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Quest was broken so we had Guardian Prom. #MOTD @A_dmg04 ? Ill Await my emblem.

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Nocturnal ()

@ForeverDexus Ok but regardless it’s not the only reason ppl hate BOTD. There’s unnecessary locations that you never go or return to (such as spawn) and they removed the plane PAP and replaced it with something much worse. There’s no it’s just a shell of MOTD

Nocturnal ()

@ForeverDexus You also in the most respectful way possible, said Origins, MOTD and Der Eisandrache bad maps?🥴

Chris Harvey ()

@simmo_motd @LPP2014 My wife and daughter have had the same symptoms. Still lingering now for all 3 of us.

Meeracle Official ()

Show us your #MOTD #OOTD ! And you guys pakai theme color apa this year? 😊

Linux Message of Day ()

A programming language is low level when its programs require attention to the irrelevant. #Linux

Nocturnal ()

@CantCoolTheBool My bad I’m retarted I mis-used that word. MOTD was in a weird way the first Primis Kap I meant to say

Nocturnal ()

@CantCoolTheBool MOTD is still connected with the Aether and Primis head back there to gain blood vials in between ZNS and Gorod to protect themselves. Also Nikolai knows of Weasel from that map and there are traces of MOTD in Revelations

Ainnn ()

Tak beli baju raya pun tahun ni~ just masak rendang dengan bake kuih raya je. So takde motd, aku keluar pakai hoodie je 😅

Nocturnal ()

@CantCoolTheBool The Victis story was meh. MOTD’s and Origins stories were wildly popular though

Gary H ()

One of the best things on TV during these awful with Lineker, Shearer and many a smile to the face. Well done #MOTDTop10 💥

Fatindaeyo ()

Korang sabar jap i nak mandi nak sesiap. Tak keluar rumah pun takpe janji ada ootd motd 😭👌🏻

Mitch [❄️XBlizzard22❄️] ()

@CoDZOfficial Behind all maps being overrated, there’s always some truths behind it. I think MOTD, Origins, and DE are all very overrated - along with Kino.

Nocturnal ()

@CantCoolTheBool Moon is one my fav maps actually! But yeah MOTD kinda saved Zombies so that map is sacred. And nah bro, Zombies had to evolve. Look where Zeilinksi was taking it with Tranzit & Die Rise. Blundell came in and led MOTD/Origins which your right. Kinda where a reboot (hence Primis)

Nocturnal ()

@CantCoolTheBool Ghosts campaign WAS GOOD! And yes it’s not Origins or MOTD because it’s Der Eisandrache🥴🤣

Gareth McKibbin ()

Ffs if you had asked me about greatest FA Cup moments, that Gerrard goal wouldn’t have even been in the Liverpool Top 10, never mind top choice of all time #MOTD

Linda vyas ()

@GaryLineker Always a great MOTD!.....Please can we have some recognition of Leicester know you can 🤔

Gooner Briody ()

Just watched @TheRealAC3 on MOTD, absolute baller! No matter what you say about the way his departure went down, unreal for us and showed ambition to make the jump to Chelsea. The trophies speak for themselves!

Linux Message of Day ()

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works. #Linux

Pompey 257 ()

@GaryLineker I dont watch motd now because of you lineker hate your left wing hate not football either !!

Simmo ()

@LPP2014 I’ve had exactly the same cough for 8 weeks, friends had it too. Never had any covid symptoms but all just seems very coincidental and it’s the weirdest cough ever. Leaves me unable to speak for a few seconds afterwards.

Malachi ()

GK is definitely the best zombies map ever. 100% not DE, MOTD, Origins, or Ancient Evil

Fi McCarthy ()

Abide with FA cup enjoyed watching MOTD tonight with Ashley Remembering the Cup final against Liverpool

Paul D ()

seen a lot of Tony Adams on #motd just reminds me of this brilliance.

The View From Belfast 🇬🇧 ()

Have enjoyed Match Of The Day’s Top 10s over the last few weeks. Can’t believe Alan Sunderlan’d goal for the Gooners in 1979 against my team - United. As a kid I was so gutted as we had scored 2 late goals thru McQueen and NI’s Sammy McIlroy to even things up but #motd

Tom Clifford ()

Absolutely loved every minute of that, could listen to @TheRealAC3 all day 💙💙 he speaks so well, the greatest left back in premier league history, was an absolute privilege to have him at our football club, not many had CR7 in their back pocket but Ash was certainly one #MOTD

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Graham Hendry ()

Watching MOTD and the magnificent Gerrard strutting his stuff. It reminded me of a bloke tweeting me to say he was a loser because he only won 8 of 92 possible trophies in his football career. Hilarious 😂😂😂

💙 Allison Jane Smith 💙 ()

Can’t believe we might be watching an hour or so of silent football in a month #motd Gonna be so weird!!

ℰliteTTfєdє 🇲🇽 l Aspen Relic ()

@StrickenSparda MOTD fue mi mapa favorito, pero origins simplemente nunca me enganchó. El lodo fue lo que más odié y el crear los bastones.

BBC Bitesize ()

Today on MOTD* @JesseLingard teaches you how to work out the area of a football pitch ⚽️ *Maths of the Day 😂@BBCMOTD

Gothalion ()

Quest was broken so we had Guardian Prom. #MOTD @A_dmg04 ? Ill Await my emblem.

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