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Back to the future. Mike Russell - who preceded Peter Murrell as SNP chief executive - is taking temporary charge of party HQ on a voluntary basis He is currently SNP president.

The old guard has gone so that there is a clean start with, er, Mike Russell @Feorlean. Desperate stuff from @LesleyRiddoch.

Acting SNP CEO Mike Russell tells @mmgeissler he (party president) didn’t know membership numbers. The candidates to be next leader say they didn’t know. The allegation is a clique (of mostly unelected officials) at the top of SNP & ScotGov ran too much on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Here’s what Mike Russell, the new interim chief executive of the SNP, has previously said about the NHS. Spare a thought for @ScottishLabour, who will have to pretend not to be over the moon about this appointment..

Mike Russell Photo,Mike Russell Photo by Stephen Daisley,Stephen Daisley on twitter tweets Mike Russell Photo

Mike Russell, President of the SNP, had no idea the party over which he presides had lost 43% of its members in 3 years. Aye OK then. Seems a stretch to believe he’s telling the truth, but if he is - what on earth has he been doing?! #SNPCivilWar.

Mike Russell has the gall to complain about social media commentary on what’s happening? FFS read the room man! A lot of us are gut-sick of the evasion, faux outrage and general fuddery. Fess up or fuck off!.

A welcome candour from Mike Russell about the mess the SNP leadership election is in..

SNP claiming a determination to change/modernise its culture while putting *Mike Russell* in charge of everything..

#CowboysNation A history of our 5th round picks 14: Devin Street WR 15: Ryan Russell DE 18: Mike White QB 19: Michael Jackson DB 19: Joe Jackson DE 20: Bradlee Anae DE 21: Simi Fehoko WR 22: Matt Waletzko OL 22: DaRon Bland DB 22: Damone Clark LB 22: John Ridgeway DT.

Good interview with Mike Russell. We simply cannot just say nothing to see here and move on. Mistakes WERE made by HQ and we NEED a new Leader who WILL CHANGE THINGS!.

@RobDunsmore @NoBudro Not the media, but there was Tories telling Mike Russell to stand down 45 minutes after becoming interim CEO.

#bbcsundayshow what a top politician Mike Russell is. Pity he isn’t available to lead the party on an even an interim basis. All of those supporting this or that candidate should have adopted his position. Honesty and integrity personified..

@damian_thirsty In fairness to Mike Russell, um. No, sorry I haven’t got anything #SNPMeltdown.

Mike Russell must be the most slapdash, disinterested and hands-off party president ever, say the @ScotTories @CraigWHoy1.

New independent company of administrators appointed to oversea first minister selection process according to new acting president Mike Russell.

Mike Russell Photo,Mike Russell Photo by Old Grumpy Jim 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧,Old Grumpy Jim 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 on twitter tweets Mike Russell Photo

@IndyOverParty If Mike Russell says the election process doesn’t need paused … then it absolutely needs paused @AshReganSNP.

Martin Geissler asked Mike Russell if the SNP misled Scots on the membership numbers,what else have they misled us on..

Mike Russell this morning. Articulate non gutter political gaming. He dealt with the attempts of a clear premeditated gutter journalism by Martin clutching at unionists straws with professionalism, decisiveness & respect. #SNPLeadership need to stop mud throwing belittling SNP.

@Chrissiem18 Indeed. And Mike Russell was using that to isolate Ash as a conspiracy theorists on the BBC show..

Mike Russell said he had no idea why journalists were misled over SNP membership numbers..

I resigned SNP bcos of GRR , Mike Russell blocked me on here bcos I challenged the damage it was doing to the party back in 2019.

The SNP is in a tremendous mess following a row over membership numbers, Mike Russell has admitted..

@ScotNational And so he should All of this happen right under the nose Mike Dour-Faced Russell.

@BBCScotlandNews All happened under his nose Mike Russell is a loathsome, lying toad and his faux humility now is just another lie.

@Astraia18 @ginadavidsonlbc How do you know this when Mike Russell ( Acting Chief Exec) says they only get numbers yearly..

@GitGrumpygit The SNP leadership is still entrenched in its old habits - and hamstrung by the old guard. They have long since run out of ideas. Trying to hang on to denial, deceit, division and hatred is what they know best and who better to continue that program than Mike Russell..

SNP President Mike Russell says the tremendous mess must go ahead regardless ....

@tractorgirly Yes TG it’s all coming out now like an overstuffed teddy bursting at the seems. Mike Russell knows nothing, he must have been under the influence for years. Whose kidding who. Trying to airbrush a bit. We in Scotland knew they were rotten for years. Could they not smell it..

🏴‍☠️ SNP president and interim chief executive Mike Russell says the leadership vote must go ahead regardless of party problems..

@jamesdev15 Mike Russell has a long documented history of lying and sharing mistruths. To him it’s as easy as breathing. He’s all in with the previous regime - really telling how desperate they are to install Humza and cling onto power..

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