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Not sure Nick Rust talking over Philip Hobbs is sending quite the right message about the BHA being prepared to listen.

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Nick Rust has done himself no favours on @LuckOnSunday . Constantly shouting over Nick Luck, he comes across as a bully who cares little for more informed opinions. All hope lost when he compares racing to circuses & performing dolphins, & says less wind ops would benefit horses..

Nick Rust saying that you can infer things from an individual trainers injury statistics etc shows a complete ignorance of statistics. Someone better educate him Re Statistical Significance, Bias, Sample Size etc. You can only assess systemic (overall) risk not individual risk.

@michaellooby2 Should have invited Ted Walsh on to the programme to Discuss things with nick rust That would have been worth every penny of my months Subscription fee 😁.

Nick Rust is spot on to point out the use of the nationality as a criticism amounts 100% to prejudice - no matter who makes it, no matter the context. It is not right; it never will be right. Resist the urge to indulge in it, pick up others among your peers who do #LuckOnSunday.

Nick Rust says BHA are under even more pressure (than Ireland and France) because “we are a nation of animal lovers”. Does he not think we in Ireland are not ? Why did BHA put someone from Betting Industry in charge rather than someone who worked and lived with racehorses 24/7.

Surprised by the stick (with needless vitriol) that Nick Rust is getting. Seems like a perfectly reasonable man, who I have no doubt is trying to do his best for the sport. Been plenty BHA blunders, not of his own doing, but personal attacks not needed. We need to work with him..

One thing I’m taking away from the Nick Rust interview on @LuckOnSunday is that he views Ireland & France as all that is bad in the Modus ‘I’m alright Jack, F**k you!’ #🇮🇪.

Nick Rust is absolutely right about one thing: this outcry about horse welfare is not from the antis - it is now coming from within the sport. Even just judging by the response to some of my own posts this week plenty of racing supporters feel very strongly about this..

Not sure Nick Rust talking over Philip Hobbs is sending quite the right message about the BHA being prepared to listen.

@RacingTV @PJHobbs1 How many winners has nick rust trained? Get rid of him the people who should run the bha are people who actually know what they’re talking about.

racing should consider itself fortunate to be led by Nick Rust a man who knows everything about anything. said nobody, ever.

Trainer @PJHobbs1 says some horses are naturally not great movers and challenges Nick Rust on assumptions made about them #LuckOnSunday.

Much to polarise opinion coming out of @nickluck interview with Nick Rust. But one thing about which all will agree. Nick Luck is an outstanding broadcaster & interviewer, with a deep & obvious passion for the sport. Racing in this country is lucky to have him. @LuckOnSunday.

Hey Nick Rust, What is happening in Ireland? More than once you insinuate that we Irish are dropping the ball! You had equine flu outbreak We reacted! @nickluck . What else are WE Irish doing wrong to make you so righteous?.

Nick Rust should quit the BHA he clearly not living in the real world & does more damage for the sport.

National Hunt Chase review - there were bans of 37 days for three amateur riders I defy anyone to say that all the rides in that race were within our rules, says Nick Rust Do you sympathise with him? #LuckOnSunday.

A review of the whip rules will continue over the next few months, Nick Rust says.

@LuckOnSunday is making for tremendous listening this morning. Fascinating debate with Nick Rust.

Is Nick Rust thick the NH Chase was run over 4m on Soft to bordering on Heavy Ground of course horses are going to get tired but Derek Lavery has done nothing wrong he pushes out hands & heels to gain the best possible position in a competitive race at the Cheltenham Festival.

Nick Rust coming across very defensive and often dismissive on @LuckOnSunday. Totally understand why the industry feels a lack of engagement..

I think it’s fair to say Nick Rust has been rattled this week @LuckOnSunday - Passionate defence of the #BHA but maybe ought to consider a better approach.

Nick Rust got one thing right, the world is changing - sadly, not for the better..

Nick Rust coming across as overly-dismissive and a little bit condescending here, and confused in places..

Nick Rust, BHA: The Animal Welfare Minister has put us on notice that he wants to see improved outcomes #LuckOnSunday.

Is nick rust really comparing horse racing to animals in a fucking circus ? Absolute clown.

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