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James Cleverly now floundering under firm questioning from Nick Robinson on #r4today.

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Purdah, hahahaha. You think the ruling class cares about whether they’re obvious abt it? Nick Robinson knows a few things abt that..

when i tell y’all i am a WH*RE for nick i mean lit rally most attractive man on how does he do it.

@zuzakistan I had to explain who Laura Kuenssberg and Nick Robinson were to my counsellor. It was so wonderful to be in a non-polarised world for a moment..

the way i literally revived all the nick robinson stans last my only time i’ve done anything right.

fuck shawn mendes. nick robinson is the only white boy we care about.

@BriefcaseMike @relovedreams Oh, you mean former chair of Oxford Uni Conservatives Nick Robinson?.

@mrjamesob Shame there was so little headlines when the bbc lied/edited/cheated Scotland. The tory Nick Robinson reported to the uk that Alex Salmond Never answered the question having edited out his comprehensive and detailed answer. Why the lack of outrage then?.

@Nick_e_Robinson @BC_Norfolk Thanks Nick - very kind of you - hope all is good with you.

it really did feel like nick robinson was my boyfriend back in 2017 that boy had me whipped i was so in love with him.

white boys i love: - not ruel - nick robinson - griffin gluck - bill hader - john mulaney - shawn mendes - harry styles - alex o’connor - jack dylan grazer - david dobrik - @allthisfreetime - kurtis conner - troye sivan - finn wolfhard and the list goes on x.

i have to wake up at 4am for my flight tmr and here i am crying over nick robinson.

@BriefcaseMike @bbc why is the blatant Tory shill Nick Robinson allowed such outrageous bias? Journalists should be informative, incisive and impartial..

nick robinson is baby would pay dollars to go see him and the production of tkamb.

nick robinson and taylor trensch on broadway at the same time in the same show i think i am crying.

No se quien es nick robinson pero me quiero casar con él desde ya.

Is this the infamous student TORY Nick Robinson working on R4Today for Sarah Sands, bosom friend of B Johnson & the Murdochs, at the ever so impartial BBC??? BBC News has become a distorted Tory Pravda..

w nick robinson trending i thought something happened 2 our love simon, 5th wave etc guy but no it’s some p0litics shit.

Looking to see what twitter has to say about Nick Robinson. Some people were satisfied by his interview with James Cleverly - which they thought was pretty robust. (I agree) others were fixated on a a robust interview with Diane Abbot, which some thought was unfair..

A boy who bullied me for being gay growing up has a brother who is now real life friends with Nick Robinson aka love Simon. A sick joke..

Not sure we really got much from Diane Abbott interview. Nick Robinson just whizzed across the topics so we never got chance to hear any answers. # r4today.

I see Cleverly is having an awesome by Louise Minchin and then Nick Robinson, fails time turn up to Sky altogether 😂🤣😂.

‘“You are of course right” - Nick Robinson, BBC.’ Might get that framed..

James Cleverly now floundering under firm questioning from Nick Robinson on #r4today.

Happy first performance to Ed Harris, Nina Grollman, Taylor Trensch, Nick Robinson, Kyle Scatliffe and more at @MockingbirdBway!.

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