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Final CFB national rankings in scoring defense: 1. Georgia 2. San Diego State 3. Clemson 4. Ohio State 5. Iowa.

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Are we really gonna hear from Ohio State fans about what they woulda it from Clemson y’all didn’t want any of this either.

6 takeaways from the CFP: 1. OU was the correct choice for #4 2. OU was not actually a top 4 team. 3. Ohio State was better than Clemson. 4. Clemson made winning plays and still was worthy to win the semi. 5. Ohio State may have beaten LSU. 6. LSU is a deserving National Champ..

Final CFB national rankings in scoring defense: 1. Georgia 2. San Diego State 3. Clemson 4. Ohio State 5. Iowa.

@brdispatch It eases it a little, but anyone claiming “it’s a good thing they lost so they didn’t have to get beat by LSU” isn’t a real Ohio State fan. A true Buckeye would’ve loved the challenge of facing off with LSU..

@mijmania Graduated from Ohio State. Grad transfer to LSU. Already graduated from LSU with masters..

@Kwen_C He got into the right situation. Whos to say he has the same success if he stayed at Ohio State?.

Tiger nation. Please, please don’t act like Ohio State fans. Let’s keep our mouths shut. LSU played lights out. Not our night. LSU was the better team..

Lawrence trash they got away with Ohio State but this is #SEC football where we actually play good teams all year bye bye Clemson.

Just a reminder no matter what! Ohio State would not have won either #NationalChampionship.

LSU was/is the best team in a dying game. Ohio State is not the best at anything. As usual. Carry on..

I still feel like we should be playing tonight but the amount of times the announcers have mentioned Ohio State tonight it kinda feels like we’re playing. #gobucks.

It’s as if Clemson was only here because they played an embarrassingly soft schedule and Ohio State got screwed by officiating 🤔.

I wish Ohio State would jus take they damn L .. shit 😂😂.

Darren Taylor, who was convicted of murder and other charges, is suing the state of.

Damn College football Season all good tho. Know that I’m at the Oregon Ohio State game Week 2 next year!.

@JakeGray2020 Michigan State and Ohio State getting shutout in playoff games certainly isn’t a good look for the Big Ten here..

@DanLifshatz Well something took Joe from 2 star recruit and not being able to win the job at Ohio State to best college quarterback in a 5 year span..

@cfbquotes @OhioStateFB Dumbest tweet of the night. As a Clemson fan I have no problem saying LSU offense best of all time and would destroy Ohio State.

@SonicHockeyFan Ok, so explain to me how that relates to Ohio state blowing a 16 pt lead.

I’m still mad about Ohio State so it’s only right LSU beats the shit out of Clemson..

@DanLifshatz Honestly practicing against Ohio state and playing against most of the teams Lawrence has faced probably gives burrow the edge alone..

Ohio State gonna be the first school to suggest a double elimination playoff?.

@GabeIkard In my opinion no one was gonna beat LSU they would have whipped Ohio State.

So are we ready to admit that Clemson didn’t deserve to be here? IJS Ohio State beat them..

@RWhite__4 Ohio State for sure, Wisconsin and Penn State and I’ll throw in this year’s Minnesota team.