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He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country.

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We Muslims are the victims everywhere and still you bloody say Muslims are terrorists #WeCondemnNZTerrorism.

Xenophobia is really disgusting. The hate for Muslims is disgusting and Jess hilarious is trash and not worthy of a platform..

He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country.

Our race is living being , Humanity is our religion . Hindus Muslims Christians Sikh, there is no separate religion ..

Other Muslim narrations mention that the blood of the Muslims reached their knees, there were literally rivers of blood..

@eIenasalvator muslim lives matter ! to all my muslims brothers and sisters: you are valid and loved ! ❤️.

@JustinTrudeau Is It The Word Terrorist Reserved Only For Muslims. Such a Shame #Christchurch #NewZealand.

@al_afghaniyya @sumaya_ay Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon. Absolutely heartbreaking to hear about the Muslims who were killed in not one, but TWO mosques in New Zealand. My duas and prayers go out to all the victims and their families in this senseless crime. May Allah have mercy on their souls.

They are so kind. 😢 praying the muslims feel safe to walk down streets..

Racists are the problem. Not immigrants or refugees. Hate threatens our way of life. Not Muslims. Bigotry makes our streets unsafe. Not our local mosque We must stand for love, inclusion and equality for all now or perish in the hubris of white supremacy. #Christchurch.

Now the #Muslims are using American government representatives in our universities to undermine our relationship with the only democracy in the Middle East. #DemocratsHateJews.

@Bhagywant and reg my views on patriotic Indian muslims who choose India, you can read them here:.

@ZKryzz Loooool don’t believe you, only American Muslims are capable of thinking this.

Austria: Muslim employee of Ministry of Social Affairs spread jihadist calls for violence against non-Muslims.

@SenTedCruz This money could have built a lot of boarder wall! Iran is funneling this money back into the Democrat Party to Elect more Muslims Congresswoman! Stupid Americans!!!.

Because all those are not secular muslim but atheists. But chutiya secular Hindu project them as Good muslim and end up defending Most 1st by inflating their no and % 2nd by calling them muslims. No such thing as Atheist muslim. Anyone who does belive in Quran is not a muslim..

@realDonaldTrump You don’t make America great again because you OPPRESS LGBTQ, POC, Muslims, Women, Seniors & Immigrants You are WORST 45!!.

“Kudüs Müslümanların kırmızı çizgisidir” “Al-Quds the red line of Muslims” #WeAreErdogan.

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@AliDawow Ezra’s whole scheme is to attack Muslims & is well funded by Zionist Jews. His channel videos average 6000 views but yet has a staff of 20..

Bangladeshi Muslims have taken Kashmir, UP, Kerala, Maharashtra, Haryana, Bengal and large parts of Rajasthan & MP. After infecting Assam, now this virus is spreading to all other north-east states..

#WeAreErdogan Opressor netanyahu you will account for this firstly to ALLAH and to us, the muslims Turkey will destroy you you know this baby killer, you had to be killed when you were child.

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alright,as an amazing junior im just gonna say goodluck to those who are taking their SPM results tomorrow!! baca doa sblum amik and tidur,solat subuh jgn lupe and also bnyk la selawat okay” to the non muslims i wish yall luck and im sure you guys will pass with flying colours💖.

@ur99 @pid_gov Sharam kro, jis modi ne babri masjid girai, jis modi ne gujrat me qatal e aam krwaya muslims ka, jis ne india me musalmano ko gaee ki qurbani ki ejazat ni di ussko tum ne apna baap bna rakha ha, apna gareeban dekho kia tum musalman ho begherat ho chukee ho.

Journalist @SagrikaKissu was hit with vile messages and abuse for helping Kashmiri Muslims, but she intends to build bridges. I want to ask the BJP what have you done for the Kashmiri Pandits? You have only used us to negate what Kashmiri Muslims say..

Alarming Proliferation Of Wahhabi Madrassas In Assam, Bengal - Unregistered madrassas tutoring, moulding young impressionable minds in regressive, puritanical, hate-filled Salafi Islam have mushroomed in many areas dominated by Bangladeshi-origin Muslims.

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