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🙌 CANNOT WAIT! 🙌 #MOTD is on at 22:20 BST on @BBCiPlayer and @BBCOne. #BBCFootball.

Ffs MOTD showing me we could have at least 7 if Harold had been on the end of some of these Kulu passes/crosses.

very disappointing (although not unexpected) that no mention of partey and arsenal handling of rape allegations on MOTD tonight. despite this being paid for by arsenal fans and flown over stadium. pundits have power and they need to be using it. #KickRapistsOffThePitch #ParteyOut.

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Thought they was gonna rip a new arsehole (for the second time today) on MOTD. Cheers Ian Wright, always liked you.

MOTD thoughts 🧵 ⚪️ Fulham vs Liverpool 🔴 🔹️Exceedingly good pressing from Fulham. Hunted in packs and looked very organised. 🔹️Mitro a handful and a bully. Will be a good asset. 🔹️I liked what I saw from Andreas. Will make a mockery of his price. 🔹️I liked Kebano.

Cant wait till Arsenal is the last club shown in the MOTD intro.

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Don’t really care that Forest lost - facts are we’re third on MOTD. What a time to be alive..

Do you think Nottingham Forest will stay up this season? #MOTD.

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Results proper sank in like, can’t bring myself to watch MOTD til tomorrow 😂 Just wish Gray, Gordon & McNeil picked the right option when we had our chances because we actually played well considering we don’t have a striker.

I was all ready to break my MOTD hiatus tonight but no, no, no, I am not going to watch Lineker dissect how it probably wasn’t a penalty but congrats to mitrovic for working hard for it anyway!.

Was looking forward to watching MOTD The @BBCMOTD can stick it up there As usual..

@IanWright0 saying on #MOTD that he wants #NFFC to get it right because he wants Forest in the premier league🔴⚪️ what a guy👏🥰.

Didn’t see the game on TV today because I was there but just watched MOTD. The fact the the linesman failed to prevent a season ending injury and that the only goal came from a free kick that wasn’t seem to pass them by. Just another season supporting Everton. Fuck the media COYB.

One hour until Match of the Day with @alanshearer and @IanWright0. No better duo! #NUFC #MOTD.

Sneaked out of hospital again for a burger king and to watch Chelsea with a few (1 if my mum asks) pints. Feel nackered, hopefully awake for MOTD.

So, managed to avoid the result all day and just watched it on MOTD. Howay the fucking lads! Looked a great performance and could’ve been many more. Thought Joelinton looked immense #NUFC ⚫️⚪️.

Sunday mornings horizontal on the sofa watching @BBCMOTD is a feeling I’ve missed 😁 #motd.

Oh hell, do I put myself through @GaryLineker on MOTD tonight? Might have to. Wish me luck #MOTD.

Cheers Steve, no MOTD for me feels like the last time I watched it Jimmy Hill was presenting it ffs #avfc.

Very tempted to watch MOTD tonight! I don’t think I’ve actually watched it for about 5 years 😅.

Someone is going to have to tell Jesse that while saying ‘I’m pissed with him’ is acceptable in America for American audiences it probably ain’t acceptable for #motd or British press conferences - was broadcast loud and clear on Radio Leeds - made me laugh #culturaldifferences.

Great start, great atmosphere, great goals, everything’s great really 🙂 - good to look forward to MotD too #NUFC.

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I try watching this shit. But then Gary comes on and I want to strangle my cat…..for those snowflakes out there I haven’t got a cat btw. 😩😩😩😩😩 #MOTD.

Thank goodness #motd is back. Few things in life can make the weekend so much better..

I’m sure there used to be a rule that you couldn’t publish a league table until after 6 games, it’s absolutely meaningless in the first few weeks #MOTD.

MOTD only showing 2 players touches before the Saka goal (own goal) when we literally played it from our box 🙃.

@bazza080808 Mines great!! Music on and some whiskey and the Toon looked great on MOTD happy days!! Stopped watching that show a long while back but now 🚀🚀.

Love Ian Wright saying, “it takes a real man to wear pink.” on #MOTD Hope that Gammon Alan Sugar was watching … F*cking melt..

@1875_97 The only time the analysis on MOTD is worth watching is when they two are on. Legends 👍🏻.

@alanshearer bursting Into abit of Amy Winehouse on #MOTD best thing after the #nufc performance 🤣.

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