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Ilhan Omar: PM Modi is unjust. Indian Muslims: “PM Modi is the best” and celebrate his victory. Ilhan wants you to believe that Muslims like myself are rare. That’s a lie. Beware the silent majority. Muslims are safe under Modi, not Pakistan..

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As if born Muslims aren’t struggling on a daily 😭😭 Wallahi I know more female reverts get married within a year of looking than born Muslim sisters.

Reinstate the rule that Muslims can’t run for office or our country is in trouble. No Sharia..

Ilhan Omar: PM Modi is unjust. Indian Muslims: “PM Modi is the best” and celebrate his victory. Ilhan wants you to believe that Muslims like myself are rare. That’s a lie. Beware the silent majority. Muslims are safe under Modi, not Pakistan..

@CraigAr64 @worldnetdaily She and she aaaand she they are brothe hood Muslims at that time and they are still hoop to get Power for secrets and keys to nuclear weapons and defrint important things.

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@Swamy39 Sir people like who r learned should not do comparisons Even if u r right is bashing of Muslims justified for whatever u r comparing it with?.

@Swamy39 If Muslims Shout “Jihad!” should Hindus Flee and Give Up their Land to them? Isn’t This not a Land Grabbing Mafia? Hindus must Wake Up and Fight Islam as a Real Estate Mafia, Not a Religion. Hindus must use the tag “Real Estate Mafia” when referring to Islam from now on..

@RituRathaur @narendramodi My mother India is a land of plenty peace and prosperity. And people like you are making them hell by sowing the seeds of poison among Hindu and Muslims..

@jxnann @Sultaan_Mo1 I just feel like cuz most Muslims like Abu Bakr And Umar the most then you got shias who love Ali. It just leaves Uthman there not as a favorite 😥😥😥.

@IlhanMN @IlhanMN first you fight for the people in Balochistan, Sindh etc where millions of Muslims are under threat under Muslim dominated area. Just because you are in safe heaven and fighting for one or two, you cannot take political advantage. Think and grow..

Muslims are full of evil and hatred towards Christians!!! They should be banned from America!!!!.

@xci8e Turks are too dumb to colonize, the only muslims who had colonial projects were arabs in france and east africa.

How? By eliminating them completely from India? Your track record of using violence, killing thousands of Muslims, telling lies, spreading hatred,....

Illhan Omar, you talk about Muslims not treated well by the Modi govt but you don’t care to stand up to the Muslim women who are treated like dogs by Muslim men. You are nothing but an evil hypocrite & hope you rot in hell..

President Trump is a strong leader. He’s been harassed more than any politician in our history. The democrats are ruthless cowards. #FakeNews #EnemyOfThePeople I’d go as far as saying MSM is as much an enemy to America as Muslims, democrats & China.

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3/ @narendramodi fought against the strongest caste coalition and became victorious. Look at his voting %. Educated Muslims and Muslim women have started liking him for all the good his policies have done. Only fake-liberals like @IlhanMN hate him.

@Muqadaam @Kethara_Adel Where are the Muslims scholars in India, intellectuals and the actors why do not they protest against these terrorists Indian 😡😡😡.

@sunandadesh @RW_UNP Min of defense said all the suspects related to easter attacks arrested or dead. But the police is keep on arresting muslims for just being muslims in many villages. I heard one person arrested in kurunegala just becos he wears a shalwar kamees (Pakistani dress). Nothing else.

You forgot to mention that he killed hundreds of Hindus too and asked for help from Congress states. He was not given. Denying help your party killed Muslims. This article can help. U also forgot that Muslims R increasingly joining BJP & R voting for Modi.

people out here drinking and smoking like nobody’s business but when people talk abt eating pork in front of muslims, they act like someone’s listing out the history of sexual assaults 🤷🏻‍♀️ i said what i said.

Anyone that things guns are go fuck yourself. My baby could have been shot today when 3 bullets came through the walls at my moms house. Fuck you all. Worried about a wall? Fuck you! Worried about muslims? Fuck you! Worry about our own backyards! USA kiss my ass..

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@pokpod1 @KurtSchlichter As stupid as Muslims are, I am surprised there are so many of them..


In Islam, you’re not allowed to fast if you’re travelling, ill, etc. - and you make up for the missed days before next Ramadan. Spying on Muslims who eat during Ramadan is wrong. Maybe they have an excuse for not fasting? These reports result in lashes..

The party that calls itself ‘All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen’ and whose stated mission is ‘to protect and advance the rights of Muslims in India’ is giving lectures on what the ‘Hindu voters’ should do!.

Islam is against the West and the West is against Islam. Islam doesn’t belong in the West and Western values don’t belong in Islamic Countries. If Muslims travel to the West, then behave and stop trying to change Western society or go back to where WE came from. Sick of this..

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