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No YOU’RE wondering whether your metal themed #PeoplesPlaylist will sound good in periodic table order 🤓@BBC6Music.

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No YOU’RE wondering whether your metal themed #PeoplesPlaylist will sound good in periodic table order 🤓@BBC6Music.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music King Midas In Reverse by The Hollies? Too tenuous? #peoplesplaylist.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Surely Dame Shirley will make the #peoplesplaylist ... GOLDFINGER.

#peoplesplaylist @laurenlaverne How about a couple of metal coating tracks? Galvanize - chemical bros I Walk on gilded splinters - Johnny Jenkins (the BEST version!) I want August Darnell as my dad too, please.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Copperhead Road by Steve Earle? #peoplesplaylist.

(Don’t laugh, it’s a tune) Razorlight - Golden Touch If you can find the live on BBC TV version (Parkinson) with the gospel choir that is especially great @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne #peoplesplaylist.

#peoplesplaylist I have a list of Kanye - Gold Digger The Beautiful South - Good As Gold (Supid As Mud) Nu Yorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun Deep Dish & Tracey Thorn - The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne.

This tune is one of my faves on my #peoplesplaylist Bobby Bare - Detroit City ((Oslo 1964)) via @YouTube.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth. Echo & the Bunnymen - Silver. Fleetwood Mac- Gold Dust Woman. DEVO - Gates Of Steel. #peoplesplaylist.

@BBC6Music Has anyone other than @laurenlaverne actually suggested Spandau Ballet Gold? Can I request it just in case? Please? #peoplesplaylist #spandauonsix.

BOGOF!! @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #peoplesplaylist Bob Marley - Iron lion Zion Do it! (Please 😁).

Plenty of solid gold tracks for the #peoplesplaylist @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Black keys- gold on the ceiling, Freda Payne - band of Gold, Stone Roses- Fools gold.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Tin Soldier by Small Faces! I can’t possibly be the first to suggest this. #PeoplesPlaylist.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #peoplesplaylist how about the ultimate Metal on Metal by Anvil? ticking ALL the boxes ,including all the ironic ones ...ie going to eleven... still booing them when we came on and all points inbetween.

@laurenlaverne #PeoplesPlaylist @BBC6Music If only to get Iron Sky - Paolo Nutini played Other fun bits: Iron & Wine (anything) Idlewild - The Bronze medal Biffy - That Golden Rule Kanye - Gold Digger Stone Roses - Fools Gold (still technically a metal).

Morning @laurenlaverne How about Black Sabbath Iron Man for the metals #peoplesplaylist (hitting the metal theme on every level) and a bit of Sapphire and Steel intro for a sample. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life. @BBC6Music.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne surely the Elements song for the #peoplesplaylist?.

How about A bit of Small Faces, Tin Soldier for the #peoplesplaylist please @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #PeoplesPlaylist Beasties - Brass Monkey - may need an edit 🤔.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #PeoplesPlaylist can you resist some Doris Day & Quicksilver? Surely not!!.

Lards “ on!” just made my morning on #peoplesplaylist @laurenlaverne @BBC6MorningShow.

@BBC6Breakfast @laurenlaverne experiencing a very inconvenient interruption myself this morning #peoplesplaylist.

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@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Missy Elliott, Get Ur Freak STOP! QUIEEEEEET #peoplesplaylist.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music The Laughing Gnome by David Bowie. Loads of interruptions (and crap puns) by that pesky gnome. #peoplesplaylist.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne got to be Beastie Boys - Sure Shot for the #peoplesplaylist.

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