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Totally slipped my mind that this year’s Best Actor and Best Actress winners both starred in a Mummy movie together..

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Wearing my new designer “Miss Rizzini” necklace on tv coffee “in bed” , a plastic ring and a card with no apostrophes. I’m one happy mummy .. #HappyMothersDay to you all ❤️ 🌹.

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Mother of kano state gubernatorial candidate is praying for all the kano people and asked everyone to keep calm and stay away from violence while mummy chinedu is bitterly instigating hatred among lagosians. We clearly saw the difference..

The Man Whom you respected in Ibadan decide to pick his boy ahead of the person seyi choose supported same man against HE, after he wins come out to the public and say seyi threw them under the buss hah eniyan once again Mummy Alhaja Mutiat Olorun ko ni do ju Tiyin 🙏🙏😭😭.

@deanocity3 Thank you uncle Dean for helping us get mummy her card 🐾🐾🐕🐈‍⬛.

I have send this girl over 700k just for her to come over but Amaka say her mummy told her to pound yam.

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@kadotanimitsuru 賞金出ないけど、既存の曲のPVつけてみたとかマッシュアップとかボカロ描いてみたとか、いわゆる「それ以外」を投稿できる部門がほしいですね 賞とかいらんので一覧には載りたい つまり絵描きも手伝いじゃなく「参加者」として参加したいのです…….

baitik podam ani mummy tailor daggarki teeskochindi enti 😭.

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@AgbajeTai Kids can even learn multiple languages simultaneously. Abdulrahman wa n bi, come over here. So ri pe oo serious, you are not serious atall, pe mummy e funmi Just mix. Very easy. But what you find in some home is that they ban speaking of their language😊 Eebo yi nikan ni shaa.

Entah lah kejapnya masa berlalu. Anak pun dah 4tahun 🥺 Mummy pun makin tua nak 🥺.

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@cannon_fodderr meri toh mummy ne boht daanta bhen ko🙏😭 lekin usko ghnta ni frk pda😭.

Ten years down the line and i can only thank God for bringing her into our lives. I pray I can do so much for her and more. Happy mothers day to you mummy..

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Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate well with your mummy 💜 #MothersDay #MothersDay2023.

MUMMY - NEW - DARK - PINK - ROSE - FLOWER - PLANT - 15TH MARCH 2023 - via @YouTube.

@TajinderBagga Tu kise bayiye da put aa bhapeya kise sikh da nai apni mummy nu push ja k , moot peeneya.

Happy mummy’s day, my beautiful mum battling Alzheimer’s, she’s always been such a loving supportive mum to me❤️❤️❤️.

@Robert____Jones The ancient egyptians came from Sumer and the Levant. They are the same people that populated Europe and whom we descend from. The earliest Egyptian mummy found was nicknamed Ginger because of his natural red hair.

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おっちゃんなんで寝てんの? 病気?僕も頭がズキズキするんだ 風邪ひいたのかなぁ.

@KarenB1075 Happy Mother’s Day dog mummy xxx sending hugs and bonio on this special day xx ❤️❤️.

@preetisharmaad Kab plane se Vo utarta hasta hua dikhega. please madad keejiye Mummy kah rahi hai mujhe Ravi se mila deejiy 🙏 Aapne hope dikhayi Kindly bless him TRUE Justice and free from traval ban 🙏.

⁦@BBGRichie⁩ This was the song I tried to send through the ether to you. It reminds me of my mummy and my children..

Send plenty monetary gifts and presents to your mummy!!! We saw the stunt you pulled on Valentine’s Day just for a lady who’s not even your girlfriend Don’t be a bastard #ShowSomeLovetoMum.

“All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” Happy Heavenly Mothers Day Mummy and Granny 💗 I miss you both everyday but I was so lucky to have two amazing women in my life, who taught me so much. I hope to continue your legacy on. Love you always 💗.

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@Marylaw59112593 Happy Mummy’s day to you too Mary 💖have a lovely day x.

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My ★★½ review of The Mummy Returns (2001) on @letterboxd:.

Proud mummy moment - Cerys’s first solo performance in any music festival and she was awarded 3rd place for singing “She Used To Be Mine” from Waitress, and “Almost There” from The Princess and The Frog 😊😊😊.

Mujhe lagta hai mummy ne pregnancy ki time yeh kitab padhi thi isliye mein itna besharam nikla.

I have 5 spaces available @ 70% off Hurry they will go Fast. Cum check out this Yummy Mummy on Mother’s Day 😘💐.

@mawnansmith Thank you very much Graham and a happy Mother’s Day to your heavenly mummy ❤️xx.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom to ever do it. Love you forever mummy. Miss you so much. 🕊️🕊️🕊️.

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