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Updated: September 15th, 2021 05:41 PM IST

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🌎 @MeekMill & @officialgiggs shooting a music video in Peckham last night 🌎

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YES! I’ve lived in #Southwark all my life & Peckham Green has been a PARK for 20 plus years. See #PeckhamGreen for what local residents say about consultation. Luxury homes were planned for PRIVATE sale on COUNCIL land at Sumner House & ‘paused’ when highlighted by the campaign.

Meek cancelling his show saying he was sick, just to be seen in Peckham is so funny to me

UK is actually dead, why tf are guys posted up outside Peckham McDonald’s like it’s a landmark

Gentrification: Brixton/Peckham market and every other place of its kind is the people not the location. Everything we did in London, we could do somewhere else. We just have to remember to buy/own this time.

@drinkrelaxplay You should stop by Hoxton Radio and give us the lowdown on some of your events and antics and maybe talk a bit of Peckham too? info@ is us

Meek Mill filmed a music video with Giggs in Peckham last night

Ok ok hear me out, something about Peckham makes Meek very handsome

The first Director of NHS R&D, back in 1991 & the first strategy for NMAHP research in 1993, I think. A fine legacy. Sir Michael Peckham obituary | Cancer research | The Guardian

Brexit inflation arising from the entirely foreseeable consequences of leaving the single market and the customs Union

Wtfffffffffffffff main Peckham. They’ll get a ticket for that.

@DylanAroloye Here catching whines on the streets of Peckham but a show in Brixton was too much? Ffs

Meek Mill chopped you lots money which sickness got him enjoying in peckham 🤣🤣 jk btw

Uno how our parents told us about how they used to get to school? I can’t wait to tell my kids how I used to walk through Peckham for school

Meek Mill’s show got cancelled but he’s prancing around Peckham high street with Giggs??🤣🤣

Not meek mill in Peckham. But when I go and buy my hair products all I ever see is werays

@morleyvon Peter Barber. Viviendas en el 95 de Peckham Road. Londres, Reino Unido. 2020 (Fotos de Morley von Sternberg). #MiercolesEnladrillado #ViviendaColectiva ➡️

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@AnyaMartin8 @AyoCaesar I think of you see what was done with the Peckham levels - most of the space being given over to artists studios with preference given to local artists who engage the community - you’d see why this idea is unpopular. Shops, more shops and a gym. That’s already everywhere…

@IceyAyyz @Mo_1K_ Tbf drake wouldn’t dare go to Peckham without a personal giggs invite

RSPCA: Say NO! to Animal Testing!! - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

CORRECTION: SEPTEMBER 17-19 Peckham Festival: Open Studio -

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the same people moaning about the gentrification of brick lane are the same folks who live in or contributed to the gentrification of Peckham, Camden, Brixton, Shoreditch, Dalston and Clapham

Seeing Meek n Giggler filming in Peckham proper just cheered me i wish these music pages would just plug ppl who make

“On Peckham Rye, while quite a child, of eight or ten, William Blake had his first vision. He saw a tree filled with angels, bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars” (When he told it, his mother stopped his honest father from thrashing him for telling a lie)

I don’t get how Meek is just in Peckham chilling but has cancelled his shows??? Make it make sense

@GBNEWS Can’t she make herself a new life… In Kabul? I’m sure they’d love her there.

@PoliticsForAlI @LBC They look like a bunch of vegan geography teachers who never get invited to parties

Peckham have gotta build @officialgiggs a statue or something cause the way he’s bringing celebs to the ends it’s about to be a tourist attraction soon

Meek galavanting around Peckham when he was meant to do performance is killing me loooooooll

🌎 @MeekMill & @officialgiggs shooting a music video in Peckham last night 🌎

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🎬🎥 NORTH SIDE x SOUTH SIDE @officialgiggs x @MeekMill on set filming a music video in Peckham, South London 📍

Peckham Photo,Peckham Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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