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ONS data - people dying with COVID-19 in England & Wales per 100,000 people. Share this and leave people to decide their own risk preparedness #over50s

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Mike ()

@JuliaHB1 #over50s near me have said they will not comply with ageist shielding & would go to jail rather than go into shielding again.

Andy ()

I don’t really drink, I don’t march in ‘uniform’, I don’t enjoy lying on beaches and I didn’t enjoy spending months at I DID IT during lockdown! I’m 61 and all I want is fairness when tackling this virus. Don’t blame me and ignore those flouting the rules! #over50s

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🤫 ()

Why might #over50s be told to isolate to reduce transmission. All along government have said kids don’t get / spread virus and so schools can open BUT NOT soft play centres?? Absolute joke!!!

Russ ()

Instead of asking the #over50s to shield, how about clamping down on those self-centred morons who have ignored the guidance for months

Angel5 ()

If a teacher is arrested over accusations of touching pupils, he is suspended. If a pilot is arrested over accusations of flying drunk, he is suspended. If a Tory MP is arrested over accusations of raping a woman, he continues to sit. #ToryMP #over50s

Jackie C
Jackie C ()

@DrFrancesRyan No plans for #over50s shielding unless everyone is in a local

Stan Byrne HR UK
Stan Byrne HR UK ()

Have been shopping in @Morrisons Speke today lots of people including staff not wearing masks, I know there are exceptions but come on people stick with the program! #over50s

SarahBrexit777 ()

So many people falling for the MSM bullshit on No lockdown for over 50s, all pubs not We need to get much better at cutting the MSM snakes heads off! Don’t fall into their gaslighting control! #over50s #pubs

Raymond Friel
Raymond Friel ()

If you want all the schools open in September - with leadership and experience - then go easy on the #over50s. Have a closer look at the other groups - and high profile individuals - who’ve been flouting restrictions throughout. #WearAMask

chris ward
Chris ward ()

I would like to know the %age of over 50s who have been key workers over the last 6 months that has kept this country and its citizens well, fed and watered. Just saying. #over50s

Line Ends
Line Ends ()

At Glasgow Queen Street yesterday it was all the younger ones, under 35, not wearing masks on @ScotRail trains, #over50s were nearly all wearing masks and complying with the law. Its the young ones who should be banned.

D4VE ()

Ha ha good luck it’s the punk / rock generation you are telling what to do here 😂 #over50s

Robin Denton
Robin Denton ()

@Terri_rebel So what rating will Cummings get, people ignoring the rules that spread the virus not the majority of aged who are at higher risk of serious affects who do follow the rules for their own personal safety #over50s

Platinum Brides
Platinum Brides ()

The #over50s announcement = a distraction from something else. It’s got to be a #deadcat

Elvin K. Box MCIOB MBA(Open)
Elvin K. Box MCIOB MBA(Open) ()

I am not Elderly, never will be. Age is merely a number, not a category #over50s

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lucy 💫🌙
Lucy 💫🌙 ()

considering additional shielding for some #over50s would not be necessary if social distancing and limits on group gatherings were actually enforced

Les Johnson
Les Johnson ()

If what I’m reading is true, having complied with all COVID-19 government rules, if you think as an over 50 year old (64 to be precise) I will be shielding for no other reason than my age, think again. #over50s

Jet Convoy
Jet Convoy ()

#over50s lockdown is just a ruse so that 99% of the house of lords & 75% of the house of commons can not work from home for longer

Rufus Dentona
Rufus Dentona ()

Millions of overs 50s could be given orders to stay at home!! 😂🤣😂 FFS!! Our household is going to be fun! I’ll have to turn in to the hunter gatherer 😂🤣 #over50s #lockdownextension

Eghazie_Official ()

@senior_dating was said that Tory MP #Over50s raped a woman who works for the parliament estate and That this matter has been reported to the police

Roast Beef Johnny
Roast Beef Johnny ()

Please Scotland, vote for independence, and I’m moving there, I will bring my business, family, and dogs. I’m officially to old now in England, and need protection #over50s

PattyBee ()

There won’t be many MPs left in HofC ( too old + obese). I’m pretty sure many key workers in hospitals and police belong in the obese category so will be told to stay at home. The only good news is London will be in lockdown with travel restricted to inside M25 #over50s

Ali ()

Why are #over50s angry that they may need to shield if they have certain health issues? I’m not a conservative supporter by any means but surely acting on the latest science is logical?

SJP ()

@DrFrancesRyan The golf courses will be deserted again 🏌🏼‍♂️😷 #over50s

Dobbiedogg ()

#over50s Boris can try and enforce this ridiculous requirement to stay but he will fail. The whole UK is f****d off with this ineffective Government and will NOT BE TOLD ANYMORE WHAT TO DO

Oon ()

Alarmist media? Looks like they’re discussing the ‘possibility’ of including #over50s in the shielding group who have certain medical conditions, not everyone.

Mark ()

@BorisJohnson I’m over 50, key worker, worked throughout and followed all guidelines,I’ve kept safe!, how about getting tough on all the idiots regardless of age that have ignored all the rules from day one! #over50s

Jules ()

A lot of the Elderly #over50s have carried on working right through the #Coronavirus with no time to attend Marches, Parties, Beaches, Pubs etc

LaraBadger ()

Funny how the day the story breaks of a senior Tory MP being accused of rape is the day the news is ‘leaked’ that #over50s will be asked to stay indoors and that’s all anyone can talk

Dr Zoe Harcombe, PhD
Dr Zoe Harcombe, PhD ()

ONS data - people dying with COVID-19 in England & Wales per 100,000 people. Share this and leave people to decide their own risk preparedness #over50s

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