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Ewan McGregor is reprising his role as #ObiWan in a new Disney+.

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Ewan McGregor -- who played the Jedi Knight in three Star Wars movies -- confirms that he will be reprising the role..

if we can get ewan to come back as obiwan then we definitely can get spidey back into the mcu.

🎬 Ahora si es oficial: #ObiWan vuelve a estar en la piel de #EwanMcGregor.

Oh my dad ♥️♥️ @mcgregor_ewan that’s fantastic- #starwars #ObiWan.


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Este vídeo mola mucho porque se ve Ewan McGregor igual de feliz (o más) que los fans por poder volver a encarnar a #ObiWan Kenobi..

Si es que hasta la forma en que #EwanMcGregor anunció que iba a interpretar de nuevo a #ObiWan fue épica..

When Disney took over the franchise, this was all I wanted to see. #ObiWan.

Et la série #ObiWan quelle idée de merde. Sauf si c’est réaliste et traite de l’histoire d’un mec obligé de rester caché et qui s’emmerde.

Como en la serie de Obiwan no salga Ahsoka, me voy a cagar mucho en los muertos de Disney..

My beloved Ewan as my favorite Obi-Wan ❤️ #EwanMcGregor #ObiWan.

Et ce qui devait arriver arriva ! Pas de surprise mais tout de même : WAOUH ! « Ewan, are u going to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again ? » 💍 La demande en mariage la moins spontanée du monde ! La série #ObiWan devrait se dérouler 8 ans après l’épisode III.

@f_obiwan 立民にしても民民にしても、自民党的な部分があって、いつ自民と大連立して大政翼賛するか気が気じゃない感じです。.

Oui je reprendrai bien mon rôle d’Obiwan Kenobi #EwanMcGrogor.

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Yes!! 100% this. Obiwans Story should be a character study. Vader sees him for the first time on the Death Star he thinks he’s dead before that. They blew the Maul/Obiwan thing in Rebels. Can’t redo it in live action now. And that’s a shame honestly..

@LukeOKC @sooner_sean I would subscribe now. The Obiwan started telling watching that clip.

I had the chills love this man and character so much! 💛 #ObiWan.

Woohoo!!! Yay! Can’t wait to see it @mcgregor_ewan !! #StarWars #ObiWan.


SO hyped for the @themandalorian and #ObiWan series!!!! I WANT IT NOW! #StarWars.

RBG would have retired IF she knew it would not be a problem and senate would not replace her in election.

Me: Man they just need to move the hell away from the Skywalker saga characters and give us something new Also me: HOLY SHIT AN OBIWAN SERIES!.

”That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time, a long time.” #starwars #ObiWan.

Ewan McGregor is reprising his role as #ObiWan in a new Disney+.

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