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Not sure Newcastle fans are expecting top 6, they just want a owner who cares about the club, wants to progress it forward and not bleed the club dry! #Nufc.

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Not sure Newcastle fans are expecting top 6, they just want a owner who cares about the club, wants to progress it forward and not bleed the club dry! #Nufc.

Hi all. Have any of you been made aware of document drafted up by a london law firm & sent to Premier League that presents a case that MA & LC may not be able to pass the premier league owners & directors test for this season? I had a copy posted anonomously to me #nufc.

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😡 “What Ashley’s done is a disgrace.” 😔 “It’s like a it gets worse and worse.” 🇸🇦 “I had a guy from Saudi Arabia who wanted the club.” 👎 “Bruce is a mediocre Championship manager. He’s not good enough.” @MichaelChopra didn’t hold back on #NUFC 🔥.

@SkySportsNews Can you highlight the fact that the last THREE takeover attempts have all coincided with when the transfer window is open, and then they mysteriously disappear as soon as the transfer window slams shut. #nufcfakeover #NUFC.

What do you make of this appointment (if it happens) #NUFC 🤔 💭 I’ve honestly not had a single NUFC player in my #FPL drafts as yet and I’m sadly not sure I can see that.

No Sports Direct signs. This is how Newcastle used to be and I love it ⚫️⚪️ #NUFC #ToonArmy.

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Yet we end up with Steve Bruce. Not that attractive is @PeteGravesSky #nufc.

“Why did the Great Grandad leave? Australians in Europe never see He was consigned to a boat, after using a huge great cleaver” The Fall - Australians In Europe 🏏 #FallFriday.

Let’s see what news we get today guys ⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️,Any manager must be mad coming to Newcastle , he must know you don’t get a transfer budget,🙈🙈🙈.

@NUFC @premierleague Look at the fucking state of that squad man. Only one man to blame. Mike fucking Ashley.

Playing cards on the balcony tonight. That I even put £2 into the torpedo sinking the #NUFC ship is shameful. #AshleyOut.

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ASIA TROPHY 🇨🇳| O clube acabou de divulgar a lista de jogadores que irão à China disputar o torneio de pré-temporada da @premierleague. Miguel Almiron, por sua participação na Copa América, teve seu descanso estendido. #NUFC.

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@NUFC absolute Joke of a squad 😂😂😂😂😂😂, pathetic pathetic pathetic. And you who tweets this shit, find a better job man.

@NUFC @premierleague Is Steve Bruce on the plane or did his head exceed baggage allowance?.

@NUFC @premierleague Where just there to make up the numbers we’ve got the worst squad out of the 4 teams in it 4th place we will finish.

@NUFC @premierleague You guys really are tweeting at 3am now to avoid backlash huh? Pathetic..

As a PR man, I can see why you tweeted this at 3am - “No one will notice we have no decent strikers in our squad” #textbook #nufc.

@NUFC @premierleague Tweeting through the night in the hope nobody will reply with abuse?.

@NUFC @premierleague tell ur boss to fuck off, and tell Bruce he wont be welcomed.

@ca55ette @JunaidMehkri Also we don’t want to sell him so that price is designed to get silly money for Longstaff or scare off Utd. Makes sense to me. #nufc.

Funny how #nufc has been up for sale for close on 11 years at various ‘known’ prices without attracting a buyer with the supposed resources to complete a sale 🤔 A profitable club+massive fan base that can’t tempt buyers into parting with their cash? Seems reasonable to.

@premierleague how did Mike Ashley passes his fit and proper person test back then? #nufc your rulebook is obviously flawed, just look at the state of our club.

Dread from it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. #NUFC.

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“I was extremely and I was very flattered.” “As much as I respect Newcastle fans and Ashley it wasn’t for me.” “It was about not going back.” “I thought about it but didn’t think about it for long.” Sam Allardyce confirms he has turned down the #NUFC job..

Steve Bruce is now Newcastle’s target to take over as manager. Sheffield Wednesday are braced for an official approach for their boss. Bruce returns from Portugal later today #NUFC.

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