.” 🙏 “A player of his standing, Ten Hag should’ve given him extra care.” 🗣 “Ronaldo wanted to get this off his chest! He wants to discuss it!” Martin Keown defends Ronaldo after his criticism of #MUFC! 👀.


👍 “A lot is said about Qatar rules but this one I don’t feel opposed is to.” 🙏 “A sober World Cup might be a good thing for all of us.” 🍺 “Is it such a bad thing from when we see fans fuelled by alcohol?” Martin Keown approves of the ban on alcohol inside World Cup stadiums.

Martin Keown said on commentary he’s not seen a goalkeeper kick it long in the Premier League this season. Here’s goalkeeper Ederson getting an assist for City from inside his own box..

Canny believe I’ve just sat through 180 mins without a goal listening to John hartson then Martin keown.

Martin Keown “I just feel if Richarlison got his foot around it a bit more it would have went in off the post and looked better” #FIFAWorldCup.

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Martin Keown talks complete shite, did he really just say he’s not seen a keeper kick it long once this season?😭😭.

Doesn’t matter that it’s a female but this commentator doing the BBC coverage of Mexico v Poland is fucking dreadful. Just to make it worse Martin Keown is on co comms🤦🏻‍♂️😭.

Martin Keown commentating on midfielders he has no knowledge of.

Martin Keown Photo,Martin Keown Photo by Jordan,Jordan on twitter tweets Martin Keown Photo

Honestly, I’d welcome being stoned to death at this point. Jesus wept. Nobody should have to listen to Martin Keown for this long..

I know everyone is preoccupied with the Ronaldo news but Martin Keown just called Argentina ‘Argentinia’..

No disrespect to Martin Keown and I’m no fan of using unnecessary hyperbole, but I genuinely think he might be one of the worst human beings to ever grace our planet..

Seems like an absolutely brilliant atmosphere for Mexico vs Poland - somewhat undermined by having Martin Keown on co-comms. #MEXPOL #Qatar2022.


@SkySportsNews Excellent news. Just need Martin Keown to announce his retirement from talking and this day will be perfect..

@CarlosNFFC She is awful. Martin Keown runs her close though. Currently talking about a fantasy nation called Argentinia.

For those wondering how the Uk coverage is, Martin Keown literally said of Piksi “He can talk the talk, but could he do it out on the pitch?” Martin flipping Keown said THAT of Dragan flipping Stojkovic..

“And here’s Maradona, he goes past one, past another, he’s still going, past Shilton, what a goal!!!!” Martin Keown: “that’s not an easy finish, by the way”.

Martin keown has never seen the keeper kick it long from a goal kick this season. Hababababa idiot.

Sparse commentary Mexico v Poland with the occasional players name read out but no description of play? I could do that. Martin Keown talking more! #bbc.

Imagine been stranded in a foreign country with Martin Keown. The torture dished out would be dreadful footballing cliches. Dull moron..

Martin Keown is not fit to lace Bielsa’s boots. Very disrespectful comments. Absolute shithouse..

Quite perplexed how Martin Keown claims to have seen some country called Argentinia today.

7 mins added on, played 5. Martin Keown ‘we’re half way through added on time’ how are these idiots in a job its something else like.

Martin Keown thinks Argentina is pronounced Argentinia - jesus wept the standard of co-commentary from BBC and ITV is beyond dreadful.

What does Martin Keown have against neymar ? The bitch doesn’t stop talking about him.

If you want to put a dampener on a Brazil game, just employ Martin Keown as co-commentator. Makes Mark Lawrenson seem a happy little soul..

Martin Keown just said Hirving Lozano is “lacking pace” and that’s precisely why I can’t listen to 99% of the commentators who commentate on these WC games. They literally know nothing about anything other than the Premier League and even that is #WorldCup.

Martin Keown casually slagging Marcelo Bielsa off during the #MEXPOL game.🤷‍♂️.

Martin Keown called 34-year-old Kamil Glik a ‘brave young man’ 😳.

Martin Keown when speaking about Argentina has called them ArgenTINIA he’s like Mark Lawrensons love child with his insane comments! He said earlier that a Mexican player should have got the ball in earlier barring the fact there were 6 Poles in the box v 2 of his 🤦🏾 #MEXPOL.

Genuinely believe Martin Keown is the worlds most boring man. He lacks anything that could be considered charisma or enthusiasm. The not way he could be any worse would be if they say him next to Lee Dixon.

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