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📊 Jesse Lingard makes his 300th club career appearance - he plays against the club for whom he scored 9 goals (plus 4 assists) in 16 PL apps in 20-21 Only 3 of Forest’s starting XI were at the club at the end of last season - Worrall, McKenna & Johnson.

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🔵⚪️ Kieran McKenna since he took over as Ipswich Town manager on 28th December 2021: 🏟️ 26 league matches ✔️ 13 games won 🧤 14 clean sheets #ITFC | #EFL.


Tyrone McKenna and Chris Jenkins currently having a fight of the year contender in Belfast 🔥 🎥 @TRBoxing #Boxing #McKennaJenkins.

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I will get brutal here. If you are in crypto and do not believe in privacy you are literally mentally handicapped beyond repair. Cryptography is LITERALLY the Mathematics of shielding Information..

#UFCVegas59 picks, not bets Bueno Silva McKenna Battle McKinney Oleksiejczuk Spivac Pauga Walker Luque Hill.

McKenna & Worral being 2/3rds of a Premier League defence will never sit right with me..

HOY HOY!! 🥊 Michael Conlan 🇮🇪 vs Miguel Marriaga 🇨🇴 🥊 Tyrone McKenna 🇮🇪 vs Chris Jenkins 🇬🇧 🥊 McCrory 🇮🇪 vs Peribán 🇲🇽 🥊 Y más! 🔥EN VIVO🔥 por #ESPNKnockOut desde Belfast 📺 @StarPlusLA 15:00 🇦🇷🇺🇾 14:00 🇨🇱🇩🇴🇧🇴🇻🇪🇵🇾 13:00 🇲🇽🇨🇴🇵🇪🇪🇨🇵🇦 12:00 🇳🇮🇬🇹🇸🇻🇨🇷🇭🇳 #ConlanMarriaga.

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That tactic gave Mckenna so much space he could have watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy before tucking it home if he got on the end of the cross.

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A huge win for Forest at the City Ground! @richardajkeys is convinced that Scott McKenna should have been shown a red card for his handball. #beINPL #NOTWHU 🌳⚒️.

Forest had two keepers today better than David De Gea. Henderson and Scott McKenna 😂😂😂😂 #NFFC.

Can’t wait to tell my kids about how Terrin Vavra and Ryan McKenna took the O’s to the postseason.

#UFCVegas59 McKenna payback for her UFC London performance:.

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Those that are interested in the zkEVM check out following repo of the Poseidon hash function which is optimised for zero-knowledge proofs..

@djrothkopf I hope you’re right. Not for his sake, but for America’s. Until he’s seen for what he is (and crimes he committed), which need to be acknowledged by all (or a plurality of voters), we cannot move forward with our democracy..


Ryan McKenna hit a two-run double in the fifth inning, and the Baltimore Orioles won their fifth straight game, 6-3 over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday..

Deux barres pour West Ham, un sauvetage sur la ligne, un penalty manqué par Rice, McKenna qui aurait dû être expulsé pour avoir annihilé une action de but de la main… Le succès de Nottingham Forest face aux Hammers est un miracle mais c’est la première en PL depuis 23 ans..

Tínhamos o Samba Temos o Henderson Hoje McKenna e Neco defenderam Mas esse é o grande goleiro do time👇🏻 @JoeWorrall5.

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Ok so I finally got myself into the @MadMeerkatNFT @trent_mckenna how does this look. 😂 #MAD4LIFE.

My #UFCVegas59 picks! Hill Luque Pauga Miller Sakai McKinney Oleksiejczuk Battle McKenna Egger Thoughts? #TheFightGeek.

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Eu finalizei a minha leitura de Mais Uma Vez, o Amor e simplesmente estou apaixonada! 📖🥰❤ Meu Deus, a Lisa Kleypas arrasa tanto! Eu adorei os protagonistas Aline e McKenna, mas devo confessar que quem roubou o meu coração e todos os holofotes foram a Livia e o Shaw. 😍❤.

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Tyrone McKenna Edges Chris Jenkins On Points In Fan-Friendly Co-Feature In Belfast.

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#ufc Silva McKenna Battle Alvey fight Under rounds Alvey fight under rounds Mcckiney U Mcckiney tko/ko Spivac Miller Pauga Luque Hill.

Pretend I edited a picture of McKenna choking Granger but Granger is replaced by a flute Von Flute choke #UFCVegas59.

Out celebrating the pops birthday but good to see Cory McKenna is the GOAT. Future PFP #1. The best there ever will be..

This Forest defender McKenna is pretty good compared to Maguire. I have a good feeling he wouldn’t have caused 2 goals yesterday..

This is what I love to see. Previous movement was decentralise the entire now but we should also verify the entire computing stack..

Watching MOTD seeing a defence in the Premier League consisting of McKenna and Worral 😂.

Gracious in defeat. Jenkins immediately congratulates McKenna who is awarded a debatable hometown decision this evening. WATCH 🔗: #MckennaJenkins #ConlanMarriaga.

Fotos de promoción 4 de Sharon Stone (Ginger McKenna) en #Casino.

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Fotos de promoción 3 de Sharon Stone (Ginger McKenna) en #Casino.

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