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Is this parody? If not and if serious, this is calumny. The quotes attributed to me are not mine.

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TARANZA (CEO of hands) ()

The year is 202X Every parody account parodies at canon levels of perfection Because of this, the quality of a parody depends on if his account was taken in count for the rewritting of his canon history

Adithya Ravi ()

@Mystic_Tamil Song is also a light parody of conventional Kollywood romance songs lol

Doti 🇧🇷PrillyaHive ITS NOT SAIN TIME DAMNIT ()

@Em_0s Abridged DB is made by people who actually love the source and wanted to make a fun parody, it has it’s flaws and some jokes get old fast but you can feel the genuine passion oozing from it Abridged SAO is reddit the anime

🌹 The Flying Pig 🌹~👔 4Labour 👔 ()

@Mansoursmancity I really, really, really, hope this is NOT a parody account. 🤣🤣🤣

Mark Wingate ()

@LarryBoorstein @ChelseaClinton atta boy larry, direct your parody at CNN, MSDNC, NYTimes, WAPO who fuel all of your hate and venomous snot. I am sure you think you are

That IT guy ()

@vexwerewolf I want to get an Amendment that elected officials and their staff must face fines, jail time, and possibly permanent removal from public service as consequences for lying. And I think Fox News should be forced to either remove News from their name OR add Parody to the name.

Warriorscomeout ()

Young Ones and biting left comedy in general needs a reboot in the dark parody Verhoeven dystopian horror show that is the UK. Not that I’m going to vote hard left.

Terri-Penn Ryder ()

@alx_jimnz @CNN Parody. Love your commitment to troll. I same human would actually think this

Vicente L Ruiz ()

He felt something was really wrong with the world, when his #parody account started making more sense than the serious one. #VSS365

जेहादियों का काल ()

इन पर और राहुल गांधी पर देश द्रोह का केस लगना चाहिए

Prof. Robert Galavan ()

I thought it was a parody when I read it first. Apparently not.

C e c e ()

I was actually surprised by how many times I laughed watching this movie. Sure, there’s a lot to unpack 6 years later (the world has changed so much): is it kinda misogynistic or is it a masterful parody of patriarchy ?

जेहादियों का काल ()

जब थोड़ा और राष्ट्र वादियों का जोर पड़ेगा तो इनमें आरिफा आषुतोष ,रोहिणी और रवीश भी आयेगा हालांकि रवीश ऐसे बोलता है जैसे बेरोजगार की औलाद है और खुद भी बेरोजगार है

Neha ()

@TheDailyShow Brilliantly explained. More of this please. This show is known for comedy and parody and politics make it rich for material. I didn’t expect such a powerfully worded serious statement but I am so glad I paid attention. Hope you are paying attention NYC!

✍🏻Karan Singh🖋️ ()

@GirlyRoseRazia Your profile looks like a poor attempt to collect victim cards. Or a parody of it.

Richard Savva ()

Other than blocking someone is there anything else that can be downe to stop stalkers? There are 2 accounts on here that are actively abusing me daily, slandering my name and opening Parody accounts. How do i make it stop?

अनिल कुमार यादव ()

@rofl_parody @RoflSinha देश के टुकड़े करने वाले लोग भी जेल बाहर हैं

Hairy arsed hippy ()

@ColinBrowning14 This has to be a parody account no one could be this fucking dense I had to follow for a laugh I bet he never left the bulldog in Amsterdam

Damonxv🇬🇧 ()

@FrankWenzy @JamesMelville I know, the amount of crap James posts, it does make you wonder if it’s a parody account. 😉🤣

Le dauphin ()

Be honest. Is this one of your parody accounts @andrewdoyle_com ?

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ぱろでぃ ()


AustynZOGS ()

All these idiots using PARODY ACCOUNTS, to deceive gulibe followers, @officialEFCC will soon be on your case

俺ガイルパロディbot ()

2巻 さすがはデビルマン、デビルイヤーは地獄耳である… アニメ『デビルマン』のOP、デビルマンのうた から。 #oregairu #俺ガイル

Ram Swarup Sharma ()

@rofl_parody @VoiceofmyBharat कन्हाई के ट्वीट का स्तर इतना नीचा नही होना चाहिए ।शुभ संकेत नही ।

Vikki ()

The taste of tragedy & roses that is every waking hour of life I die a little in overthought letting the bathwater rise no one will save me this time but your beauty in a song naked, I close my eyes sleep deep & long pretend I am born again wherever parody is paradise. #vss365

Dominic Ellison ()

I presumed this guy was a parody, but turns out he’s just an idiot

Neil Pattie ()

@ColinBrowning14 Hey up Colin, I live in Amsterdam. Still in the city? Pop round for a pint of Tiger or two and you can help me the go through the process to stay here. There are real life consequences to #brexit. This is just the start! PS Reckon yours is a parody account

RuShaw ()

@OwenJones84 Love it when you lefties are so far up your own arses you cant see parody !!🙄🤣

Nirmala Sitharaman ()

Is this parody? If not and if serious, this is calumny. The quotes attributed to me are not mine.

Shaun King ()

This isn’t a parody account. @MikeBloomberg posted this himself.

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