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In my day nursing was a vocation. Nurses did the job for love. They were dewy eyed,dainty & didn’t make TokTik films. They also DIDN’T STRIKE! Maybe you new radical Marxist nurses should take note of this. You were loved by the public,now you’re more unpopular than Gary Neville😔.

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We need a housing system that delivers secure & genuinely affordable homes for nurses, midwives & other essential workers. If we want to keep nurses & midwives here in Ireland, there must be affordable housing for them. #RaiseTheRoof this Saturday @ 1 📍Parnell Square, Dublin.

We @LibDems understand the anger that nurses and other NHS staff feel after years of neglect by this Conservative Govt. It needs to urgently get round the table & find a fair solution for nurses, to avoid major strikes that risk causing major disruption to patients & NHS services.

@RAB360 @bbcquestiontime This isn’t as galaxy brained as you think it is. We already have an aging population. We need people to have kids. What you are saying is that nurses, teachers, police officers, junior drs, architects etc shouldn’t have kids because they don’t earn enough. It’s kind of bonkers.

@Kerrygold21 @brexitblog_info That’s the trouble with the degree nurses, they go to university, to learn how to care for the sick and dying, from books! 🤔 Then after all that studying, they get on the wards and realise that they don’t like all the poo 💩, vomit and sputum & blood 😱 !!.

@leedsscum85 @BBCNews There are over 40,000+ nursing vacancies in the NHS with more staff leaving every day and poor pay is one of the major factors in that. Nurses have had below inflation pay rises for years and this now needs to be addressed or patient care will continue to get worse..

#BlackFriday deals are LIVE! Get exciting deals from your favorite brands, plus special offers for Military, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers, and more!.

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@eiecampaign Mines up and I’ve done extra ones for neighbours we need our NHS but we can’t have it without the NURSES and PARAMEDICS and other NHS im fully behind every last one of them whatever it takes..

@WhoRU21836252 @SkyNews Do think that would cost roughly the same as 19% for all nurses?.

Opening of the nurses home covered in the Evening Chronicle of 31st March 1925. Interesting to read that the subway/tunnel linking the home to the hospital under Westgate Road was built after completion..

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@andrewmeyerson Yeah but the Albanians, the railway workers, the nurses, the posties, the remainers. Or something..

If you are one of the arsewipes that are attacking nurses for having the cheek to ask for a decent pay rise then you are a Cunt . And do the NHS a favour , when you fall ill, as you inevitably will at some point , don’t turn up at the Hospital , go see a vet ..

@mummacat10 This message is being totally ignored by the Nurses get sick too, (it’s amazing how public doesn’t realise this). What with existing staff shortages, and increasing Need, the public should be.

@AvonandsomerRob Nurses also say they’re going on strike because a shortage of staff risks patients lives, whilst also stating a shortage of staff during a strike, won’t..

@SkyNews Stop the NHS paying agency nurses insane amounts. Name and shame the agencys top people ripping the NHS off..

Some nurses worked really hard during Covid, but large parts of the hospital were closed ,some staff furloughed, so spare us the guilt trips..

Nobody supports strikes! Another bought off muppet. Nurses had a ballot and voted to strike so somebody supports them. I am sure their families are supportive of their action. Many of their patients will be supportive. Many humans can look further than the end of their own nose..

Rishi Sunak says nurses’ pay rise is ‘obviously unaffordable’ – video.

Douglas Ross said hundreds of teachers, nurses or police officers could be employed with the cash.

@SkyNews A man, wealthy beyond the imagination of most of us, telling our valued nurses that a decent and long deferred rise is ‘obviously unaffordable’ is quite the look. What a twat. #Conservatives.

Sunak using misleading claims to rubbish Nurses, remember when he stood and clapped them? This Tory government continues to be an utter disgrace #nursestrike.

@AnnPate52882764 @Councillorsuzie More staff and decent shift hours giving nurses a better quality of life is an important factor. I hope you get what you so thoroughly deserve, Kelly-Ann, for all your dedication, the hard work and care you afford towards your patients 💙xx.

@CTVNews This has been the same headline for 3 years now…. Had nurses and doctors had a choice we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

@David__Osland Probably because nurses going on strike could mean people dying! What’s your point exactly!.

Surely teachers, nurses, posties and railway workers knew before they spent many years at university or training that these professions were never the best paid!! Everyone just jumping on bandwagon now and causing major disruption to us the normal people! #CostOfLivingCrisis.

@Chriskeeffe3 @SkyNews Recheck your maths. There’s about 704 thousand nurses. So it’s about million not billion. £ million in government terms is honestly not much, it’s pocket change when you look relative at how much they splash around those sums of money for their own uses on daily basis..

Job Position: 🙌 Procurement Officer 🤝 Pharmacist 🙌 Driver 🤝 Cleaner 🙌 Investory Mgt Staff 🤝 Receptionist 🙌 Auditor 🤝 Store Keepers 🙌 IT Staff 🤝 Social Media Marketers 🙌 Customer Service Personal 🤝 Supermarket Manager 🙌 Nurses….

I feel like this is going on in more provinces than just Ontario. In New Brunswick, we’ve been struggling for doctors and nurses but they do nothing to help the situation. Wouldn’t be surprised if Higgs and Ford are on the same page and chatted about privatization at their BBQ’s.

Trust leaders aim to do all they can to ease disruption amid nurses’ strike.

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Never thought I’d be one of those people, but I am absolutely about to lose my shit on these fucking nurses.

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