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The DOJ has seized the cell phone of the Republican Party state chairman of Nevada in relation to Trump’s fake elector scheme, per the local CBS News affiliate. This is truly getting real..

Ian Dunt
Ian Dunt

Departure of one of the most quietly pernicious figures in the party. As culture secretary, he tried to bully cultural institutions into following a government narrative. As chairman, he pursued a gibbering culture war strategy. He will not be missed..

BREAKING: Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden resigns: We cannot carry on with business as usual. Somebody must take responsibility and I have concluded that, in these circumstances, it would not be right for me to remain in office..

Sky News
Sky News

We cannot carry on with business as usual: Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden has resigned after the party slumped to two by-election defeats.

Tories lose 2 by-elections and the person quitting as a result is the Conservative Party Chairman not the party leader!.

Irish #FFG Politicians, This is a what a resignation letter looks like, it’s from ⁦@OliverDowden the Chairman of ⁦@Conservatives⁩ #UK, in it he says “Someone has to take responsibility” for the failures of his party. This man has something you don’t have. Dignity..

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‘Be careful’ — APC chairman, Adamu warns Machina over senatorial ticket tussle with Lawan --- The National Chairman of the APC, Abdullahi Adamu, has warned Bashir Machina over his comments on the party’s senatorial ticket in Yobe North. READ HERE-.

Your party’s chairman literally resigned over these results.

The PalArse of Westminster: Tories Lose Two By-elections and Party Chairman.

Party Chairman Photo,Party Chairman Photo by Ken Frost,Ken Frost on twitter tweets Party Chairman Photo

UPDATE: Chairman of UK governing Conservative Party, Oliver Dowden has resigned as political crisis deepens while Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in Rwanda for #CHOGM2022. It increases pressure on the PM to also quit. He will not be in office for long after this resignation.

Party Chairman Photo,Party Chairman Photo by The Chronicles,The Chronicles on twitter tweets Party Chairman Photo

@GaryGaryholman I wasn’t really talking about voting so much as if the change of party chairman would change anyone’s view..

The wheels are falling off the Tory Party. Chairman resigns, and no minister wanting to defend !!!.

The Chairman of the Conservative Party is responsible for party administration and overseeing the Conservative Campaigns. This morning that person resigned..

@Christo77535169 @GuidoFawkes You are probably one of those people that defend the Tories but don’t know who the chairman of the party is. Do you see how stupid that makes.

The Conservative Party is defeated in both the Tiverton and Honiton by-election and the Wakefield by-election, by the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party respectively. Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden resigns in the aftermath of the defeats..


@Conservatives @grantshapps Party Chairman resigns and you lose Wakefield and Tiverton… losing ethics advisors by the year… not really in a position to play games and throw mud are you? Decency will trump the lies, arrogance, law & rule breaking, total lack of accountability!.

Some of you may have sensed by now that I have little in common with Conservatives. However, I will always acknowledge people of integrity whatever our differences. So today my respect goes to Oliver Dowden who has resigned as Chairman of the Conservative Party. #ByElections2022.

My manifesting must have worked yesterday, Tories lost both seats and the party chairman has quit! Boris mysteriously scheduled being away for this week 😬.

Yeah, that’ll fix it 🙄 Tory party chairman Oliver Dowden resigns after double by-election loss - The Independent.

@SirRogerGale Always think the Party Chairman is a poison chalice. Job never lasts long 🤢.

England’s clown PM insists he will keep going • Tory party chairman quits - Brussels news.


@SirRogerGale Ahhhh how condescending can one be , it’s sickening, he resigned to take responsibility as chairman of the party for failing his PM and the fact that outsiders and party traitors are putting pressure on pm.

Party Chairman Photo,Party Chairman Photo by ob1,ob1 on twitter tweets Party Chairman Photo

Ben Elliot is now Tory Chairman - this really illustrates the Tory party links to Russian money.

Breaking News. Old friend returns as new Tory Party Chairman..

Party Chairman Photo,Party Chairman Photo by Pat Kelly,Pat Kelly on twitter tweets Party Chairman Photo

@GOP 🙄🙄🙄🙄 DOJ subpoenas Georgia Republican Party chairman as it expands Trump ....

So far he has presided over the resignations of 2 ethics advisors, a party chairman and an anti corruption tsar and still he hangs on like a tag-nut on a sheep’s arse.

.@WhiteDeathCyber Hey Stefan you look pretty rough in this pic lmao. So you got elected as a chairman for the district board of the Bonn Pirate Party. Hmmm. You are bad at this.

@IanDunt @13sarahmurphy Only the other day he was trying to blame Kier Starmer for the train strikes in a particularly unpleasant way on his twitter feed. Where did this sudden dose of integrity come from? Conservative co-chairman #OliverDowden quits after by-election losses.

2 ethics advisors resign. 1 anti corruption tsar resigns. And now the conservative party Chairman. Really does seem the only thing world beating about this government is how terrible it is.

@OliverDowden has resigned as party chairman of the Conservative Party. Now they have @benwelliot to take over the mantle. Only in the UK could this person still have a position in government! 🤷‍♂️ #CorruptToriesOut #ToryLiars.

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