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City Xtra

Tommy Doyle and James McAtee will not be able to play for Sheffield United vs #ManCity in the #EmiratesFACup semi-final. [via @sistoney67].

Sam Lee
Sam Lee

City play Sheffield United in the FA Cup semis. McAtee and Doyle won’t be able to play.

City Xtra
City Xtra

Official: James Trafford, Rico Lewis, Tommy Doyle, James McAtee, and Cole Palmer have all been called up to the England U21s squad for their upcoming fixtures this month. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿✅.

Four changes in Sunderland. ⚜️ Baldock, Doyle, McAtee and Jebbison are all set to start, with Fleck, McBurnie, Norwood and Bogle dropping out. 𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗘 𝗢𝗡 𝗬𝗢𝗨 𝗕𝗟𝗔𝗗𝗘𝗦! 🙌.

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Man City get the only Championship side left in the FA Cup, but a real shame for James McAtee and Tommy Doyle they will have to sit out the game.

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🚨 En prêt à @SheffieldUnited, James McAtee et Tommy Doyle ne pourront pas jouer contre #ManCity en demi finale de @EmiratesFACup..

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Tommy Doyle and James McAtee rivalling you know who , in best loan signings in recent history by the way. The Absolute bollocks..

The FA have just confirmed that loan players are not allowed to play against their parent clubs in the FA Cup. That semi-final draw means Blades pair Doyle and McAtee will not be allowed to play against Manchester City at Wembley. Absolutely gutted for them..


Tommy Doyle and McAtee are smashing it at Sheffield United, proper shining at the minute them two.

McAtee and Doyle should be allowed to play. If clubs loan out players they are basically saying that they aren’t good enough to play at their parent club at that particular time. It’s not fair or in the spirit to penalise them by not letting them play….

Sheffield Utd weekly results round-up Sunderland 1-2 Sheff U (McAtee, Doyle) Sheff U 3-2 Blackburn (Gallagher OG, McBurnie, Doyle) Sunderland Women 1-1 Sheff U Women (Enderby) Sheff U U18s 0-1 Tottenham U18s Ipswich U18s 1-2 Sheff U U18s (Clarke, Havenhand) #twitterblades #sufc.

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Kiralık olarak Sheffield United forması giyen Tommy Doyle ve James McAtee, #EmiratesFACup yarı finalinde forma giyemeyecek. [via @sistoney67].

...I thought McAtee learning his trade had cost us a day out at Wembley with 3 chances squandered but really he just made it all the more special. His mate Doyle coming up with a thunderfucker in the last minute. Breathless stuff. When Rovers look back on it they will rue.

@City_Xtra People have been so hyped about McAtee that Tommy Doyle has gone under the radar, what a talent.

Tommy Doyle & James McAtee fantastic loanees for Sheff United. What a goal to win an incredible cup tie!! #FACupMagic.

Sanchez dragging McAtee down. Çaicedo going down like he’s been shot against us. So pathetic 😂.

Hopefully Sheffield United don’t get City, Doyle & McAtee wouldn’t be allowed to play.

⚡️ POLL ⚡️ If they face Sheffield United in the FA Cup semi-final or final, should City allow loanees Tommy Doyle and James McAtee to play against them?.

Both Doyle and McAtee are absolutely thriving now at Sheffield United. The things I’d do for them to make it at City..

Sheffield United are going to get cooked by City unfortunately. McAtee & Tommy Doyle can’t play their parent club..


Going out on a limb here, don’t care if I’m wrong, I’ll admit that if I am, but I genuinely think that McAtee and Doyle are good enough to be members of our first team squad within the next 18 months or so..

Watching Doyle and McAtee ball like that at Sheffield can only mean cash money for City..

Anyone but City, so Doyle and McAtee get their day at Wembley as well! #twitterblades.

1-0 at half time is fine, shame VAR is bent, get Hunt and McAtee on second half and have a go at them.

@pheckingbottom Please get city to allow us to play Doyle and McAtee, can’t be dealing with Fleck.

Theres a bloke on Hatters Talk who thinks we should sell Mcatee to Grimsby. You know the same Mcatee who we signed in August and loaned back to Grimsby for the season. Hatters Talk. What a page.

Take my heart. I would give City the FA Cup right now if it meant we can have him and McAtee..

James McAtee needs to be recalled next season. Still go in for Bellingham/Mac Allister with at least one of Gundogan/Bernardo likely to leave (personally think both are leaning towards an exit) but McAtee looks ready to have his Foden 19/20 season. Gradual integration. #ManCity.

@JaseIves @Jonsparker07 Exactly so we had to sit, hold them and scoring too early can anger them to play at a better tempo but we kept them playing did well to just be 1-0 down at HT. The plan was to hold them and bring on impact players such as mcatee later to maybe nick a goal..

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