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Today, I’m remembering my mum, who was an inspiration to me growing up. Happy Mother’s Day..

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Which words or expressions have your parents and grandparents passed on to you? My mum still calls me a ‘contrary Mary’ and often references her ‘giddy aunt’, while my gran loved telling me she ‘couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss’. How about yours?.

Happy Mother’s Day to my fabulous mother who still looks younger than me despite all the stress that goes with being my mum..

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Today, I’m remembering my mum. ❤️ Have a fantastic day, you mothers!.

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Di Baker….. mother, wife, grandmother…… AND daredevil extraordinaire ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for being my mum!! Happy Mothers Day!! #@lbsorg.

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mum , and all the great mothers,, to all the pretty ladies out there , it’s your day too, ❤️😍🫶🏼.

Mums birthday and Mother’s Day this week without her for the first time has been tough. A gorgeous 4 mile walk in my favourite woods did the trick. Spotting the daffodils mum loved was just so special 💝 #happymothersday.

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@R0Poem I believe my wife knew your Mum back in the 70s. She started her teaching career at Craighead School on Whistleberry Road..

bought a dad charm for my bracelet! I have a mum one on here also (that my dad actually got for me!) so I can wear it and bring them with me while I make new memories and hit new milestones.

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@seventiessally One is still asleep! I did see the other one, ‘oh hi mum’, and apparently they haven’t forgotten… Gosh I wish I could sleep like my 15yo… Thank you 😊.

@Keir_Starmer This is lovely. My late Mum too was an inspiration. A proper Labour woman for 50 years and candidate on the day of 1997 GE. It’s a tough day for those of us grieving the loss of our Mothers but also an opportunity to reflect upon our values..

Today is a difficult one but I am so grateful for my lovely children. I am being treated to beef stew and a cake for dinner. Counting my blessings and thinking of my mum and how proud she’d be of her grandchildren 💕.

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@CopMoustache And I bet when you do something wrong she still calls you by your full name my mum sadly passed in 2017.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers, mums, mams, grandmothers and nanas across Burmantofts and Richmond Hill, and wider Leeds! It’s a day to be grateful to the maternal figures in our lives and to celebrate the difference that mums make. Here’s me and my mum!.

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Me to my friend: Happy Mothering Sunday to your mum(she posted her mum). My friend to me: thank you, same to your mum. Me to my friend: no, e never reach to wish her, our church own Na next week..

My most precious mum and sister June, both together on a super cloud in the sky love you so much 💖.

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Happy Mother’s Day @carIaconnor_ 🖤 even though we may not be blood related, I have always and always will see you as like a mother figure to me. I’m more than happy to call you my mum. I love you more than words can describe 🫶🏻.

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My mum said something similar when they declared tinubu the winner, she said that things happen for a reason cause if they had declared obi the winner that we might have been on the first bus back to the east the next morning.

@GiftBetterUK my mum is so special. she works so hard, it puts me to shame, she tends to her beautiful garden, grows her own veg and knits some amazing creations, kind and a great listener, she is a fab mum #GiftBetter.

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK ❤️ My relationship with my mum was pretty non-existant until she developed dementia in her late 70’s. Life was far from perfect, nay difficult for many years & she’s completely detatched from reality now but she’s still my mum & is going strong ❤️.

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@eliistender10 Lost my mum in 1989 to pancreatic cancer. She was 42.

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@SavvyRinu Am so ashamed when my husband was joining them to criticize Igbo people,my mum is from Abia state,my brother in law is from Imo state 😭😭😭 and the they are both wonderful people Al my uncles in East are very nice people my Igbo name is Oluchi may God heal our land 🙏🙏🙏.

Mum’s are great aren’t they? Most of my all time favourite best people are mothers and my GOD what a job they do everyday. But here I am celebrating people like ME, because I chose not to be a mother..

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@jon_d_doe Am so sorry for your ill experience but my brother you enabled all this upon yourself. Listen your Mum. Women are always loyal to there feelings not your sacrifices..

Happy mothers day to my mum. Never tells you she loves you, Never says anything nice Never calls or messages. Always there..

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@thehifybliss remember that night we got home around 2am 🤣🤣 your mum just Dey shake head say where we Dey come from 😭 to think my mum was with us thinking of it now I just Dey laugh 😂😂😂.

Incoming soppy post, but I could literally never do enough for my Mum. She’s always been my rock through thick and thin and I do not for one moment take that for granted ❤️.

@dimejitiamiyu01 @TundeOsosanya I lost my mum as a child,i have little memory of her and my grandpa said i talk and act like her,she was a peaceful woman who love and accommodate rest her gentle soul🙏.

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@SamF_H Housewives of Richmond would be a Libdem chaotic mess and this could be the pilot - send your mum my love, she’s an icon x.

@seventiesuk My Mum, born during WW2, used to be sent to fetch the milk in pails from the local farm. Not a particularly countryside area either! She said they used to get chased by the angry geese 😄.

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