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“The Daily Mail supported Adolf Hitler.” RMT’s Mick Lynch responds to a Daily Mail journalist who described him as “the Grinch of Christmas”.


🎤 Richard Madeley “So you’re accusing the government of a bare faced lie on this?” 🗣 @RMTunion Mick Lynch “I am, yes.”.

Mick Lynch can dismantle anti-union sentiment with his eyes closed pass it on.

Think what Mick Lynch is facing ! He is facing a lynch mob .. of dishonest ministers and endless greed of unlimited profiteering company employers .. an inordinately hostile media… an entire system built up on hatred for workers … these are what Mick is against ..

We need more Micks . Mick Lynch mocks right wing reporters at press conference via @YouTube.

@RMTunion Nick Lambert. I used to admire Susanna Reid but certainly not now after that interview of Mick Lynch. Richard Madeley was always a cunt but I did have a modicum of respect for Susanna! Will never watch ITV Good Morning Breakfast ever again. Interviewing should be balanced!!.

@VintiquesMark He is pulling the strings Mark, Mick Lynch stated yesterday the main Railway Negotiator wanted to meet but was directed by this guy that he couldn’t go to the meeting 55 minutes before it was due to take place. I know who I believe, and it’s not this crazy Government..

@sandieshoes RMTs Mick Lynch earns well over £100,000 py. Allegedly he donates one days pay for every time the Union strikes, yet strikers have said throughout the many strikes they’ve had recently, they’ve received NOTHING in strike pay!!! They’re the RMTs useful idiots..

@RMTunion @Mark_J_Harper Mick Lynch is a hero fighting for every worker. #legend #supportthestrikes.

@bbcquestiontime Mick Lynch is just leading a Coalition of unions to bring down the government.

Only 2 people, through the power of their conviction, are prepared to answer all and any questions from the hostile right wing main stream media. If Kier Starmer had similar conviction as Nicola Sturgeon or Mick Lynch, then this corrupt Tory UK Government would be long gone..

Mick Lynch. Clear and concise again. Shows the government up for what it is. Kick out the leeching shareholders, renationalise, and pay people fairly..

TV is switched on. Waiting now for Kay Burley, Susanna Reid Richard Madeley, to rip the Union Leaders of our Nurses to bits, in the way they have with Mick Lynch. Going to be interesting.

@DrJoGrady Nothing to do with pay and or conditions and all to do with trying to bring the government down. Mick Lynch in a dress,.

@CWUnews @RMTunion This guy? Posing with Russian invaders in Ukraine? Wow! Even Mick Lynch has called him out for being stupid..

Mick Lynch Photo,Mick Lynch Photo by Kenny Burns’ Left Ball,Kenny Burns’ Left Ball on twitter tweets Mick Lynch Photo

@AndyBurnhamGM @JohnnyR1Red That’s due to one man - Mr Mick Lynch getting the truth across and showing up the so called journalists for what they are. A shame the Labour Party are not doing the same..

@SaimaMohsin @RMTunion Yet again, Mick Lynch nails the point. The government could settle the rail dispute right away. The money is there. But they prefer to spend the same money prolonging the rail dispute in order to engage in traditional Tory union-bashing..

@Or1ginalSandman @RMTunion Mick Lynch represents 80,000 members so at around £, given his real salary is £84,000 each he presents excellent value for money..

But , but…the strikers are bad. Mick Lynch saying what isn’t said by anyone in government once again. A corrupt cabal of public money thief’s..

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