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🧵 In the light of his resignation let’s remember all the good work that Oliver Dowden has done for the country…(1/1).

Oliver Dowden was due to be interviewed on @SkyNews this morning - not anymore - he’s resigned instead- it’s going to be a beautiful day!.

‘What we were hearing time and time again on the doorstep was that Oliver Dowden must go.’.

Downing Street seemingly unable to persuade any minister to turn up for the media rounds. Oliver Dowden was due to appear but pulled out after resigning and now Dominic Raab has pulled out too. Unclear if anyone else will be willing to make an appearance..

💥Oliver Dowden resigns as Tory party chair after by-election losses. He tells Boris Johnson: “Our supporters are distressed and disappointed by recent events, and I share their feelings”..

Boris Johnson told to quit by Tory grandee after double by-election defeat.

The country doesn’t just need a new PM,it needs totally different policies right across the board. Johnson is a liar but his govt is repressive and is not good for the vast majority of the country. We are governed by a Party financed by foreign money..

Self Serving Tory MPs realise that their parliamentary seat is about as safe as a bunny rabbit with a python, ….if Johnson remains in power..

🔴Former Tory leader Lord Michael Howards says Boris Johnson should resign.

Of course the Convict wouldn’t resign – that’s for little people like Dowden.


Boris Johnson has vowed to keep going after his authority was dealt a series of blows by a double by-election defeat which triggered the resignation of Cabinet minister Oliver Dowden..

Oliver Dowden’s resignation puts Boris Johnson in dangerous territory.

Oliver Dowden resigns as Conservative party chairman after double by-election defeat - PoliticsHome.

Loving the fact that Oliver Dowden was supposed to be doing the media this morning. Must have thought at 5am, “Fuck that, I’m done defending this clown’, and quit..

Oliver Dowden: the Tory fall guy who was Cameron’s ‘undertaker’.

🗣️ Dominic Raab has been challenged to explain how the Government will tackle the cost of living as he was rushed onto a morning broadcast round following the resignation of Oliver Dowden.

15 minutes ago this list of guests included the (now ex) Tory Party chairman Oliver Dowden. Will we hear from a minister this morning?.

Y12 - Conservatives lost both seats, and Oliver Dowden has resigned as Chair of the party. Turnout in T&H was 52% which is pretty high for a by-election. What happens ! Useful for power of PM, FPTP (esp. tactical voting), and parties topics..

Devastating double By-Election defeat for BoJo leading Chairman of Tory party Oliver Dowden to resign..

So. Farewell then Oliver Dowden You were Shit And looked so very much like Martin out of Game On.

Oliver Dowden resigns as Conservative party chair in wake of byelection losses Tory MP says someone ‘must take responsibility’ for defeats, amid growing pressure on Boris Johnson Will he be ennobled after a brief waiting period? Save Big Dog continues..

@HollieTheCard @BorisJohnson No when Oliver Dowden resigns the writing is on the wall. A scathing attack on your cult leader saying we can’t carry on with business as usual. We need leadership. He pledges loyalty to the party not the PM.

@NickFerrariLBC @LBC What a tiresome slate of has-beens. When all we want to hear is Oliver Dowden..

Well. We are/were expecting to hear from Oliver Dowden on @TimesRadio this morning… #Conservatives #BorisJohnson.

Oliver Dowden Photo,Oliver Dowden Photo by David Friend,David Friend on twitter tweets Oliver Dowden Photo

Tory party chairman Oliver Dowden resigns after double by-election loss.

Oliver Dowden Photo,Oliver Dowden Photo by Bez(os): #JohnsonOut & England Alone,Bez(os): #JohnsonOut & England Alone on twitter tweets Oliver Dowden Photo

Tfw Oliver Dowden emerges as the moral backbone of the Conservative Party 🤦‍♂️.

Oliver Dowden resigns as Conservative party chair in wake of byelection losses Good. Another nasty man.

Oliver Dowden resigns as #Conservative party chair in wake of byelection losses.

Justin on compassionate leave. Oliver Dowden fleeing the sinking ship. What a time to be alive. #r4today.

Oliver Dowden Photo,Oliver Dowden Photo by Sean Davids,Sean Davids on twitter tweets Oliver Dowden Photo

When you wake up to brilliant news for the first time in forever 😊 Well done the people of Tiverton & Honerton & Wakefield 👏👏👏👏. Oliver Dowden can fuck right off.

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