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How is Molly listening to Maura rant???? I would be on the floor laughing #loveisland.

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Love Island viewers complain boys’ behaviour is epitomising toxic masculinity.

Maura is easily my least favorite girl but she didn’t deserve to have all the guys talking about her like that. #loveisland2019 #loveisland.

Maura is the best #LoveIsland cast member of all time! Don’t even TRY to convince me otherwise..

Y’all should tell me the difference between Molly Mae showing interest in Tommy when Maura came and Yewande doing the same for Danny when Arabella came. Yet Yewande is the ‘agressive one’ even though Molly screamed at Tommy 🧐🧐 just come out and say you hate black people 🤷🏽‍♀️.

@Cee_theresa_ No one calls maura aggressive and shes screaming the house down 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 but yewande makes one comment for the first time.

the first time Tom gets airtime in an entire 7 days and he talks about Maura like that 🥴🥴🥴 bin him #LoveIsland.

maura and ari are making me hyped up for tour i think i might black out again 🙈🙈🙈.

@camryn_zoe you an Maura missed Kerstin almost dragging a bitch at the mall💀🙃.

@thekjohnston You worked with someone I would give a left anything to just have her do a table read of one of my scripts: MAURA TIERNEY..

How the fuck is Molly Mae listening to Maura rant when she is being the biggest bloody hypocryt in the world! #LoveIsland.

@fireawaydarlin maura asked if tara and i are dating acting like i haven’t been dating someone for 6 months 😭😭😭.

Oggi giornata lunghissima ma ricca di emozioni. Si parte da Milano nella sede di Google dove farò una formazione sui pericoli della rete e poi di corsa verso Roma per la Notte prima degli esami.

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@sophiahunni the bitches name is fucking maura i didn’t think it got worse then that BUT OH IT DOES.

@AnnMaiya @LoveIsland Just the way that Tommy was all into Maura and then suddenly at the recoupling he chooses Molly..

Wait why is Maura venting to molly???😂😂😂 didn’t she try to steal her man lool #LoveIsland.

#RojoGalaBailarines alguien cree que maura aporto algo en el crecimiento de jazz mas que solo👏👏👏👏y nada mas..

Ofcom receives almost 800 Love Island complaints over ‘predatory’ Maura and treatment of Lucie.

Porque tienen en la presentación de la 4ta temporada de @Rojo_TVN a la “Maura ” de Camila Vásquez, acaso harán lo mismo que con la tal Maura en la segunda temporada antigua, cuando a la fuerza la metieron a bailar en el team rojo??! #RojoGalaBailarines.

Me molesta que vuelva Camila a la es la eterna Maura, haciéndola encajar como bailarina que no es 🤦🏻‍♀️ #RojoGalaBailarines.

@spaceypriestess Maura Murray died of exposure and was eaten by scavenging animals. No real mystery..

Kinda hope Elma stays just to see the drama between her, Maura and Tom unfold 💩 #loveisland.

@LoveIsland how is everyone so upset with Joe when Maura is literally forcing herself and objectifying men on camera?.

maura raging at elma after she did the EXACT same thing to molly mae? HA! gotta love karma 😘😘 #LoveIsland.

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I honestly have no idea how I got so blessed to have Connor, missy, Maura, Lisa, Kristie, in my my life..

How is Molly listening to Maura rant???? I would be on the floor laughing #loveisland.

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