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‘I do feel proud of mum’ Aw, shout out to all the mums out there! 😘🤗 #MothersDay #MummyDiaries @BillieFaiers

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Orlaith mclaughlin ☮ ()

😂😂😂 oh my god. I love the Shepard kids!! Absolute legends 🤣 #MummyDiaries

Lucy Fairhurst ()

If my child is not like Arthur I will be so sad he’s the funniest little boy ever hahahaha #MummyDiaries @BillieFaiers

El✨💕 ()

Why does Sam have to be sooo OTT about everything? Just sent Paul to school and be done with it ffs #MummyDiaries

Kate Entwistle ()

I enjoy watching #MummyDiaries but the mummy’s are professionals. Don’t act stupid when it ’s annoying.

K ღ ()

Too busy getting photo shoots for the kids they forget to enroll him in school? Not buying it! Creepy Paul’s just looking for a reason to keep the kid at home! #MummyDiaries

Niall° ()

the house is horrid but knowing billie it’ll look stunningly insane by the end of it 😍 #MummyDiaries

RachelA 🥂 ()

With everyone in quarantine and trying to wing this home schooling and realising how stressful and difficult it is, I don’t know why Sam and Paul think it’s going to be better than school for little Paul 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ #MummyDiaries

Kate Entwistle ()

Really? What a show ...you don’t miss a photo shoot for the kid but are clueless about his education? #MummyDiaries

Claire 🌹 ()

How is Sam so clueless? Bury your head in the sand ...🤦🏻‍♀️ then little Paul will have to be homeschooled 🙄#mummydiaries

Sara ()

Billie has had to go through the school admissions process. Why on Earth has Sam not asked her about it? #MummyDiaries

Sara ()

Church of England school? When was the last time Sam and Paul went to church? #MummyDiaries

T v r ()

What ever is going on in the world , at least we know that sam and paul are still fucking boring #MummyDiaries

Sara ()

Greg and Billie are so down to Earth. How has Sam got so far above her station? #MummyDiaries

Dawn Anders ()

Awww love Arthur 🥰 “stop it mummy!” “Daddy’s nice” too cute! #MummyDiaries @BillieFaiers

Siobhan butler ()

I had to have home tutoring a I had to have time off and I hated it I was at home I just didn’t care. Kids need social interaction #MummyDiaries

Becky Cox ()

Needed that laugh Arthur and nelly are Absolute legends @BillieFaiers #MummyDiaries

B 🐝 ()

Arthur is literally the cutest and most hilarious little boy, ever 😂 Defo making this quarantining a lot more entertaining hahahaa @BillieFaiers #MummyDiaries #noonie

Lauren lou ()

Arthur going round the shop touching the mannequins and shouting “nunny” has to be the funniest thing 🤣🤣🤣 #MummyDiaries 😩❤️

M E R C E D E S 🖤 ()

Not even 5 mins in and I’m sat in tears. How sad 😢😢 @BillieFaiers @SamanthaFaiers #MummyDiaries

Sara ()

It does all boil down to luck, yet when Sam and Billie get given all the free toys etc for their kids they never seem to think to donate it to the less fortunate #MummyDiaries

Amy cridland ()

Yes #MummyDiaries keeping me sane on what seems to be the worse day by far!! @SamanthaFaiers @BillieFaiers ❤️❤️❤️

Casey Leanne ()

After working all afternoon, I’m sat with a cuppa and catching up on #MummyDiaries and thinking of you @GraceyShells 🥰 So lovely to catch up earlier! Can’t wait for our ‘brunch date’ next week! 😘 Thank goodness for video calls! #socialdistancing

MumsVillage Kenya ()

As we grow into social distancing, working and learning from home, it’s important to have power based conversations as opposed to fear-based conversations. >>> @mummydiaries @AfroBloggers #WednesdayMotivation #SocialDistancing

Mummy L ()

Maybe big Paul planned this epidemic to keep baby Paul outta nursery and school 🙈 jokes #MummyDiaries

Emily ()

Sam Faires being married for 5 years and having 2 kids by the age of 29 scares me. She was married at 24, I’m 24 this year !!!! I am not ready for this adult life. #mummydiaries

Clare Jarvis ()

When your one year old can take bomb selfies #MummyDiaries #selfisolating

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Nichola-Louise 💞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿💞 ()

Emotional wreck watching @SamanthaFaiers & @TheLuluLife but such a Amazing thing your doing girls 💕 #mummydiaries

ITVBe ()

‘I do feel proud of mum’ Aw, shout out to all the mums out there! 😘🤗 #MothersDay #MummyDiaries @BillieFaiers

Han Harika ()

I’ve decided to ignore the rest of the world this morning and watch #mummydiaries @Gregshepherd_ cracks me up, small funny one liners 🤣

Jemma Louise🦋 ()

Is fern she was sat on her phone whilst the kids are fighting! #MummyDiaries

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