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I’m live on UK radio today, but it’s Uptown every day 🦅 #NS10v10 Dipset v G-Unit NY—4pm @theresnosignall

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Pauls. ()

You man that were saying “nO sIgNaL dOnT LiStEn tO tHeIr AuDiEnCe, wE bUiLt ThEm” they heard you & you now have your chance to prove you know the mostest. Originators is music. Inventors of sound. Protectors of the clash 😒 #NS10v10

Royston St Leroy 🇳🇬
Royston St Leroy 🇳🇬 ()

This song had the real Hannah Montana thinking she could twerk without the main necessity #NS10v10

Malbez ()

WHEW! 😅 I ain’t twerked like that in a He’s won the whole clash #NS10v10

lad kad
Lad kad ()

hannahmontana hannahmontana hannahmontana hannahmontana hannahmontana hannahmontana hannahmontana #NS10v10

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☔️ ()

When you see me out don’t ask me about no Nicki, fuck I look like telling my business on Wendy #NS10v10

$oulo the Virgo ♍️
$oulo the Virgo ♍️ ()

Nah so Young Money lowkey win by default bc Drake is carrying this clash on his shoulders #NS10v10 lmao

Jamal ✊🏿
Jamal ✊🏿 ()

NWTS was Drake’s last good GOOD album. Views still slapped for me because that was full of Summer 16 vibes #NS10v10

vibeson tiller
Vibeson tiller ()

Drake & 2 chains whenever they’re on a song together #NS10v10

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Wodwodwod ()

nah i genuinely believe i could win an ns10v10 clash. have you seen what i can do with an aux cord mate ?

saiki k stan account🇯🇲
Saiki k stan account🇯🇲 ()

they’re fully aware what changes the audience want before we get tired of just don’t wanna do it lmao #ns10v10

SNARES over 808’s
SNARES over 808’s ()

Not many Young’s outside of the uk. All the best Young’s are outside the uk 😂😂😂😂 #NS10v10

𝑇𝑒𝑒́🇯🇲 ()

Got ready to say “you’re the worst you’re the worst” but they just cut the YouTube live😂😭 #NS10v10

black lives matter, now and forever 🖤🇿🇼
Black lives matter, now and forever 🖤🇿🇼 ()

Anyways, I don’t want to go to hell so on that note #NS10v10

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Ayo ()

I could never do #NS10v10 as in all these people coming for me cause of song choice. Loool F off

RB🧸 ()

BRO. YOU LOT R TAKING THE PISS. #NS10v10 you know damn well we don’t listen to that shit.

Scott Stevo
Scott Stevo ()

I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven When I awoke I spent that on a necklaceee #NS10v10

blair waldorf🧞‍♀️
Blair waldorf🧞‍♀️ ()

they didn’t play mindless behaviour or no air or drop it like it’s hot. ok #NS10v10

Iyeesha ()

ultimately both of these dj’s fumbled this clash, both era’s had so much more potential #NS10v10

🖤 ()

Can I just mention that Beyoncé’s transition from Sorry to Me, Myself and I on Homecoming is still one of the greatest things I’ve heard #NS10v10

#BlackLivesMatter🕊 ()

Only 4 good clashes the entire season Azonto-zanku Deathrow-badboy G unit-dipset Pharell-Timbaland, bring back individual clashes #ns10v10

Jo Boyega💕
Jo Boyega💕 ()

Kojo funds dropped a statement during #NS10v10 like say we’d miss it. Lool wait right there.

Kadeja🐢 ()

This song’s giving me summer, jhene and who is this 😭😭 got me missing someone I don’t even know #NS10v10

Jennifer’s wheelchair battery
Jennifer’s wheelchair battery ()

Pls whoever is repping 00s don’t disgrace us like Richard did with the 90s #NS10v10

• ()

All I can hear is K “I’m Rasheeeeeda, I rap like Shawty Looo” 😭 #NS10v10

灰 ()

Yeeeeah NYC had to win ATL has bangers but the selection was hit and miss #NS10v10 absolute rave tonight still

BLM.🇬🇧🇬🇲 🇸🇳•📍🇸🇪
BLM.🇬🇧🇬🇲 🇸🇳•📍🇸🇪 ()

WE STILL WON WITH 2 disqualification FAM. Putting nyc against atl is like putting london against manny We recognise the talent but there’s LEVELS TO ITTTT #NS10v10

Ready2BeTheBaker ()

Ofcos NEW YORK NEW YORK!!!! He did a far better job than whoever repped Bad Boy. Give him land. 🙌🏻 #NS10v10

leave jason derulo alone.
Leave jason derulo alone. ()

Nah I knew she was gonna play Afrobeats. Nicksy set pace with olufunmi when she represented boy bands #NS10v10


Tbh in real life the ATL has farrrrr better music don’t argue with me 🤷🏾‍♀️ #NS10v10

Ivie Ani
Ivie Ani ()

I’m live on UK radio today, but it’s Uptown every day 🦅 #NS10v10 Dipset v G-Unit NY—4pm @theresnosignall

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☚ Lucas Kane ☛
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