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Things annoying Aussies tonight: - New Zealand in the World Cup Final - England in the World Cup Final - Michael Clarke in the World Cup Final #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ.

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Michael Clarke totally gave Nicholls the commentators curse there. Eng in the driving seat now. #EngvNZ.

Clarke says #England should bring Archer on. Plunkett immediately gets Williamson. Clarke says they should bring on Stokes. Plunkett immediately gets Nicholls. Good captaincy, Michael..

Michael Clarke retired even after Winning the Worldcup, And Ms Dhoni not retiring even after losing. Not a big fan of Clarke though, But was a huge admirer of Dhoni. #Cricket.

Michael Clarke looks like he’s constantly having an existential crisis for a couple seconds and then remembers where he is..

@anndeejam I literally fled the room when they said “and Michael Clarke’s noticed ”.

World Cup Final at least guarantees two things tonight. 1. The drought in winning the trophy will end for one of these sides. More importantly. 2. No more Michael fuc*ing Clarke in commentary. #CWC19Final.

Michael Clarke: Guptill definitely knicking or missing the next ball. Next ball: Guptill LBW..

Nice to see my two favourites commentator Nasir Hussain and Michael Clarke both are on their duty together on board. 😘 #CWC19Final.

Is there anyone in the world who sits watching the cricket and thinks to themselves “I love listening to Michael Clarke”? #CricketWorldCupFinal #CWC19Final.

Honestly what did we do to deserve Michael Clarke behind the mic to get things started ? #CWC19 #CWC19Final.

A world cup final does not deserve Michael Clarke commentating useless and painful.

Things annoying Aussies tonight: - New Zealand in the World Cup Final - England in the World Cup Final - Michael Clarke in the World Cup Final #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ.

Why the fuck is Michael Clarke and Warne commenting the game, they’re not English or Kiwi.

@JohnRentoul The idea of Michael Gove & Lady Macbeth in Downing St. I suppose it might have been entertaining in a gruesome way. He is as untrustworthy as Boris, lying and leaking, & Ken Clarke said even Liam Fox found him extreme!.

#Yankees Prospects: Michael King makes first appearance of the year.

Classic UK reggae film Babylon (1980) with a fab soundtrack feat. Yabby U, I-Roy, Johnny Clarke, Jah Shaka, Michael Prophet & Dennis Bovell screens at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema on Saturday at 9:30pm:.

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Cameron Ling “ A goal right here would be crucial” Dad “pfff he sounds like Michael Clarke”.

Vista Club is the destination, Sunday is The Day! @SolidGrooves_ return this week at Privilege Ibiza with Richy Ahmed · Michael Bibi · Dennis Cruz · Pirate Copy · Calvin Clarke. Tickets 👉🏻.

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#NRLKnightsBulldogs Billy slater is the rugby league commentatory Version of Michael Clarke . Both super irritating lol.

This is quite simply a brilliant interview by @sebwhale, full of great anecdotes as well as tributes from the likes of Tony Blair, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Bill Cash, Harriet Harman, Anna Soubry and Michael Howard..

18 perguntas, 18 nomes 1- paulo, cristiana 2-Lara 3- Francisca 4- hugo 6- clarke 7- Eduarda 8- João 9- Joana Francisca 10- 11- paulo João 12-não 13- cristiana 14- João 15- Gustavo 16- Michael 17- Gustavo secalhar ahahah 18-maria Fav q te mando.

@BackBoris2019 I believe that it was John Major, Michael Heseltine, Ken Clarke and other audiophiles who stabbed Margaret Thatcher in the back because she would never have signed us up to Maastricht!.

This season, I can see an injury-free @Patrick_Bamford banging goals in for fun. Playing in a similar style to, and becoming as big a hero to Leeds fans as, Allan Clarke, Duncan MacKenzie and Michael Bridges. Top player is PB #ALAW #MOT.

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Commentators who are full time BCCI asslickers - Aakash Chopra - Michael Clarke - Matthew Hayden - Brett Lee.

Congratulations 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 absolutely brilliant morgan tak a bow, outstanding captaincy. Bad luck to Michael 💩💩@MClarke23.

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