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Activision has now officially released the #ModernWarfare Season 2 Trailer! Season 2 begins February 11. Info:

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DeVBeLL_oT ()

CDL playlist in right direction. Now lets get ELO system so there is incentive to stay in the game. #ModernWarfare

Chris ()

Is #BattleRoyale finally going to be released for #ModernWarfare due to this 68GB patch? I surely hope so.

CombatDaddy ✏️🎨🖌️ COMMISSIONS OPEN ()

At 88% on my #ModernWarfare update but when trying to look around in local multiplayer it gives me an error saying my data is corrupt or unusable. Anyone else on #xbox get this error?

ゼロレイ ()

ISSAさん赤ジャージで戦争はまずいですよ! #ModernWarfare #MW

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Brian ()

The @InfinityWard reasoning for the large #ModernWarfare update makes sense. But again, horribly communicated by the team. It’s not like you figured out last minute the update would be over 50GB.

Code: k9-xalty ()

Also so n Battle Royal in #ModernWarfare würd ich schon anzocken haha aber wehe da kommen 70gb Updates xD

Game Enthusiast News ()

Sure looks like a Battle Royale in the #ModernWarfare #BattleRoyale

Richard ()

#ModernWarfare should let you choose what to install. I cleared the story, wont play that again, i despise the spec ops wont touch that, i dont play groundwar (well i cant play it in split screen or i would) like give me anything to trim this file down plz.

Stzcks ()

i was gassed to play new #ModernWarfare season 55gb update finished game: you are one or more multiplayer DLC packs wtfffff

Jon 🎮 ()

My PlayStation won’t be able to handle this. #ModernWarfare

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TheLivingFlame ()

If you haven’t Already please do check out my newest Instagram page it’ll be based Call of duty Modernwarfare information/Leaks and also Gaming Clips [email protected] @Streamerpromot1

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Antony Howard ()

Season Rewards #ModernWarfare #PS4share

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Qurach ()

あれ?俺のアップデートファイル40GBだぞ? 51GBの人いるね🤔#ModernWarfare #MW

Subzero(ZERO) ()

CODMWさん 最新パッチ容量がゲーム一本分 50GB #modernwarfare #PS4share

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سويت بث مباشر اجرب السيزون2 #كود16 #ModernWarfare

Ov3R ()

i dont really feel like getting the worth to grind for beside the mk2 and kar skin. what do you guys think about it? #modernwarfare

Louis ()

stream is live! checking out #ModernWarfare Season 2 🤪

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WheresWagner ()

Is anyone expecting the Classified mode on the #ModernWarfare update to be anything other than the Battle Royale mode?

JEMs ()

@Activision Another 51 gig #modernwarfare update? How about you pay 10% of my #comcast bill and send everyone an external hardrive.

🦅 ()

#ModernWarfare update on XB1X clocking in at GB, taken over two hours to DL on Cox Gigablast bc of network demand. This is insane. Are 4K textures REALLY this big?

Colt Hunter ©️ ()

Take a look at the New Akimbo Attachment in #ModernWarfare, its been brought back for #MWSeasonTwo!

Satan’s Kid ()

@CallofDuty #ModernWarfare is this update the BR? If not im deleting the fucking game lmaooo shit is already 146 GBs

Zeo (Joe) ()

#hottake if the #ModernWarfare update was 69gb instead of 68gb people would be atleast enjoying make better memes of it while they wait for the download

Call of Duty News ()

The #ModernWarfare Season 2 Battle Pass Trailer. Get the quick info on the new Battle Pass now:

Call of Duty News ()

Activision has now officially released the #ModernWarfare Season 2 Trailer! Season 2 begins February 11. Info:

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