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Ed Davey tells Nick Robinson LDs remain a pro European party but also care about cutting VAT, access to GPs and improving social care. Believes it’s their mandate to get rid of as many Con MPs as possible. Doesn’t sound like he’d prop up a Con PM again any time soon..

‘I know you want to keep talking about us,’ rasps a very rattled Raab to Nick Robinson while I do a victory lap round the kitchen with the cat #r4today.

Dominic Raab drives onto #r4Today at great speed, crashes his car, writes it off, & then spends the rest of his interview trying to sell it to Nick Robinson!.

Nick Robinson: Most Prime Ministers don’t need new staff to tell them how to behave - they. Just. Know. How to. Behave..

Nick Robinson: “Most prime ministers don’t need new staff to tell them how to behave. They just know. How. To. Behave.” Dominic Raab: “Actually Nick, that’s just rubbish.” 👀 Clear Johnson cult is not going to change. Only backbenchers or electorate can stop them. #r4today.

@DanielaNadj He says he’s going to listen to voters. Voters have told him to go. just Another a Johnson day…… ps listen to Nick Robinson, a Tory incidentally, rip Raab to shreds on #R4Today with no attempt to hide his contempt. That tells you the trouble Johnson is in now..

Dominic Raab showing Nick Robinson how the govt will “keep going”. @BBCr4today #byelections.

Nick Robinson Photo,Nick Robinson Photo by Mark Brandon,Mark Brandon on twitter tweets Nick Robinson Photo

@chriscurtis94 @adamboultonTABB Rabb was terrible on #today a few minutes ago - Nick Robinson was have fun - like a cat toying with a bird - they a toast.


If you want to have a laugh, listen to Today on Radio 4 from Nick Robinson absolutely savages Raab & his disingenuous nonsense. It was a joy to listen to. #raab.

@Tobias_Ellwood @frank3davies Nick Robinson put to Raab this morning that the PM is the distraction, seems a strong point..

So heartening to hear Nick Robinson on @BBCr4today questioning Dominic Raab pretty hard, after what feels like years of over cautious treatment of Tories..

Nick Robinson to Raab: “most prime ministers don’t need to employ people to tell them how to behave, they know how to behave”. #JohnsonOutNow.

I spent a lot of this interview shouting at the radio. Raab refused to address or answer any of the questions actually posed by Nick Robinson.

Normally dislike Nick Robinson and find SM encouragement to check out death matches disappointing but Robinson versus Rabb on the Today programme is pretty good. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Agree with @NickKyrgios, this is ridiculous Tennis 2022: Nick Kyrgios lashes out at 145-year coaching first.

@IanDunt Nick Robinson was refreshingly lethal in his questioning of Raab in radio 4 this morning..

@Carlsonsports @BBCNews Well, it seems that Nick Robinson and colleagues can barely conceal their mirth this morning..

@Sathnam @BBCr4today Dominic Raab was, I believe, referring to Nick Robinson. A distraction who needs to move on. #bbcr4today.

@lucyinglis Yup, self-serving, ignorant, smarmy, nothing-to-be-smug-about-and-yet-he-is. Nick Robinson on R4 this am took him out to the woodshed and smacked him about a bit. I enjoyed that. Particularly knowing that NR is a tory..

@belahu Nick Robinson in the end didn’t even give him the time to say goodbye, Raab was fuming. I think we are all desperate for evidence that there are good people out there who will give these horrors the boot! #ToriesUnfitToGovern.

@jessphillips It was good to see Nick Robinson holding him to account. Raab did not make one solid true point..

@deputynclegg @PaulBrandITV Doubt it. Who would choose to talk to Nick Robinson - or Paul ‘Party Boy’ Brand?.

Anything for power. Yellow by name yellow by nature. A sure indication to people NOT to vote for them and as for Nick Robinson !!.

Nick Robinson Photo,Nick Robinson Photo by Charles R Gibson #SavetheNHS .#WaitingforLabour,Charles R Gibson #SavetheNHS .#WaitingforLabour on twitter tweets Nick Robinson Photo

@Zardoz67 yes I heard him too. Had the reflective qualities of a brick. I did get the impression that Nick Robinson was having fun though..

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