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If anyone had told me, about 35 years ago, that one day I’d be sat in my sofa on a Saturday night watching Matt Goss do a quickstep with hair plugs and an ill fitting suit, I’d have told you that none of us would ever be that old..

Matt Goss is trending, meaning this absolutely mesmerising compilation of clips, courtesy of @TSting18, needs re-visiting..

@mrdanwalker 1. Matt Goss won’t need the wardrobe department. 2. Tony Adams will probably be voted off first. 3. Rose has won again..

People shouldn’t be expecting an explanation from Matt Goss about his hair. He owes us nothing, OOOOEEEEERH! Nothing at all. #Strictly.

Currently think about the fact that if Matt Goss goes out first I lose 60% of my blog content in week 2.

Roz Laws
Roz Laws

This cast was just amazing anyway, then they added Matt Goss. Couldn’t be happier right now. #Strictly.

Why is Shirley giving every fucker a 6 tonight are her buttons broken cos you’re not telling me fleur east and matt goss were on par with each other #strictly.

Matt Goss, relieved and overwhelmed at being through to Movie Week. #Strictly.

Matt Goss Photo,Matt Goss Photo by Ice Crystal 🎃🐐🎃,Ice Crystal 🎃🐐🎃 on twitter tweets Matt Goss Photo

We agree. There are thousands in the MGA and Matt Goss mafia, we voted did you?? Give me a break, we didn’t lift him one place out of the bottom 3. It’s probably a fix!.

#StrictlyComeDancing is it just me that can’t cope with Matt Goss constantly looking at the camera and vain posing in the background? No laughing along with everyone up in the star area when interviewed. And I’m pretty sure that’s a wig.

I recon Matt Goss has got through a few can of this tonight #Strictly.

Matt Goss Photo,Matt Goss Photo by Matthew Taylor,Matthew Taylor on twitter tweets Matt Goss Photo

I reckon Matt Goss first to go. Mostly because he looks like he’s just shown up for the pay cheque. Tony Adams obviously the weakest but he’s really trying, so the #Strictly audience will give him a few weeks..

I would have saved Kaye & Kai because a) Kai is fab & b) Kaye had far more enthusiasm than Matt Goss #Strictly.

Some nasty tweets on here about Matt Goss, I have no idea why has he comes across as a nice man, you should be ashamed of yourselves. #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing.

Matt Goss is trending again, any excuse to repost this absolute gem.

Matt Goss came in for a lot of stick when Dross, sorry Bros were in the charts. But he had a great voice in my opinion. On the B side of I Owe You Nothing he sings the track without music. He has a good voice. Underrated..

Me and Matt Goss have a lot in common as we both turned 54 last Thursday. 👍🎊 However, I haven’t had Botox and the top of my face doesn’t look paralysed. 🙄😕.

I really want to like Matt Goss, but I felt that was a bit cringe. Trousers way too tight and I thought he looked very pigeon toed, wasn’t good at all, where’s his rhythm… 🙈🥴🤷‍♀️ #Strictly.

Matt Goss needs to lose the hat. He looks like a young George Galloway, which is just distressing. #Strictly.

I had the worst secondhand embarrassment there for Matt Goss 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #strictly.

Kaye Adams was the first star to be booted off Strictly Come Dancing 2022 after a tense dance off with Matt Goss.

matt goss pulling nadiya into the camera frame. he’s actually horrible🤢🤢 #Strictly.

Here is my one #Strictly tweet for the evening. Matt Goss / Matt Gloss.

Matt Goss Photo,Matt Goss Photo by Kris The Eurovision Podcaster,Kris The Eurovision Podcaster on twitter tweets Matt Goss Photo

Can someone please advise Matt Goss to tone down the hair dye. A little fleck here and there but it does look painted on. If I were a friend, I him I mean ! #strictly.

Strictly Come Dancing heart-throb Matt Goss paid £20,000 to fly beloved bulldog Reggie to Britain.

The horror of watching Matt Goss movingagain 🤦🏼‍♀️ #StrictlyComeDancing.

#StrictlyComeDancing Matt goss looks like Rodney trotter when he fell asleep under the sunlamp.😂.

How Matt Goss Kickstarted The Golden Age Of British Potted Shrimps #MattGoss.

Matt Goss Photo,Matt Goss Photo by Clickbait Robot,Clickbait Robot on twitter tweets Matt Goss Photo

Matt Goss suit on strictly was way to big - weird costume choice #Strictly2022 #MattGoss.

Matt Goss looked murderously furious to be in the dance off; I’m terrified of him. #Strictly.

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