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Dear @SkyNews, I rather fear your #NorthEastLockdown graphic producer needs a little nudge: Northumberland is not a single location. Neither are North & South Tyneside. Or County Perhaps understandable BUT: Sunderland! Really? 😱

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Fr Marc Lyden-Smith
Fr Marc Lyden-Smith ()

What are binge watching in this latest local lockdown? #northeastlockdown

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Rosie Ramsey
Rosie Ramsey ()

We recorded this weeks ep on Wednesday, blissfully unaware! 😅😰 #northeastlockdown

Lydia Nelson
Lydia Nelson ()

Geordie Lockdown Day 1. Kids are off to school, @GreggsOfficial is open, & stotties are readily available. Not feeling that lockdowny to be honest. #northeastlockdown

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The Mad Brewer 🍊🍊🍊
The Mad Brewer 🍊🍊🍊 ()

First day of the North East lockdown and it’s like Silent Hill out here. #northeastlockdown

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Røbbø 🇬🇧🇨🇦
Røbbø 🇬🇧🇨🇦 ()

Geordie on the local news when asked how the 10 o’clock pub closures would affect “Im not bothered man, I’ll just go out an hour earlier” 🤣 🍻🍺 #northeastlockdown #locallockdown

Nick Hartley
Nick Hartley ()

I can confirm that the first day of #northeastlockdown* has been greeted by fog on the Tyne *not a lockdown but “temporary tightening of restrictions”

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Chris Higham
Chris Higham ()

Good morning from day 1 of #northeastlockdown - solo ride this morning of course

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Will Mapplebeck
Will Mapplebeck ()

Death, taxes and shots of lasses down the bigg market. #northeastlockdown As discussed @jilleedee

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Sterghios A. Moschos
Sterghios A. Moschos ()

On the day the #northeastlockdown is announced, I witness a punter exiting the pub ordering room, no mask on, pints in hand, scorning me for masking up. Pub clearly signposted with “wear a mask at ordering point”. Shouldn’t have been served in 1st place. #newcastle

Radgeygadgey ()

#northeastlockdown Pubs to shut at 10. I suspect that in many places the North East lockdown will become a North East *lock-in*. 🍺

John Nichol
John Nichol ()

Dear @SkyNews, I rather fear your #NorthEastLockdown graphic producer needs a little nudge: Northumberland is not a single location. Neither are North & South Tyneside. Or County Perhaps understandable BUT: Sunderland! Really? 😱

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L A U R E N 🔮
L A U R E N 🔮 ()

Have I got the lockdown rules wrong? I can’t have my friends over but I can go and sit in pub with them until 10pm instead? #northeastlockdown so Bongos Bingo should be fine for Saturday 😂🤣

Phil Duggan
Phil Duggan ()

Where do @SkyNews think that Sunderland actually is? 😂 #northeastlockdown

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#northeastlockdown Lockdowns can be essential But it does appear a little strange for the British Gov to pick an area that is not struggling as bad as others North east: per 100,000 rate Newcastle County Durham North west : Per 100,000 rate Liverpool 106 Wirral 96

Club Legends
Club Legends ()

Skys map of the North East has Sunderland in a strange place #northeastlockdown

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Northman ()

New #northeastlockdown rules have decided to remove Sunderland from Northeast England. 😳

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Becky Paskin
Becky Paskin ()

Regions going back into lockdown and I’m sat on a train out of Edinburgh opposite a nose-hanger (taking his mask OFF to cough) and a bunch of rowdy drinkers who clearly think masks spoil their fun. #northeastlockdown

Libby August
Libby August ()

Anyone know when the #northeastlockdown restrictions get announced? Would kind of like to know if I’m out of work or not 🙃🙃

Mary Kelly Foy
Mary Kelly Foy ()

[thread] I realise that many constituents will be anxious about reports of a series of local lockdowns being introduced across the North East and in County Durham in the coming days. #northeastlockdown (1/3)

Craig Forsyth
Craig Forsyth ()

Can Berwick-upon-Tweed move back into Scotland for the next two weeks? #northeastlockdown

Anthony ()

#northeastlockdown because of people’s irresponsible behaviour I and I am sure many other older people only go out for essential reasons, no holidays this year, don’t visit friends etc, it’s frustrating when we see people in large groups ignoring the

Spoiler-Man, Lord Of The Leaks, Breaker Of News
Spoiler-Man, Lord Of The Leaks, Breaker Of News ()

#northeastlockdown means you can go to a crowded pub without a mask on and meet your family there but can’t meet them in their garden. Make it make sense.

It’s Aimée, Mario 🍄
It’s Aimée, Mario 🍄 ()

• Go to work and mingle ✅ • Go to school and mingle ✅ • Go to the pub and mingle ✅ 🚫 But don’t you dare visit your family. This is utter nonsense. Either shut everything, like back in March, or stfu. #northeastlockdown

Monty ()

If you bastards just learn how to cover ur face INCLUDING YOUR NOSE TOO! And acc stay 2 metres the fuck away I think we’d be sound! There’s fuck all job around and not being funny another lockdown is another set back! #northeastlockdown

Natalie Wright
Natalie Wright ()

I wonder, why are we facing a possible lockdown in the north east to prevent covid spread, when back in 2018 flu was infecting more per 100k population, but no one batted an eyelid #covid #northeastlockdown

Sam Wise 🏳️‍🌈
Sam Wise 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Second lockdown for me then. You can go to a pub until 10pm but can’t meet people from different households, because that makes sense 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ #northeastlockdown

Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson ()

So the #NorthEast is likely going into lockdown @BorisJohnson YOU allowed tourists to flock to the area, YOU bribed people to go out & eat in restaurants! the fact the numbers have risen is hardly a shock! It was down to YOU, haway son, give ya heed a wobble #northeastlockdown

Jake ()

I really am deeply truly sick of this now. The first we hear of our specific area in the NE being an issue is tonight, what a joke #northeastlockdown

Smhmarcus ()

north east lockdown? sorry I don’t know who that is 🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯 #northeast #northeastlockdown

Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh ()

12 cases in Hartlepool out of a population of just under This is insanity. You can’t treat us like animals anymore #northeastlockdown

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☚ #Honour #FreddieFlintoff ☛
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