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Champions of the @GameFuel PRO/AM @KarlTowns.

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If I did a fiber optic whip practice stream, would you watch? Example:.

@b_stripe @Dbxv2Saiyan You my good sir has gotten yourself a follower.

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Hey scump I’ll be in Chicago for 3 hours on October 12th waiting for a flight wanna get some lunch? @OpTic_Scumper.

From BIG OPTIC HECZ, TO BIG NRG HECZ. LMAO XD, alright gotta stop now, it just blows my mind.


JOB; Waltham MA USA - Telecommunications Engineer - Telecommunications solutions may involve private radi: Telecommunications solutions may involve private radio networks systems fiber optic networks systems microwave network JOBS WORK #BOSTON.

@DumboRat4000 @Will_Bunch Turns out that optic warrants investigation,if it hasn’t commenced yet..

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Been an OpTic fan my whole life and have always been because of Scump and Hecz, now that they are to NRG, and OpTic is no more, it’s NRG time 💪🏼💪🏼.

Thanks for all the love. The OG hunting OpTic was amazing but this series has turned it up 💯.

2019 Optic Diamond Kings Yoan Moncada #WhiteSox $ @HobbyConnector.

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The END of OpTic?! 💀 (H3CZ Joins NRG).

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whoever stays on optic after hecz left, just know my opinion of you is. You a bitch 🥰y’all ain’t ever gone see this but oh well..

This hurts so much more than what people 😢 goodbye OpTic and hello @NRGgg ❤️.

It’s way out of the cards probably but imagine Hecz and Chicago with Scump and Formal, Optic in LA with Dashy and TJ and Crim or Karma in Dallas with envy and the eclassico will be Chicago and Dallas..


@BruceKelley1962 Browning x bolt, .300 winmag. grains of powder, 178 BTHP, optic is a vortex viper 4-12x50, at 100yds..

Nikmati jaringan internet dan WIFI Indihome TERBAIK dari PT Telkom. Harga mulai 250 ribuan! Mengapa Indihome selalu jadi pilihan pengguna internet di Indonesia? •TERCEPAT dengan jaringan Fiber Optic •TERSTABIL….

@Zsquad_1169 @OpTicGaming If they didn’t acquire Optic the situation would be worse. You don’t know anything about business if you think that someone walking out of a business is the fault of the owners lack of negotiation, especially with no feasible evidence..

Hecz is what made OpTic, without him, there is no OpTic. Im ride or die with hecz and man is it gonna be weird supporting a team that isnt OpTic..

@H3CZ I’ve been a optic fan since 2011. Started with @M40A3Predator and he put me onto nadeshot. Been a fan the whole time. All love. And best believe I’ll be following and watching the new journey too..

@H3CZ Even doe I did lose the love for optic back in the day I still followed you. I learned a lot on how to go for what I wanted. Thank you for been a role model, I’m not gonna wish you luck cause nothing you did was luck it was all hard work. ÉXITO HERMANO.

@H3CZ Sucks to see optic go to where it has but so happy to see what comes next :).

🚨BREAKING: @OpTicH3CZ officially announces OpTic Gaming exit..

Champions of the @GameFuel PRO/AM @KarlTowns.

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My esports history: 2019 - eunited 2018 - eunited 2017 - eunited 2017 - faze 2016 - faze 2015 - faze 2015 - denial 2014 - nv 2014 - optic 2013 - tk 2013 - coL 2013 - unite 2012 - RNX 2012 - ON 2011 - vVv 2011 - Tva 2010 - Tva 2009 - aoX wew lads.

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