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200 million people just watched a Serbian lady wash her hands and sing about Meghan Markle’s hair. Only at #eurovision.

Meghan has filed a motion to dismiss the case brought by her half-sister & is seeking legal fees arguing the statements are: a) “time-barred under Florida’s 2-yr statute of limitations” b) not defamatory c) “non-actionable opinion &/or substantially true”.

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@RobzDaro @SussexDetectiv1 Yes they do that all the time! But guess what… they were chanting… Meghan Markle is the Queen of the Universe and Squaddies are her army… it was so moving!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

⭐️ Receta animal free de la tarta de bodas de Harry y Meghan.

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