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The New Zealand Human Rights Commission says that the message “it’s okay to be white” has “no place” in the country..

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New Zealand removes any reference to Jesus from parliamentary prayer BANNING👏🏻JESUS👏🏻WON’T👏🏻STOP👏🏻TERROR👏🏻.

@Musicians4Pete It was this moment. When he took the time to issue an official response to the mass shooting in New Zealand. Reaching out to a community in pain, with a compassion and authority that was lacking from anyone in government..

@smfehir Be like A & W and use New Zealand beef, American Veggie Burgers etc. 😉.

LAPRAS ✨✨💜 , NEW ZEALAND (Asia Pacific) 5 More passes!!.

Swarm of almost 200 earthquakes on White Island.

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🐬🐋 Just five NZ marine mammals are considered not at risk of extinction ⁦@1NewsNZ⁩.

Great bowling by Trent Boult and India collapse down but Williamson and Taylor did not give any chance of come back to India so congratulations to New Zealand.

World Cup: Virat Kohli and Co look to hit the ground running in warm-up game against New Zealand.

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@Desi_Angrezi @psycho_sif Real place??A quick recap for those born today,India owned New Zealand 4-1 at their home 2 months ago ...

Indian cricket team disgraced by New Zealand in World Cup Warmup match.

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Boult strikes as New Zealand thrash India in World Cup warm-up #INDvNZ.

#WorldCup2019 Warm-Up: Indian batsmen get timely shake-up as New Zealand win by 6 wickets #CWC19.

Shame that people in New Zealand don’t have those sacred rights..

New Zealand is creating the world’s first ‘well-being’ budget to help with child poverty, domestic violence, and mental health.

#CWC19 #INDvNZ Warm-UP-4: New Zealand Won By 6 Wickets. - IND 179-10 ( Ovs) NZ 180-4 ( Ovs) Taylor 71 Williamson 67 Bumrah: 1/2 Hardik: 1/26.

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20 of the most stunning #bikes in the Motorcycle Mecca Museum in New Zealand | 🖤 20. Raleigh 1924 with sidecar. Note the wicker picnic basket and teeny teeny pipes!.

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Match 4: WICKET! Kane Williamson c Rohit Sharma b Yuzvendra Chahal 67 (87b). New Zealand 151/3 ( Ovs). #INDvNZ.

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#ICCWC2019 Warm-up LIVE | Yuzvendra Chahal removes Kane Williamson for 67, NZ: 151/3 in overs, need 29 more (via @HTSportsNews).

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Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor have reached their half-centuries as New Zealand look to complete the formalities against India. #INDvNZ #CWC19 🇳🇿 149/2 29 overs.

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K4 W 500m World Cup 1 Semi-final 2 Official 1-2-3 in Poznan - Poland 1, New Zealand 1, Portugal 1 #ICFsprint.

On my last big solo passage from New Zealand to Fiji, a critical line snapped and I put myself in a pretty bad situation. For several days of pounding winds and seas, I braced for the next thing to break. Like being in space, you are utterly reliant on your gear. You are a child..

టాస్‌ గెలిచి బ్యాటింగ్‌ ఎంచుకున్న కోహ్లీ #WorldCup2019 #Kohli.

i just found out that tyler, the creator is literally fully banned from entering new zealand lol what the fuck i hate this country im moving wtf how i supposed to ever c him.

Homosexuality is criminalized in 70+ countries. Most inherited those laws from colonial powers. Of 40+ places that inherited anti-gay laws from Britain, only 5 have repealed them: Australia, New Zealand, India, Fiji and Hong Kong..

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The New Zealand Human Rights Commission says that the message “it’s okay to be white” has “no place” in the country..

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