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I can only assume that anyone referring to Michael McIntyre as a “legend” is spelling “bell” wrong.

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Luce ()

Michael McIntyre is hilarious!! What’s wrong with you bores! 😝 it’s not just what he says but it’s the way he acts when he says it. He’s brilliant 😄#MichaelMcintyre

JohnnyL57 ()

@DavosLan I usually hate English comedians but Michael McIntyre is far from being the worst. Some of his stuff is very observant and quite funny. The dentist thing made me laugh.

Spring🐝 ⁷
Spring🐝 ⁷ ()

Michael mcintyre is like the only unproblematic comedian EVER dont give him hate damn

Terry Titwell
Terry Titwell ()

The people who find Michael Mcintyre funny are the same people who laugh at the jokes in Christmas crackers

Tarant Bramley🐒
Tarant Bramley🐒 ()

Wish i could actually write funny jokes instead of just being off the cuff funny, cant take over Michael Mcintyre with those jokes >:(

Shannnoooon ()

“Is Michael McIntyre not shrek?” “Naw Aimee that’s Mike Myers” “aw right a don’t care anymore then” @summonelbitches @Jenna_Probert

Estella Joyce 🌟
Estella Joyce 🌟 ()

You’re perfectly entitled to not like Michael McIntyre. You’re not entitled to wish him dead just because you don’t think he’s funny. Wishing death on someone is the lowest you can possibly sink. It’s nothing to be proud of #MichaelMcIntyre

EhmAyWithE ()

@Joel22947626 I’m more of a @DougStanhope fan fucker was one of the few people who ever liked one of my tweets - but if I celebrate mediocrity and banality (bless ya Hicks) then suddenly 150 likes to the Since when has Michael McIntyre had a dry delivery?

Jordan Booth
Jordan Booth ()

@EhmAyWithE The only time Michael McIntyre is funny is when his act is being torn to pieces by Frankie Boyle

Simon Haytack
Simon Haytack ()

The people complaining that Michael McIntyre isn’t funny are usually the exact same people that find Mrs Brown’s Boys funny.

🌻morgan loves hyunjin🌻#BLM
🌻morgan loves hyunjin🌻#BLM ()

friendly reminder: if you don’t like a comedian you don’t have to shit on them and the people that like them. you are not unique saying “michael mcintyre is not funny” and shitting on him, you sound a bit jealous that he’s successful and you’re not.


Michael McIntyre is a fckn Without doubt the Unfunniest man I have ever had the misfortune to Prime time tv am I wrong Twitter ?

Jack Hall
Jack Hall ()

@saintdougie @jamiereddog Don’t worry I’m watching McIntyre as well. Donal not Michael. Murder Files. I’ll get back to Bruce later

Clare :)
Clare :) ()

People who are saying Michael McIntyre isn’t funny at all or is always funny and their opinion is right seemed to be forgetting humour is purely subjective? We all find different things I know it’s a very hard concept to grasp for certain you know who you are.

philip simm
Philip simm ()

@anacondanufc Jimmy saville has just sent mystic meg a Ouija board message saying Michael McIntyre makes him sick 🤮

Darren Kennedy
Darren Kennedy ()

Just been watching Michael McIntyre and I can’t believe that @Alan_Alger_ only got standard tickets for @MrDDyer

Autumn ()

Peter Andre’s midnight game show on Michael McIntyre was hilarious😂 Peter was so tired and confused he wasn’t sure whether H From Steps had actually fallen down the steps or not

Joel Lloyd
Joel Lloyd ()

So @lukeregz24 has just told me that Michael McIntyre is his funniest comedian. Very surprised by that I must say

Richard Bishop
Richard Bishop ()

Michael McIntyre on BBC. Wife wants it on. Anyone find it funny? I don’t but stand to be corrected

Philip ()

Watching Michael McIntyre with the sound down (best way) talking to Peter Andre who seems to be in bed with a 14 year old. And they say, back in the day, that the Black and White Minstrel Show was dodgy.

David Brearley
David Brearley ()

I thought people wanted positive viewing atm in times of crisis? BBC have brought out England getting beaten by Germany in euro 96, Michael mcintyre being as funny as a stubbed toe, and Coldplay at Glastonbury 🥴

Susan Watt
Susan Watt ()

So it seems everybody has forgotten about Caroline Flack and are having a Twitter pile-on about Michael Mcintyre. It has to be said though, he is fucking dire.

Shane Clarke
Shane Clarke ()

@CHEESETITS2011 His voice goes through me like a thousand knives. And now Michael bloody McIntyre is on.

EhmAyWithE ()

Why is Michael McIntyre getting so much abuse? He’s the best comedian in the by far. His dry material and delivery rocks! I guess some people are just too dumb to get it.

Rachel ()

I can only assume that anyone referring to Michael McIntyre as a “legend” is spelling “bell” wrong.

Pulsemaster E
Pulsemaster E ()

@Jagfox @McInTweet Nothing is worse than Michael McIntyre, except Phil Collins singing.

Jonothon East
Jonothon East ()

I am going to self isolate, loss of taste of a symptom of COVID, and I just laughed at Michael McIntyre

Keith B
Keith B ()

Walked into living room to see on TV that Michael McIntyre booking an Uber for Olly Murs appears to be the funniest thing the audience has ever seen. Looked shite to me.

Daniel Curwen
Daniel Curwen ()

Woah nearly, walked back in the living room and Michael McIntyre was on my telly. Not on my shift

Slex ()

Michael McIntyre n Olly Murs on the same tv show at the one time is ma idea of a horrific nightmare

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