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I am loving my new jacket!!!⚾️💙⚾️ I’m exhausted after last night, but I know this NYY team can pull out some wins in the Bronx!!!⚾️⚾️⚾️ #PinstripePride #NextManUp.

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Good morning, 1-1 with 3 games in the Bronx coming Let’s be the team that beats Cole! #NextManUp.

@LeNorthSnobby All said and done it was a nail biter or a game. Fantastic post season match up. We lost in the end. But that’s baseball. We should be THRILLED that we took one in Houston. It can be done if necessary. Let’s just hope it’s not ! #NextManUp.

Yankees bullpen was hot last night despite the loss. Time to go to NY and rock it. #NextManUp #PinstripePride.

Tell em @davidortiz 😂 There is no plan on coming back to Houston! #NextManUp.

Last night stings but #Yankees did what they had to do and couldn’t do in 2017, get one on Houston. Bring the noise in the Bronx and let’s get to Cole on Tuesday. #NextManUp.

Today sucks but don’t worry mr Ortiz we don’t plan on going back there protect homefield 1 game at a #NextManUp.

Trying to talk through all the scenarios from last nights loss. #PinstripePride #NextManUp.

Dear @Yankees fans, if I told you we would be heading back to NY tied 1-1 after playing the first 2 in Houston (where it’s very hard to win&in 17’ we did not win any games in the ALCS) most, if not all of us would be very happy with that outcome. In other words #relax #NextManUp.

Analytics, Paxton, Boone, Encarnació Blame whoever you want for the game 2 it’s now a 5 game series and if the Yankees want to go to the World Series they have beat either Verlander or Cole #NextManUp.

@_Mikey_Cee I would be pretty damn happy getting a split is huge something we could not do in 2017. I like our chances now time to take care of business in the Bronx #ReplaceFor28 #NextManUp.

Who would schedule a playoff game for a Tuesday at 3 PM? Oh yeah! The @MLB #NextManUp #PinstripePride.

A split was the goal, a split was what we got. Get em in the Bronx Zoo #NextManUp.

splitting in Houston was huge, we are starting to wear them down & we got into the Astros now they come to the Bronx where it’s going to be insane. Let’s get this done! #PinstripePride #NextManUp.

I am loving my new jacket!!!⚾️💙⚾️ I’m exhausted after last night, but I know this NYY team can pull out some wins in the Bronx!!!⚾️⚾️⚾️ #PinstripePride #NextManUp.

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Still thinking about that loss last night. However, can’t be down on this team. We took 1/2 in Houston. That was our realistic, best case scenario. With the next 3 being at home, let’s win those and end this thing in 5. #NextManUp.

Not surprised to wake up and see that Houston won. It looked as if they had the advantage all game long. At least we’re heading home with a tie than being down 2-0 like 2017 #NextManUp.

Yikes that game didn’t end the way I hoped it would😬 This series was never going to last only four games. Hellooo game five! Can’t wait for the next three games back at home! #NextManUp.

ザスパっていままさに #NextManUp やね。ヤンキースが使ってるみたいだけど。 誰か怪我しても次の選手が出てきて活躍する。FW陣爪痕残せよ。 髙澤がいねえなら俺がやるチャンスじゃねえか絶対チームを勝たせるって選手でてきてほしい。 #FW陣よ救世主になるのは誰だ?.

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Tanaka was masterful last night. Simply masterful. Gary isn’t getting enough love for his play-calling and once again being a wall behind the plate. Simply outstanding. Let’s get this one tonight before we head back to the Bronx #NextManUp.

What day next week can I call out sick with the least amount of repercussions .... Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday? 🤔🤔 #NextManUp.

A little late but I finally made a baseball snack. #NextManUp #PinstripePride.

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I’ve been quite a Boone apologist, but I don’t know why you’d even consider removing Tanaka from the game #NextManUp #ALCS.

The @Yankees to the @twins every time they meet in the postseason #NextManUp.

Any donations will help. My moms cancer gofund me #NextManUp.

@Yankees My voice cracked real bad in this vid but who cares??? ALCS BOUND!!!! LFG!!! #NextManUp.

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