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Being talked a bit today but you can be Mr Blobby for no less than £12,100 on Ebay at the time this was taken! 😳.

Mr Blobby Photo,Mr Blobby Photo by Russty_Russ #Retro,Russty_Russ #Retro on twitter tweets Mr Blobby Photo

My mentions are going nuts because Mr Blobby is trending (thank you). So all the videos I do are here if you want some Blobby action:.

I regret to inform you that Kim Kardashian is now bidding on the Mr Blobby outfit..

Love that the Mr. Blobby costume prohibits use for hiring out, lending, public exhibition or any performances. But the current bid is £8,100 for someone who solely wants to use it in the confines of their own home..

The original Mr Blobby costume from the 90s is up for auction online and the bid is currently £8,000! Which piece of 90s history would you like to own?.

Mr Blobby Photo,Mr Blobby Photo by Absolute Radio 90s,Absolute Radio 90s on twitter tweets Mr Blobby Photo

@strongmisgiving paint edinburgh castle mr blobby colours. replace the 1 o’clock gun with a deafening cry of “blobby blobby blobby”. turn vast swathes of the city into woodland or ponds so it looks like mr blobby’s face when viewed from above. these are electoral dealbreakers @NicolaSturgeon.


If I had a Mr. Blobby costume, I swear I would become the most insufferable annoying cunt possible..

I want more Americans to know that one of our national treasures is a giant pink cunt called Mr Blobby who just screams and destroys shit..

Feel party responsible for Mr Blobby trending at the moment!.

Lmao. You think Mr Blobby is a costume. Oh you sweet summer child..

Explaining Mr Blobby to people who never heard of him before is my favourite pastime.

People are talking about that Mr. Blobby suit on eBay. Well guess what? I HAD A SELFIE WITH IT 4yrs AGO :VVVVVV.

Mr Blobby Photo,Mr Blobby Photo by Zenon 💀🎺~dootdoot,Zenon 💀🎺~dootdoot on twitter tweets Mr Blobby Photo

People have spotted him in the background of my @manyvids stuff for ages, it became like a game for the regulars 😂 Enjoy this free video with all you need to know about Mr Blobby!.

Someone has committed to paying 8 grand for the original Mr Blobby costume & there’s still almost 6 days left to bid. The horror..

@MrPostsGood Mr Blobby bursts through the wall and sits on Tate till he suffocates him..

Who wants to go halves with me on this actual, original Mr. Blobby costume? @xenogothic?.


Your husband: working hard My husband: looking up mr blobby on eBay.

Mr Blobby is 10 grand now, well out of our price range sadly :-( - I hope he goes to a good home #eBay via @eBay_UK.

Imagine my fear as a British millenial seeing Mr Blobby trending for literally ANY reason.

Please can someone help me organise a poetry night where it’s a standard poetry night except Mr Blobby is silently sitting onstage and it’s not clear what he wants.

If we all pool our pennies maybe we can own Mr Blobby in 5 days time….

Mr Blobby Photo,Mr Blobby Photo by Peter Hearn,Peter Hearn on twitter tweets Mr Blobby Photo

BREAKING: @KimKardashian has bought Mr Blobby’s original costume from the 1990’s.

Mr Blobby Photo,Mr Blobby Photo by Craig 💙,Craig 💙 on twitter tweets Mr Blobby Photo

Wondering if I can get a loan for a few grand to buy the Mr Blobby costume on ebay and just finally go over that cliff edge into full crazy.

@valleyguitarist Interesting. I always said Princess Ann. But maybe now Princess Ann dressed as Mr Blobby. Takes no shit and Blobbies her way through the rest of the Royalty. Wonder if anyone ever picked Rod Hull and Emu? Hmm.

Me when i buy the Mr Blobby costume off ebay and burn it so we may finally be at peace..

Right, so insanely, I’ve had this video scheduled for @manyvids for a few weeks. And in that time, Mr Blobby blew UP! So, here’s a totally free video, where I tell you a little bit more about the man himself. Link in comments below👇 #Blobby.

Mr Blobby Photo,Mr Blobby Photo by Zara Lee xox,Zara Lee xox on twitter tweets Mr Blobby Photo

@Cressup What happened for you to end up in a situation that found you looking at an eight grand Mr Blobby costume on eBay?.

Exhibit 1,048,576 of Interest Rates Are Too Low Mr Blobby Costume trading at £8,200.

I see Mr Blobby is trending….time to be reminded of this little piece of genius 😂.

@jasonkneen @ArdmeatJohnson He’s clearly watching the show, so….is he knocking one’s out to Noel or Mr Blobby?.

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