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#NCYT is now a very safe stock with feck loads of cashflow. Selling to 130 countries with 85% profit margin. 😎

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Larry ()

#ncyt #novacyt Well done detective @Stevo04937960

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Tay ()

@MartinMatinTH @rick_shares Really struggled to get any good info on the US OTC listing yesterday after you spotted it Martin. Reckon it could go either way here. Nothing in the SEC listings for NVYTF this month relating to it either. #NCYT

tity SLVR3L 🤖
Tity SLVR3L 🤖 ()

#test test and re #test lol $ncyt , $alers ,$albio ,$odx , ok bon app a tous bisous ,

яι¢к ()

@AnatraceProds selling #NCYT kit for $1, in the 🇺🇸

Gasman ()

Novacyt swings to profit on soaring Covid test sales | #ncyt #novacyt ⁦@PrimerdesignLtd⁩ 👏transformational year and going from strength to strength

Darren-uktrading ()

#ncyt been a slow burner but hit first target and onto the second. Loads of room to move north. DYOR!

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Andrea34 ()

@here_there @Boros10 Maybe the appointment of a joint broker indicates #NCYT are hot on the acquisition trail with all the cash they are

яι¢к ()

@TaylorQuant 🇺🇸 institutional cash is what is interesting me - surely if this is the case it now makes sense to try and get this listed on #nasdaq? The OTC listing was done in March - so far volume has been non-existent. Surely there was a longer term plan for this? #ncyt $alnov

Tay ()

#NCYT Sept Summer Trading Update Q3 will take this to 500s. Any Gov tenders to land over next few weeks takes this to 600s. NUMIS, the new broker appears to be moving US institutional cash into the stock, giving it a new floor.

Phunkin_El ()

Moved proceeds from #TILS into #NCYT with a top up to £4K after today’s RNS. Hopeful of a decent gain over the next few days / weeks

JC ()

Taken a small slice on #NCYT at 400p @ nearly 40% up so I’m not ignoring that. Again (as with ODX) there’s still a chunk that I’m hoping will run far further!

Bmh ()

Voleon battling hard to suppress price but looking increasingly likely they will have to close their whole position quickly. Straight to 5-6 pound when that happens. #ncyt

Martin Moser
Martin Moser ()

Novacyt (Novacyt, the Company or the “Group”): Half Year 2020 Results #ncyt


#NCYT is now a very safe stock with feck loads of cashflow. Selling to 130 countries with 85% profit margin. 😎

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