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Corey Graves to Michael Cole: Despite being really good at your job, nobody can stand you. Never a truer word spoken. #WWEDraft #SmackDown.

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@bullyray5150 @BustedOpenRadio Bully can you hold the pencil and have Michael Cole stop reading from the script and react to what is actually going on in the match. Painful to him him pause waiting for next line(move) and scripted over reaction then have Graves correct him.

Michael Cole still gets to say “THE BIG DOG!” and “IT’S BOSS TIME!” Every week I guess. #SmackDown.

Our boi, The GOAT Joe Buck finally made it to #SmackdownOnFox. So much that Corey Graves put Michael Cole to shame by comparing him to Mr. Buck. 🤣😄😂.

I feel like Michael Cole JUST learned they word “patented” and he’s using it in every sentence even when not on the air #SmackDown.

John Cena lost a loser leaves town match against Michael Cole by music distraction on the WWE Network for $.

I like the fact that #SmackDown has a 2 man booth at commentary in Corey Graves and Michael Cole, Gives me old school vibes of Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross #WWEDraft.

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Me: I wonder if they’ll split New Day up in the draft Michael Cole, moments later: Is this the last time we will see them together? Me: uh oh. #WWEDraft #SmackdownOnFox.

Michael Cole-The unthinkable would happen Yes Michael Cole because The Fiend has never attacked Seth Rollins.

How hype is Michael Cole now that he has Sasha and Roman on his brand lmao I love it #WWEDraft.

Says it all when Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are the worst WWE commentators are the moment.

Michael Cole is still going to be yelling “Boss Time” thank goodness bc it felt weird not hearing it last Monday..

According to Michael Cole this is for the WWE Championship..

Reigns and sasha are both on #SDLive The show that Michael Cole is announcer on You know what that means @RossOnRasslin #WWEDraft.

Michael Cole said I’m going to Smackdown if I can’t yell It’s Boss Time anymore y’all already took away Its The Big Dog for a few month. Lmao we truly Stan. 😂😂😂 #WWEDraft #Smackdown.

The only bad thing about Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks is that we still get Michael Cole saying “THE BIG DOGGG!!!” and “IT’S BOSS TIME!!!” #SmackDown.

Sasha Banks has been drafted to #SmackDown for two reasons: 1. For Michael Cole to keep screaming “it’s boss time!” 2. Her hair colour #WWEDraft.

The Boss and Monster among men are drafted to #SmackDown #WWEDraft “IT’S BOSS TIME!” shouts Michael Cole.

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Just as you thought you’d hear the end of Michael Cole saying “It’s Boss time!” Sasha gets drafted to SmackDown, oh my god we have to hear him say it.

This is a bad format and these picks are kinda wild but MICHAEL COLE SAYING BOSS TIME FOR 5 MILLION MORE TIMES MAKES THIS THE WORST DRAFT IN HISTORY #SmackdownOnFox.

Michael Cole can now keep saying “Big Dog!” AND “Boss Time!” 😅 #Smackdown.

They had to put Sasha on SD for Michael Cole to shout ITS BOSS TIME every Friday, didn’t they?.

|. Oh for god sake, why did they draft Sasha to SmackDown? I didn’t wanna hear Michael Cole say “It’s Boss Time” Just ugh..

Corey Graves to Michael Cole: Despite being really good at your job, nobody can stand you. Never a truer word spoken. #WWEDraft #SmackDown.

It is, and I quote Michael Cole, UNBELIEVABLE that Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan were able to beat Luke Harper and the Vintner..

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