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Updated: November 27th, 2021 01:40 PM IST

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher says Doctor Who being played by a woman has pushed young men into crime.

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My bit on a flare-up of the Stupidest MP competition. Also a plea for the phrase “dead cat” to be murdered

For those who think there’s no serious analysis happening at Westminster let me present to you Tory MP Nick Fletcher. PS if anyone makes a film about this *please* can a woman play him?

Britain, the Stupidest MP contest is back. But who will get your vote? | Marina Hyde

The crowds thronged as Nick Fletcher MP stormed it on the evils of a woman Dr Who.

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@lazyfred1971 He saw his hero, Trumpelstiltskin get away with being a petulant man-child in America for 4 years and has been emulating him ever since, maybe he just needed a better role model just like Nick Fletcher said, 🤣

Nick Oh dear Nicky did you have a nasty nanny then? @NickFletcherMP

If @mrjamesob does not have some fun at the expense of the ludicrous MP Nick Fletcher this morning, I will be very disappointed.

Female Doctor Who is the cause of so many young boys turning to crime claims Tory MP Nick Fletcher, apparently overlooking the cuts to Surestart, Universal Credit, free school meals and social clubs that the Tories have caused while in power.

If Pixar were to ever anthropomorphise Erectile Disfunction it would look and sound like MP Nick Fletcher.

Oh bloody hell. Cancel the women’s vote and buy them a vacuum cleaner for Black Friday. That’ll definitely solve all our problems. Nick Fletcher MP wins ‘moron of the week’. #Diversity #1950sWhenMenWereRealMenAndSmokedPipes

Breaking News: Scarlett Johansson has just been cast to play MP Nick Fletcher in the upcoming film ‘Waa waaa waaa’

Oh man the regressive menfolk aren’t going to like Wheel of Time. Can’t wait to hear Nick Fletcher and Jason Kenney’s takes on it.

Josh Hawley, meet Nick Fletcher. Nick, Josh. You boys have a lot in common. Female Doctor Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP - BBC News

@JonesHowdareyou Earth to Nick Fletcher get yourself a penile implant if you feel that inadequate as you realise other than having different reproductive organs women are every bit as capable as men. (just sit down for this next bit) Sometimes considerably more so. What a ridiculous baby.

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher admits that he’s an idiot imbecile with 3 sentences.

Nadine Dorries and Nick Fletcher are nailing the new Thickie Tory comedy character that’s all over Twitter.

Welcome to the world of Tory upside down fuckwittery Nick Fletcher MP. You are a gold level member.

@estrellasadie Nick fletcher is a dinosaur, should be put out to pasture, like a old goat.

I was gonna say it’s a weird coincidence that on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls, MP Nick Fletcher blamed fictional female characters for male violence, but then women face batshit discrimination every day, so overall it’s a normal day.

Dear Nick Fletcher MP I will come to lovely Doncaster to debate the issue of role models for boys I will show you that it’s the women in my life & in society who have most impacted on me positively I will prove that it’s your Govt’s policies that have increased crime Nazir

Lovely chat with Nick Fletcher MP tonight. He strongly believes that BBC female newsreaders such as Huw Edwards are indicative of a wider pervasive Welsh woke wake up call

The funniest thing about Nick Fletcher’s speech isn’t even the Doctor Who thing, it’s that he apparently thinks Luke Skywalker was replaced by a woman

@secrettory12 Would you be more or less likely to turn to a life of crime if Nick Fletcher was a woman ?

When he sees women looking distressed, Conservative MP Nick Fletcher exhorts them to cheer up, because it might never happen.

The fact Nick Fletcher MP also blames female characters for male suicides is far more sinister than the crime thing.

British politician Nick Fletcher believes popular media replacing male heroes with women is driving men to commit crimes.

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Tory MP Nick Fletcher denies he blamed male crime on female Doctor Who

Tory MP roasted after claiming women playing Doctor Who and other ‘male’ characters is pushing men into crime

As a man constantly frustrated by the absence of manly male role models in my life, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered Nick Fletcher MP.

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher says Doctor Who being played by a woman has pushed young men into crime.

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