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Transfer news LIVE: Motherwell in talks to bring Gboly Ariyibi back to Fir Park.

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@The_Tman10 Did you ask the same question of Motherwell recently, when they announced the deal?.

First it was James Scott that sent them into a meltdown now it’s David Mon the Motherwell Young Team!!.

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@BazBowsk1 It be cool baz if we put a 4 million quid bid in to bring motherwell wunder kid fir motherwell to the rangers hes goal scoring machine and well help us win the scottish premier league ..

@BeansAndPitta Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibernian Hearts Kilmarnock Motherwell St Johnstone St Mirren Livingston Hamilton Ross County.

@Garymckenzie7 Just what’s doin the rounds mate also heard offered 6k a week probs be 10 times what he was on at motherwell..

@AJThoms214 6k? He should jump on that, He’s on about 800 quid a week at Motherwell 😂🙈 If he comes does well and scores goals he gets a new improved deal simple as that..

@scottmcpherson1 @GiesYerJayket I would have kept it in house, maybe trying to put pressure on the agent and the player myself, Motherwell will be raging as Well.

@TheMireCSC2002 If it’s true, he obviously doesn’t give a fuck about Motherwell who gave him his chance, and are on record saying what his transfer fee means to them as a club going forward. I only hope it’s not true and it’s his agent and not the kid himself being greedy!!! 🍀🍀🍀.

No. They had a bid accepted for their player and stated so. Motherwell have done nothing wrong here. The negotiations should have been kept quiet and private. That’s just my opinion 😐.

@The_Tman10 Usually it would be but Motherwell leaked the news before a deal had been agreed with the player so the club really had no choice.

@banterisgood No because we allowed Motherwell to go public rather than insist on confidentiality and lead to the current very public airing of what should be in house business..

@ScoGroundHopper Andy off course you’re entitled to your opinion but I personally think your opinion is shite . Celtic offered £3 million to Motherwell for this kid , they were over the moon with Celtic’s offer. Do you have any facts to back up your opinion cause I’d be happy to hear them ..

@1888JT @CelticFC Because motherwell made a statement pre-empting a deal and the also know how this is going to be portrayed in the media.

@CelticGossip I’d say lunchtime on Monday either he goes for it or the deal is off the table. Motherwell might get less than the current offer and the guy will regret it on long run. End up at like Stevie May or Ryan Gauld.

Wow. I’ve just looked in on here and Celtic are taking a kicking? What for? They’ve made an offer they think a 19 yr old lad with a season of good football is worth, his agent has said no and gone to the press. Motherwell told the world a fee was agreed, not Celtic. I’m confused..

@DavieboyRice Motherwell top players around 1k my guess Turn on 600. Pure guess from me mate..

Think Motherwell have played a very clever game here to maximise the transfer fee.

@StevieD_9 @The_Tman10 It was Motherwell that blabbed it first, Celtic had to play catch-up. Should’ve aw been kept in house til the deal was done or def no happening..

David Turnbull’s Celtic transfer could be OFF as agents hawk Motherwell star round England.

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@keithcondie Your entitled to your opinion but surely Motherwell leaking fee agreed is more unprofessional and don’t tell me your club now don’t want to cash in on him as he’s being hawked around the EFL.

@CelticFC Tell Motherwell they have 24hrs or get £1/2m less and he gets £1k less per week, same happens every 24hrs.

@Bhoy1888Celtic1 @ScoGroundHopper I think Motherwell and Turnbull knew exactly what they were doing .Well announce the record breaking bid has been accepted ,Turnball stalls on personal terms,cue the auction for both transfer bid and player wages,everyone’s a Celtic.

I can’t fucking believe with the holes in our squad and the major investment needed . Our summer signing saga is over a 19 year old Motherwell no mark that plays in a position we have plenty of cover in..

Transfer news LIVE: Motherwell in talks to bring Gboly Ariyibi back to Fir Park.

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