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“Can you say without doubt you believe the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a man who upholds the highest standards of his office?” Business Minister Paul Scully “yes” Will they never learn.

Love @adilray for throwing out a huge list of all the Tory screw ups to Paul Scully and watching him squirm while he reverts back to the ‘success’ of Brexit 😬 @gmb.

Sky News
Sky News

Boris Johnson has always been one of the most highly scrutinised politicians in the world and people have been gunning for him for some time, says Business Minister Paul Scully. 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube.

Paul Scully, Tory MP making an ass of himself defending Johnson on Sky to Kay Burley! 😂😂😂.

Just confirmed. We will be joined shortly by business minister @scullyp Paul Scully. He is one of a number of ministers stepping in for Oliver Dowden who pulled out of this morning’s media round after resigning..

@mjtward19 @JeromeMayhew My MP is Paul is on tv this morning doing his usual lapdog routine. What a loser - I hope..

@JennSelby @Sathnam Paul Scully currently soiling himself at the feet of Johnson on #KayBurley - there are no depths to which they won’t sink. I think I’m starting to feel sorry for them..

If you are in Paul Scully’s constituency, can you tell me how dire the other candidates must have been to be worse than him? He seems to have had an intellect by-pass.

I bet Paul Scully wished he’d stayed in bed this morning rather than come on the telly to try to defend Boris Johnson . The man is a jabbering mess 🤦‍♂️ #kayburley @skynews.

Paul Scully on @SkyNews basically saying sorry voters but you got it wrong and we’re not going to listen. Remarkable take. #byelections #BorisJohnsonOut.

Paul Scully - why is Alan Sugar’s love child on the telly saying “sorry, not sorry” like a clockwork monkey? When does the gaslighting stop? The only calls Boris got right were the ones to his friends setting Carrie up for a job. Now he is in a fridge in Rwanda..

Paul Scully taking the bait from Kay Burley to stick one to the media. Postal Votes were cast during partygate scandal… Risible nonsense..

Paul Scully coming off the bench as an 89th minute substitute & still prepared to shamelessly prostitute & abase himself on this mornings media rounds. Oh Paul - when you’re an old man you’ll hopefully look back at these interviews and shake your head in disbelief 😔😔😔.

@KayBurley Paul Scully MP .... Born 1968 .... 1983 = 14 , remembers Miner Strike .... please ask him how old he was during the strike.

@StephenMcGann I’ve had to watch my MP, Paul Scully, doing the breakfast rounds this morning, defending the reprehensible and indefensible. I am so sick of them all..

This is great. @adilray lists a litany of Tory failures and asks Paul Scully, could the by-election losses be down to any of these? #JohnsonOut.

Paul Scully said on #KayBurley this morning that Johnson had broken the #Brexit paralysis. Could someone please tell me how? All he seems to have done is make it worse for everyone @campbellclaret @ThatTimWalker.

#BorisJohnsonMustResign @jessphillips Paul Scully blames media for by election results for keeping on about partygate!.

Desperate Paul Scully going full Tory loyal loon in order to defend Johnson. Everyone else is to Time for all these low quality Tory politicians in cabinet making decisions without an atom of intelligence and integrity. #GTTO #ToriesUnfitToGovern.

Paul Scully MP speaking with Kay Burley this morning! Seemed not to understand, that 75% of his colleagues do not have faith in their leader !.

This is painful to watch, Paul Scully sitting there trying to think of excuses. 🤣🤣 #Skynews #BorisJohnsonMustResign.

Paul Scully MP on Sky news still trying to defend the shambles that is the UK government. How do Conservative ministers look at themselves in the mirror?.

Paul Scully MP on @SkyNewsBreak right now…god you can actually see his last ounce of integrity dying live on tv!! 😤.

@TStandfield1789 @paulscullymp Think you’ve tagged the wrong Paul Scully! Though I’m sure you’re not the first. Hello Australian Paul, hope you’re got more decency & backbone than the UK one we’ve got here!.

@LeeJone50103071 Paul Scully was on Sky as Dowden’s resigned. Scully insisted that Dowden resigned not because of BJ!.

Paul Scully – simultaneously incoherent, clapped-out, and dodgy as fuck..

@SkyNews @KayBurley Rat deserting the sinking ship who knows he will be losing his own seat in the next general election I’m not surprised how come Paul Scully isn’t surprised?.

Guess who voted to dump raw sewage in your rivers sutton. You got it PAUL SCULLY..

@GMB @adilray Paul Scully, demonstrating for all his utter ineptitude and willingness to defend Big Job Boris no matter what. What an absolute tool!.

@KayBurley Paul Scully showing us why he’s keen for the PM to stay. Surely no-one competent would have him as a Minister?.

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