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You’re legally entitled to cash refunds NOT vouchers from flight cancellations – read here for full details #martinlewis

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Danielle Baker ()

@MartinSLewis Really is the source of all information that is correct through all of this! #MartinLewis

Rod Wallace ()

#MartinLewis please look into how Royal Mail are treating their staff, no PPE, refusing to pay for staff that are self isolating, not observing the 2m rule in work places. Posties lives matter are we are being treated disgracefully. #postieslivesmatter


#martinlewis is well worth following and watching hid brodcasts Always learn from this guy

Jo Berridge ()

Can we all agree that after all this is over @MartinSLewis gets a knighthood? Along with every single NHS worker, supermarket worker, bin man, truck driver, warehouse operative, etc etc ❤️❤️ #MartinLewis #clapforkeyworkers

Martin Lewis ()

Have you been working at home during lockdown? You can claim back £6/week tax back on extra costs: #martinlewis

Martin Lewis ()

You’re legally entitled to cash refunds NOT vouchers from flight cancellations – read here for full details #martinlewis

Martin Lewis ()

CONFIRMED – If you left a job after 28 Feb, that old employer can rehire you to furlough you. Details here #martinlewis

@RecoBra ()

Charley I’ve got the same HUGE issue!!! Reco Bra®️ is likely to become extinct at this rate. It’s very serious the point you have raised. With the breast cancer surgeries being cancelled there is also no trade at the moment for us! #MartinLewis

Kellie Porter ()

#MartinLewis #goodmorningbritain I am currently on maternity leave on SMP and my partner is self Employed. What, if anything is he entitle to claim? Also my SMP pay will stop in June and I was returning to work? What does this mean for me? Can they furlough me?

Lyn ()

@GMB #MartinLewis self employed since June 2018 I have no earnings prior to that for the time period stated by Rishi Sunak. I filed my tax return for April 2019. How will my grant be calculated? Will it be my 10 month income divided by 36 months or by the 10 months that I earn in

Harry Smith ()

If I work a main job which has closed down and pick up a second job temporarily, do I still qualify for the Retention Scheme? #MartinLewis

Max Rosie ()

@StevieusB #MartinLewis twitter feedback from his program that was on tonight ⬆️ - but I think the government were always going to add the #selfemploymentgrant but wanted to get people to sign up too to balance their books as they have no real data about whose self employed & not 👍

Dean Barber ()

#MartinLewis can you tell me what companies have to pay back to the government in respect of using the 80% furlouge fund

Simone Esposito ()

Such a pleasure to listen to @MartinSLewis. So keen to help people and so encouraging. L-E-G-E-N-D #MartinLewis #COVID19

Zahid ()

@MartinSLewis #MartinLewis I’m a 0 hour contract worker, or was, and due to Gov’s decision to close all restaurants I’ve been sacked without any sick pay and my employer hasn’t been in touch with me or my colleagues for 2 weeks. Please Martin, please help us :(

Cory Ona ()

#MartinLewis @MartinSLewis anyone else out here on a 0 hour contract in seek of help and financial support?? MARTIN WE NEED YOU TO HELP US PLEASE

Bryan Lock ()

#MartinLewis @itvMLshow how do we collectively get a better deal for self employed who pay via dividends. We pay lots of tax, but get no support. Can we pressure @hmtreasury to do more? I’ve averaged over £50k div payment income and now have / get nothing!

Simon Deverill ()

@MartinSLewis just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do. You are the people’s person and really make everything easy to understand so thank you Martin. Your a star! If I had my way you’d be a ‘Sir’ by now! Stay safe 😊 #MartinLewis #coronavirusuk

Pineapple White Media ()

@MartinSLewis is the self employed figure based on the Gross Profit or Profit after taxation? #martinlewis

Sam Baz ()

@itvMLshow after watching tonight It seems clear schools during the lockdown can EASILY give jobs to their #supplyteachers whilst schools are closed they can be paid 80% as this is covered by the state! Is this true? #MartinLewis

Rhr ()

Pay from work not coming till mid April I have direct debits that will bounce from 1st of month what can I do so worried #MartinLewis

Denise Erskine ()

If you work for a restaurant on a zero hour contract what are your options? Can your workplace furlough your employment or is this not possible?#martinlewis

Maureen Coleman ()

@LesleyEm @MartinLewis He’s just so knowledgeable and reassuring. Makes it all so much easier to understand. A bloody genius.

Alex ()

@MartinSLewis #MartinLewis Our private student accommodation provider is continuing to charge us rent despite the suspension of university and our university stopping charging on-campus students rent - help?

Linda ()

I am 65 and not yet getting a pension. I am self employed but having to raid my pension pot to survive. Are these pension payments classed as earned income for the self employed relief or are they other income ? #martinlewis

Liam Price ()

Might have said this before but Martin Lewis has been superb in this crisis. His clear and concise financial advice has helped my family and probably many others. #MartinLewis

Transport business ()

@MartinSLewis deserves the most prestigious medal this country can give him when all this over. Thanks for your continued hard work. Respect. #MartinLewis #COVID2019

Elliot Gonzalez ()

This #MartinLewis Money Show on ITV needs to be longer than 30 minutes. It’s essential viewing at a time like this. He’s always so reassuring, knowledgeable and clear with his advice. If anyone knows the answers, it’s @MartinSLewis.

Laurie Wootton ()

#MartinLewis Q we can’t answer please: if an employer won’t adhere to ‘social distancing’ what rights do I have an employee?

Martin Lewis ()

Just a reminder, tomorrow night 830 pm ITV were doing another live @itvMLshow ask me anything coronavirus emergency special. Got questions tweet using #MartinLewis Do watch or at least set the betamax

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