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Right wingers gloating about @KwasiKwarteng budget. But this mindless tax cutting bonanza only really helps the wealthy #minibudget2022.

Five key takeaways from the #minibudget2022 🧵- Key point 1: £45 billion of tax cuts were announced today – going far beyond election promises to cancel corporation tax increases and reverse this year’s National Insurance rise..

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Fingers crossed they’ll be gone in less than a year #minibudget2022.

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Trickle down down down economics #MiniBudget #minibudget2022.

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The Tories know their time is over so they’ve bet everything on one last spin of the roulette wheel. #NothingLeftToLoose #MiniBudget2022.

My take on the #minibudget2022? Imagine a gangrenous leg in desperate need of medical attention. Instead of chopping the thing off, you piss on in it before covering it with a plaster..

🏴‍☠️ From scrapping the cap on bonuses to slashing red tape, the chancellor unveils a raft of policies he says will boost economic growth Banks will be among the biggest beneficiaries of Kwasi Kwarteng’s… #Minibudget2022 #Banksandbuildingsocieties.

The govt will borrow £250b to give to the energy companies ,their donors and the amount of good they could have done with that money, yet they decide to spunk it over their pals ..Sickening #minibudget2022.

Chuck a few crumbs to the lower middle & working classes - money off beer. That’ll keep ‘em happy. #minibudget2022 #KwasiKwartengmustgo.

Can journalists please stop using the term Trussonomics and just call it what is: corruption. #minibudget2022.

Mini Budget September 2022 announced by Kwasi Kwarteng. Highlights and key takeaway points you need to know. Read more on the news section of our website #MiniBudget2022.

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Trickle down economics never works 🙃 it’s just tories being tories and prioritising the few over the many 😤 #minibudget2022.

@D_Blanchflower It seems that the the last vestiges of the post WW2 consensus where hopeful decent visionary people tried to build a better world after seeing two bitter world wars has passed away with our wonderful Queen - what a lamentable fortnight the UK has suffered :(🇬🇧😢 #minibudget2022.

The Pound has just dropped below v the Dollar for the first time since 1985. Strap yourselves in and watch Children of Men for inspiration and tips to survive the soon-to-be dark days. #minibudget2022.

Speaking as a “Consumer” it’s clear they’re not on my side!!! #minibudget2022.

I refuse to be cowed by truss governments rich man poor man divide I refuse to accept vilification by them of those in receipt of universal credit we are a nation that stood together through covid & stand together now against a government that would divide us #minibudget2022.

Well that’s a rich persons mini budget isn’t it? #minibudget2022 #KwasiKwarteng gutting the poor even further and rewarding the most affluent in the country.

Personal Observation: Reality: Markets are going off the roof, interests rise, #minibudget2022 destroys the hopes of many, Russia announces swift referendum calls, geopolitics, racism, extremism, shit human behaviour continues as normal. Britain: 🥱🥱🥱💤💤💤.

So yet again the rich get richer and the poor get fucked!!! Thanks #KwasiKwarteng #minibudget2022.

@GregHands A less than great performance by the pound #MiniBudget #MiniBudget2022.

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3/x In the context of rising inflation and rising interest rates, cutting stamp duty to stoke house prices even further has a ride-it-until-the-wheels-fall-off quality to it #minibudget2022.

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Although not strictly a ‘Budget’, today’s statement by the new Chancellor of the Exchequer on his “growth plan” contained a raft of significant tax measures. Read our summary of the Mini-Budget 2022 here. #MooreKingstonSmith #MiniBudget2022.

An extra £411 billion in borrowing! £411 billion! For context Conservatives we’re bleating last election about Labour’s £176bn nationalisation “binge”. Now they’re borrowing £411 billion to give some hedge fund wonk a handout to piss away on coke and yachts. #minibudget2022.

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What will the SNP do now, poor things. 19p tax #minibudget2022.


@Councillorsuzie @mrjamesob Hmmm. And US treasury experts are president ting the £ could fall below parity with the $ - making fuel EVEN more expensive. #minibudget2022 a good one? No one else thinks so..

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The #minibudget2022 is a Shock and Awe Tactic used by Disaster Capitalists since the 70s The Tories want to send us all into a Deep Paralysis of Fear Know this: we are NOT Powerless We CAN Fight Back They are the ones in a Panic They know that their days are numbered.

Happy Friday – today’s mini budget from Kwasi Kwarteng is the biggest tax cutting bonanza since 1972. So what are the major headlines? Read all about it in our latest blog - #budget #minibudget2022.

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Changes to Universal Credit work requirements will be introduced by the Government, and benefits may be reduced if people do not fulfil commitments on finding work – this could affect around 120,000 people #minibudget2022 #UniversalCredit.

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng also announced a 1p cut to the basic rate of income tax one year earlier than was planned, in 2023 - this could mean 31 million people would be better off by an average of £170 per year #minibudget2022 #incometax.

The Government is in discussion with 38 local and mayoral combined authorities in England to set up Investment Zones #minibudget2022 #investmentzones.

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