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Apologies, I misspoke today. In the North East, new rules mean you cannot meet people from different households in social settings indoors, including in pubs, restaurants and your home. You should also avoid socialising with other households outside. (1/2)

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Wendell ()

So they said, “Behold, there is a feast of the Lord from year to year in Shiloh, which is on the north side of Bethel, on the east side of the highway that goes up from Bethel to Shechem, and on the south side of Lebonah.” Judges 21:19 -

Yemmi Agbebi, MBA #BlackLivesMatter
Yemmi Agbebi, MBA #BlackLivesMatter ()

Gold🥇Medal Idiot! - It’s not illegal for people from two households in north east England to meet outdoors, PM clarifies

QueenGaea ()

@third_artifact I once paid for priority shipping on a laptop I needed for school. It flew over me twice, and then went way north, and then EAST, and then back I finally called them and got the answer “we just put it on the first thing going out, no matter where” 🙄

David Hirsh
David Hirsh ()

BBC news just reported that some people believe that the regulations against Covid in the North East are too Draconian. As if there was just the right amount of Draconian.

PoliticalPics ()

Just when you think it could not worse Boris Johnson muddles covid lockdown rules on mixing in North East & even HE can’t say if pub garden trips are OK, god help us all.

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Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

Apologies, I misspoke today. In the North East, new rules mean you cannot meet people from different households in social settings indoors, including in pubs, restaurants and your home. You should also avoid socialising with other households outside. (1/2)

AntonyD#FBPE ()

So it turns out Johnson doesn’t know the rules for the North East- 6 out 6 in 6 shaking it all about?

UBF riccardo
UBF riccardo ()

@MikeHolden42 @bbclaurak Ask your local council is an interesting one, given the comments made by the leader of one of those

T ()

@KeithyyRussell Anywhere Dundee & further north east is a complete heedfuck, peterheed is the worst ever

Pippa Crerar
Pippa Crerar ()

Erk. Boris Johnson also appears totally confused by question about whether people in the North East can meet outside in beer gardens. Talks about Rule of Six *elsewhere* and says locals should follow the guidance. “As I understand it not six outside”. What?

The Guardian
The Guardian ()

North-east England residents: how are you affected by the local lockdown?

Mark Carruthers
Mark Carruthers ()

Back on FA Cup duty for the Sunday Sun this weekend at @WhitleyBayFC’s home tie against @Blyth_Spartans. This feels like a big occasion for both clubs and for the North East non-league game.

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Nika Naghavi
Nika Naghavi ()

Today, we are delighted to be releasing another industry first: State of Mobile Money in Africa! This is the first time that @GSMAMobileMoney is releasing #SOTIR cut of data across the continent as opposed to Sub-Saharan Africa only! Read now:

Ian Scott
Ian Scott ()

@ChronicleLive Gillian Keegan is the Under Secretary of State for Apprenticships & Skills in England😠 She should represent the North East 😱We have lost to many industries, shipbuilding,mining,ship repair,steel works, the list goes on 🙏 We need help from our Government for jobs

Mavin ()

Sky news couldn’t even tell you where Sunderland is 😂 people are genuinely clueless about the north east, it’s laughable


@thehill I trust President Trump. Thus far he has rebuilt our military to make it by far the mightiest in the world, crushed the ISIS caliphate, kept us out of war with North Korea and brokered the first Middle East Peace agreement in 25 years.

Colin George
Colin George ()

Always interesting to see the new law governing the coronavirus restrictions for two million people across the North East was published, and then had to be immediately amended because they made FIVE different

Joseph Hoyt
Joseph Hoyt ()

North East ISD in San Antonio has a similarly named high school.

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Catalina Byrd
Catalina Byrd ()

I leave a really productive meeting over East, tired from going non-stop since 7:30, only to see North Ave from Pennsylvania to Carey blocked off East and West on y’all!

²⁰¹³JaZZie⁷ 🐣🐯🐰| KTH1 is really coming??? |
²⁰¹³JaZZie⁷ 🐣🐯🐰| KTH1 is really coming??? | ()

@kvjenn_01knj Haye mera pyara india. I have most of frnds from north-east specially kolkata,siliguri and darjeeling

Omaha High School Football
Omaha High School Football ()


Doc Searls
Doc Searls ()

Looks like the #bobcatfire is in the @MtWilsonObs property now. This is a north-east-south pano from

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Tieso ()

Kotd Grand Prix 2020 regional I think will make WEST-The Saurus EAST-Eddy I NORTH-Charron SOUTH-Chef Trez

🌿Cascadia Fire Season🌿
🌿Cascadia Fire Season🌿 ()

- Now with predominantly southwest wind and open line, the fire has made big chunks to the northeast. - Mount Wilson continues to be an issue for us. - Two heads in the north have merged. - Been fairly successful on east side of the fire

MikeSautterOWH ()

Blake Closman with the pick 6. Two point try no good. Millard North leads Lincoln East 33-28, 7:03 left in the third. #nebpreps

Anna Soubry
Anna Soubry ()

Another outstanding edition of @Channel4News exposing the outrageous failings of #CovidTesting & the v real problems facing the North East as they go into lockdown. And yet again no Minister has the guts to answer the concerns of real people & be held to account. Disgraceful

Carver ()

@LeanneSmith82 East stand but to be fair I don’t really care. Will be different from the north but hey. Me and my boy are there #UTMP 🍊🧡🍊🧡

4GEsports ()

📌| @pglesports announce PGL APEX LEGENDS SHOWDOWN - October 24-25. 💰| $100K USD total prize pool. 📄| The competition is open to players in North America, Europe, South America, APAC North, APAC South, and the Middle East & Africa.

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Jason ()

How come I never hear about anyone traveling to the East or West Pole? It’s always about North and South like they’re soo cool. News flash! It’s cold on both of them and mostly ice, who cares

Sky News Breaking
Sky News Breaking ()

Sky News understands further lockdown restrictions are set to be imposed in the North East of England and an announcement is due to be made tomorrow For more on this and other news visit

☚ Biden #asosmusthaves ☛
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