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#Staged season 3 review: David Tennant and Michael Sheen comedy keeps things fresh.

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Huge game for both England and Wales tonight. Wales have Michael Sheen to motivate them, but who have England got? 18+ BeGambleAware.


👀 “Wales went out with a fart.” ❌ “I think there was a complete lack of competitiveness from Wales!” 🤦‍♂️ “The Welsh expected what they saw from Michael Sheen & his nonsense.” Simon Jordan was not at all impressed with the efforts of #WAL in Qatar. #TSWorldCup.

nobody,, and I do mean nobody, could play Aziraphale EXCEPT Michael Sheen,, he’s so perfect for the role like this is an ACTUAL angel 😭❤️❤️.

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❤️ An eight-year-old schoolboy has gone viral after delivering an impassioned rousing speech to inspire Wales against England..

As he’s trending, just want to say that Michael Sheen is one of the coolest people of our age. Super talented, great politics and nice. How good is this! 👇.

Michael Sheen. One of the best actors for generations. No question. What a talent..

*Michael Sheen voice* “Now then, lads, what we do now is, we get on the bus see? Then we fuck off home isn’t it? TOGETHER! COME ON, GET ON THE FUCKING BUS BOYS!”.

Plenty of Enguurland build up prior to Portugal vs Uruguay on ITV but they cop out on the Cymru stuff by showing a two-week old Michael Sheen speech he gave the lads before they travelled. As great as it is I wanna hear from Page and a player about what they plan to do tomorrow!.

Sad truth is that no amount of stirring words by Michael Sheen would’ve got that Welsh team through the Group just didn’t have the ability. Wales had much better sides & players in the 70s & 80s but back then only 16 or 24 teams were in the World Cup finals. #ENGWAL.

The Michael Sheen speech is brilliant. Simply a passionate Welshman. There is nothing wrong at all with that. Some of us English will moan at anything.

Having just watched Michael Sheen team talk to the Wales players if only he was Scottish. We cld get rid of every single SNP mediocrity everywhere & win Indy in 6 months. #TaxiforImelda Cornton Vale please..

an alarm clock but it’s a hologram of michael sheen bellowing a motivational speech at me.

did anyone consider coaching Wales on how to play football before the World Cup rather than just playing them that Michael Sheen bit on repeat? It just feels like a shame to get to two major tournaments in 18 months and play almost unbelievably badly at both of them.

Michael Sheen put the bulk of his acting fortune into staging a football World Cup for homeless people. An absolutely wonderful man..

Defending Michael Sheen online is not enough! I need that damn Flaming Sword!!.


Wonder if Michael Sheen is aware Keifer Moore is from Torquay, Dan James is from Hull, Brennan Johnson is from Nottingham, Ampadu is from Exeter etc….

I see Michael Sheen coppng some flack. Well for the record, as an luck to him! I think he is brilliant and shows just as much passion for his country as we do ours. National pride? Everyone is entitled to it, so shh! Better a poem than a headbut! :D @michaelsheen.

@Matthew82069336 I could not agree more. Michael Sheen is absolutely brilliant! I loved him as Cloughie and also playing Kenneth Williams. Superb..

Wales might have lost tn but they take an automatic W for just giving the world Michael Sheen,, Britain didn’t do that and could never.

Nice of ITV to show that clip of Michael Sheen inspiring the Welsh team to their 0-2 defeat against Iran again..

Michael Sheen’s team talk for Wales… 😂 Reminded me of Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday… #IfYouKnowYouKnow #FIFAWorldCup.

staged is so funny and so good i still cant believe how good david tennant and michael sheen are together 😭.

This was so remarkable a soliloquy from Michael Sheen to the spirit of wales, a language & a people, survived 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 gutted that they are going home. ⚽️❤️💚🐉.

@TomBeynon Least we don’t have Michael sheen telling us it’s coming home REALLY EARNESTLY.

Can’t help but feel Michael Sheen has just wasted his time there. They’d be better of with Mr Sheen #wales.

As someone who has been self IDing as Welsh for several weeks, are we allowed to say yet that Michael Sheen’s brand of nationalism was a bit weird.

How weird and cringey that Michael Sheen speech is 😤 PLEASE @England send them packing 😂.

Just seen a clip of Michael Sheen addressing a load of English guys with a rousing speech. What was that all about?.

That Michael Sheen thing is one of the most cringe inducing things I have ever heard..

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