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Parisians have long felt under attack from Islamists in the city Listen to warning of this lovely Jewish lady from Paris (at the end of this trailer) #Homelands #NotreDameCathedralFire.

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Es war DOCH Brandstiftung? Ich habe die ganze Zeit nicht an ein zufälliges Feuer geglaubt. #NotreDame #NotreDameCathedralFire.

Bob Iger commits donation from Walt Disney Co. to restoration of Notre Dame #WaltDisneyCompany #NotreDameCathedralFire.

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Priceless stained-glass windows appear to have survived destruction 🔺The colourful stained-glass windows, which are more than 32 feet in diameter 🔺Date back to the 13th century 🔺Depict biblical images like apostles and angels #NotreDameCathedralFire.

What are your thoughts on #NotreDameCathedralFire? Watch the full length video here:.

My cartoon Wednesday @TheTimes. Could it happen here? #NotreDameCathedralFire #BrexitChaos.

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Find the #NotreDameCathedralFire #illusion.

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Notre Dame, the Church that shaped Secularism during French Revolution gutted #NotreDame #NotreDameCathedralFire.

तुम्हाला माहितीये काल ज्या नोत्र दाम कॅथेड्रलला आग लागली, त्या इमारतीत येशू सख्रिस्तांनी वापरल्याचा समज असलेल्या Crown of Thorns सारख्या काही वस्तू ठेवल्या होत्या. #NotreDameCathedralFire.

@SecCivileFrance Without a doubt the US stands with France. Notre Dame is aesthetically beautiful & aesthetically spiritual. God bless the people of Paris & France and the firefighters for such an effort. #VivaLaFrance #NotreDameCathedralFire will not consume us but Notre Dame Always will..

The resonance of a particular devastation, such the burning of Notre-Dame, always awakens the sadness of all loss. However burnt, scorched and battered this 800 year old giant will rise again. #NotreDameCathedralFire.

@KTHopkins @sbr_gi Grenfell - 40yrs old. Burns for one full day. Still standing #NotreDameCathedralFire - 900 yrs old. Burns 14 hrs. Walls remain. #Buildiing7 - Small fire in copier room for 3hrs. Then the 50 story building complete collapses in 8 seconds and vaporizes..

[email protected] to @tamannaahspeaks: B-Town reacts to #NotreDameCathedralFire.

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Parisians have long felt under attack from Islamists in the city Listen to warning of this lovely Jewish lady from Paris (at the end of this trailer) #Homelands #NotreDameCathedralFire.

My little sister made a thing #artistforghire #NotreDameCathedralFire.

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Donc Macron le dit ça va couter UN POGNON DE DINGUE #NotreDame #NotreDameCathedralFire.

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#NotreDameCathedralFire 2 of 3 You WILL tell new legends Belles histoires Et de nouveaux rêves More vivid than even before.

Сейчас буду просто пересматривать мюзикл Norte Dame de Paris и плакать. Этот мюзикл - мое детство. Собор отпечатался у меня в сердце. И сейчас он горит. . . . #NotreDameCathedralFire.

In a stroke of luck, the three famed stained-glass Rose windows at the historic Notre Dame cathedral seemed to have survived. #NotreDameCathedralFire.

Our hearts are with Paris as we reflect on the devastating #NotreDameCathedralFire. This poignant photo by Charles Marville, created in c1855, marked the end of a restoration project that saw the addition of the iconic spire to the cathedral, now sadly lost..

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Some thoughts on #BoleskineHouse, inspired by the #NotreDameCathedralFire.

This is too much 😭😭😭😭 #favefilm #NotreDameCathedralFire.

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Luckily, an exact digital replica of the 850-year-old cathedral was captured in 2015. #NotreDameCathedralFire #NotreDame.

I am beyond gutted by the #NotreDameCathedralFire but the fact that pledges for it’s restoration in less than 24 hours far outweigh the amounts we manage to mobilise for many #humanitarian disasters where thousands have lost their lives must make us pause for thought!.

While one of the Democratic presidential candidates was able to give a powerful and compassionate response *in French* to #NotreDameCathedralFire, the Republican president was tweeting about ‘flying water tankers’ #JustSayin.

This obtuse, gaslighting, doltish, nazi defending , white supremacist, poltroon is tweeting about the #NotreDameCathedralFire, yet has said nothing about a white supremacist burning down 3 Black churches in Louisiana..

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