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Guaranteed goose bumps EVERYTIME for Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street. @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne #peoplesplaylist.

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@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Read it in Books by Teardrop Explodes, #PeoplesPlaylist.

Rasputin - Boney M or Waterloo - ABBA for history section. @laurenlaverne @6Music #peoplesplaylist.

How about scentless apprentice by nirvana for the fiction section (based on perfume by Patrick susskind)? #peoplesplaylist @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music I volunteer at the Kensal Rise library which has reopened after 10 years of fighting. Mark Twain himself opened its doors in 1900. Please give a shout-out to the amazing locals who fought to keep this historical place open! #peoplesplaylist.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne the streets - turn the page, Mariah Carey - fantasy #peoplesplaylist.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne #peoplesplaylist my favourite corner in the library FASHION ...Bowie ♥️.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music - ‘Architecture and Morality’ by OMD would suit #peoplesplaylist perfectly - I’d say.

@laurenlaverne @netflix Exhuming McCarthy by REM for the American Politics section or Lily the Pink for the Medical section. #PeoplesPlaylist.

Belle and Sebastian- Wrapped up in books. #peoplesplaylist @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne.

@laurenlaverne @netflix #peoplesplaylist After the Gold Rush in the American History section?.

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@laurenlaverne #peoplesplaylist The Booklovers @divinecomedyhq ? A Lazy Susan of genres.

@laurenlaverne #peoplesplaylist as a librarian can I suggest Bjorks It’s Oh So quiet for the playlist this week! Sssshhhhhhh!!!!!! Ali Currie, Glasgow.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne #PeoplesPlaylist Belle & Sebastian - put the book back on the shelf (Autobiographical).

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Rasputin by Boney M. The Biography section (and I believe it is accurate) #peoplesplaylist.

Guaranteed goose bumps EVERYTIME for Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street. @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne #peoplesplaylist.

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As I do battle with my laptop this morning, today’s #peoplesplaylist is the perfect musical accompaniment @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music.

@BBC6Music thinking for days and just came to me for #peoplesplaylist connection by elastica.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #Internet50 #PeoplesPlaylist.

Hoping someone suggested Together In Electric Dreams for the #Internet50 #PeoplesPlaylist @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music STONECOLD BANGER.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne Given what Avenue Q teaches us about the internet, I’d like to suggest ‘Dirty Computer’ by Janelle Monae (although I doubt I’m the first!) #PeoplesPlaylist.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Zeroes and Ones Jesus Jones #Internet50 #peoplesplaylist.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6music for the internet themed #PeoplesPlaylist tomorrow, can you play songs by Jimmy Webb?.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Le Tigre - Get off the internet! - please tell my son 🙄 #PeoplesPlaylist.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne Must have Computer Love - Kraftwerk on the list! #peoplesplaylist.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Well, first to spring to my mind is Deeper Understanding by Kate Bush #peoplesplaylist.

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